New Stores

    JUNE 2020

  • THE NORTH FACE 3 to Open New Store in Yokohama
    THE NORTH FACE’s womens label THE NORTH FACE 3 opens the second store at the new commercial facility NEWoMan Yokohama. Like the Harajuku store, the new store will offer eco-friendly products and aim to create a place for staff and customers where they can share their knowledge of outdoor activities and camping.

  • Mercari Opened First Physical Store
    Japan’s largest flea market service app mercari opened the first flagship store mercari station. This store offers a photobooth and packing materials, as well as mercari post to support the users.

  • SEIKO to Open New Store at WITH HARAJUKU
    SEIKO opens stores of Seiko Boutique and Seiko Prospex Boutique at the new commercial facility opened in front of Harajuku station. This is the second store of the Seiko Prospex brand after its Ginza store.

  • and wander Renovated its Yoyogi Store
    and wander’s directly managed store “MT.” will reopen. The new store has a gallery space “OUTDOOR GALLERY” on the 3rd and 4th floors.

  • One-O to Open New Community-Type Store in Miyashita Park This Summer
    Fashion PR company One-O will open a community-type store EQUALAND SHIBUYA at the new commercial facility Miyashita Park. EQUALAND SHIBUYA is a curation media type store which operates both real and digital stores. The real store located in Miyashita Park consists of four areas: MARKET area, EQUALAND TRUST FASHION, gallery/communication space and press room.

  • New Balance to Open New Concept Store
    New Balance will open a new concept store “T-HOUSE New Balance”. The store is inspired by the spirit of hospitality in Japanese tea room. The 122-year-old warehouse has been renovated into a modern building by the Schema architects. Also, there is a creation space “TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO” attached to the store.

  • IKEA to Open New Store in Shibuya This Winter
    IKEA has announced that it will open its second city center store IKEA Shibuya following the Harajuku store. It will be consisting of 7 floors and the total sales floor area is 4,800sqm.
    APRIL 2020

  • EMPORIO ARMANI Renovates Shinjuku Store
    EMPORIO ARMANI renovated the Shinjuku store and reopens on April 1st. The new store follows the store design concept used at the London store.

  • LULULEMON Opens Flagship Store at Roppongi Hills
    This will be the 8th flagship store in Japan. The store has a wide selection of men’s items. The second floor will have a community space for events and workshops. The opening date has not been decided.

  • Sarutahiko Coffee Opened at New Harajuku Station
    The new Sarutahiko Coffee store opened at the second floor of the new Harajuku station building is the first large scale store of Sarutahiko Coffee. The store design was handled by SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE.

  • New Vintage Store Opened in Shibuya
    Freelance vintage clothing buyer Michihiko Kurihara relocated Mr.Clean Yokohama store to Shibuya in March. The store handles 700 to 800 vintage items.

  • BAYCREW’S GROUP to Open Second-Hand Store
    Circular Supply is a new store that sells used clothes of the staff. This project helps to reduce the waste of clothes and provides place to sell the company’s brands used clothes for employees.

  • F-LAGSTUF-F Opened First Flagship Store
    F-LAGSTUF-F was started in 2014 with the concept “An uncategorizable genre”. The first flagship store Four Store is located along the canal in Nakameguro.
    MARCH 2020

  • New Beauty Brand ATHLETIA Opens Flagship Store
    Equip will open a flagship store for the new skincare and lifestyle brand “ATHLETIA”. The store has two floors with a shop and a studio where private lessons and events will be held.

  • ECOALF Opened First Store in Asia in Tokyo
    ECOALF is a sustainable fashion brand from Spain launched in 2009 with a concept of “selling clothes to protect the global environment”. The brand makes all items using only recycled materials and natural materials. Their first store in Asia handles women’s, men’s and kids collection, shoes, accessories and yoga wear. The store is designed under the concept “Sharing Ecology”.

  • SACRA Opened First Store
    Women’s wholesale brand SACRA opened the first store in Daikanyama. The brand has been sold by major multi brand stores such as United Arrows and Estnaion. They will also open new store in Futako-tamagawa in April.

  • ORBIS to Open First Concept Store
    At the store area on the first floor, skin analyzing service will be offered. Also, there will be a juice bar. The second floor will be a skincare treatment space and a workshop space.

  • GAP Renovated Shinjuku Store
    It is the first store in the world to have a in-store coffee stand Gap Café. The store design is handled by the SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE. The store not only offers brands full collection, but also a new service, “CUSTOMIZE YOUR STYLE” that allows you to customize your purchased items.

  • New Cosmetic Store to Open at Shibuya 109
    Tokyu Department Store opened the 4th store of “Dress Table by Shinqs Beauty Palette” on the 1st floor of Shibuya 109. The store carries different price range cosmetic brands. Tablets will be used to show how-to videos in collaboration with the video sharing app “VIIBEE”.

  • New Commercial Facility BONUS TRACK will Open in Shimokitazawa Area
    The commercial facility “BONUS TRACK” will open in the development area “Shimokita Railroad” between Higashi-Kitazawa Station and Setagaya Daida Station. It is a new-style shopping district consisting of 4 buildings which is a total length of 1.7km.

  • New Commercial Complex to Open at Skytree
    Tokyo Mizumachi, a commercial complex under the railway overpass connecting the Tobu Skytree Line Asakusa Station and Tokyo Skytree Station, will be opening on April 17th. There will be 12 new shops in the complex. Also, a new pedestrian bridge “Sumida River Walk” will open on April 13.

  • TARA JARMON Opened New Store
    French brand TARA JARMON distributed by ITOKIN was launched in 2014. The brand currently has 10 shop-in-shops. This new shop is the second domestic store after its Ginza Six store.

  • Tsutaya Book Store to Open at Haneda Airport
    Culture Convenience Club will open a new Tsutaya Book store at Haneda Airport Terminal 2. This Tsutaya offers relaxing space and coffee in collaboration with Starbucks before international flights.

  • HAY TOKYO to be Reopened This Spring
    HAY TOKYO will be temporarily closed from April 5 due to the store renovation. HAY is the Danish interior product brand and this store was opened in October 2018. CIBONE AOYAMA will be opening the new store on the same floor after renovation.

  • UNIQLO to Accelerate Large Store Openings This Spring
    UNIQLO has announced details of the three large stores, UNIQLO PARK Yokohama Bayside, UNIQLO Harajuku, and UNIQLO TOKYO, which will open from April to May. UNIQLO PARK Yokohama Bayside store will open on April 10th, UNIQLO Harajuku store on April 25th and UNIQLO TOKYO will open on May 15th. All of them have a sales floor area of over 1,500sqm.

  • TUMI Opens Largest Domestic Store
    The new will be opening on the first and second floors of the new “Ginza 5-chome Globe” building. The store will have a total floor area of about 304sqm and carries men’s and women’s business bags, day bags, travel bags and travel accessories.

  • Richardson Opens First Flagship Store in Japan
    Richardson, a New York-based sex magazine, will open the first flagship store in Japan in Harajuku. The store is located in the Jingumae area.

  • YSL Opens First Cosmetic Store in Japan
    This will be the world’s 3rd store of YSL beauty. The store will provide services and contents only for this store in the world, such as a personalization experience and a service to design your own packages.

  • MCM Opened New Shop at Isetan Men’s
    The German lifestyle brand MCM opened a permanent shop on the 1st floor of the Isetan Men’s. The brand also has opened a women’s shop on the first floor of the main building in September last year.

  • MIYASHITA PARK will Open This Summer
    The opening date of “MIYASHITA PARK”, which is being redeveloped by Shibuya Ward and Mitsui Fudosan around Miyashita Park area, has been decided on June 18. There will be a total of 90 shops, including 7 shops launching for the first time in Japan and 32 shops opening for the first time in a commercial facility.

  • BALENCIAGA Renovates Aoyama Store
    BALENCIAGA AOYAMA is temporarily closed from February 29 due to the store renovation. The temporally store BALENCIAGA AOYAMA INTERIM opened on March 1 at the site of LA PERLA AOYAMA.

  • Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO will Open Sneaker Specialty Concept Store
    Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO will open a concept shop “MY Foot Products” specializing in sneakers. Prior to the store opening, items are available on the brand’s official online store from February 29.

  • the ARGYLE aoyama will Open in July
    Mitsubishi Estate has announced details of the new complex ARGYLE aoyama, which is currently under development at the site of Aoyama Bell Commons. The complex will house offices, hotel and commercial facility.

  • SHIRO Opens New Digital Concept Store
    Cosmetic brand SHIRO will open a new digital store “SHIRO SELF”. Instead of offering in-store customer services by sales staffs, customers can get information of products by reading QR codes with smartphones.

  • POLO RALPH LAUREN Opens New Store at Lumine Shinjuku
    The new concept store “Polo Ralph Lauren LUMINE Shinjuku” is targeting the Generation Z. This is the first time Ralph Lauren to open a store in LUMINE. At the new store, MD and services will be changed according to the trends of Generation Z.
    FEBRUARY 2020

  • Porter Classic at Isetan Shinjuku Renovated and Reopened
    Porter Classic relocated on the same floor at the Isetan Men’s building. The sales floor area has been expanded from 12sqm to 32sqm. It’s the first store for the brand to have a live performance space to show the process of making bags.

  • Mame Opens First Directly Managed Store
    Mame Kurogouchi opens the first directly managed store Mame Kurogouchi Hanegi in the Hanegi area. The brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. A 40-year-old wooden apartment was renovated with the tea room theme for the new store.

  • KANGOL Opens First Apparel Specialty Store
    British headwear brand KANGOL will open the first apparel specialty flagship store in Japan at Laforet Harajuku. This is a part of Laforet Harajuku’s renovation plan for spring 2020.

  • ASPESI Opens Japan’s First Flagship Store
    Italian brand ASPESI’s opened the largest store in Japan. The store reflects the design of Milan flagship store and has minimalistic and contemporary design.

  • JACK WOLFSKIN Opens New Shops
    Callaway Golf launches “Jack Wolfskin” in Japan Opens new store at Mark Is Minato Mirai
    Callaway Golf will take over the Japanese business of the German outdoor brand JACK WOLFSKIN from the current import and sales agency, Caravan. The company will open new shops at MARK IS in Yokohama, MORI PARK Outdoor Village and Minamimachida Grandberry Park.

  • TSUTAYA Roppingi Reopens
    TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI was opened in 2003 as the first store that collaborated with Starbucks coffee. The renovated store not only offers books and coffee, but also Japanese souvenirs, stationery and gifts. On the second floor, the bar lounge will be set up to hold events.

  • GEORG JENSEN Opens First Flagship Store
    Danish jewelry and home products brand GEORG JENSEN will open its first flagship store in Japan.

  • SALOMON Opens New Shop
    This will be the 5th store in Japan and the first Salomon SNEAKERS store in the world to sell the exclusive design collection “Salomon Sneakers”.

  • Digital Jewelry Brand DIAPLUS PRODUCED BY FESTARIA Opens
    You can try on more than 100 designs from fashion jewelry to bridal jewelry through a smartphone app. You can also order your original jewelry using your own handwriting. Your handwriting sign will be digitized and a 3D printer will create a sample in the store. The core price range is 100,000 to 300,000 yen, and the delivery time is about one and a half months.

  • GOLDWIN Opens New Store
    Goldwin will open its original brand GOLDWIN’s store. This will be the company’s third store after Marunouchi and San Francisco. They aim to increase brand recognition by this store.

  • United Arrows will Open First Store of LOEFF
    The original label of United Arrows LOEFF was started in the FW19. It has been developed by wholesaler distribution and carried at multi brand stores such as UA, ESTNATION and JOURNAL STANDARD L’ESSAGE.

  • Too Faced Opens First Flagship Store in Japan
    Makeup brand Too Faced opens the first domestic flagship store. The store was designed by the creative director of the brand Jerrod Blandino.

  • CLAUS PORTO will Open Its First Store in Japan
    The Portuguese Body care and fragrance brand CLAUS PORTO will open its first store in Japan. Tokyo is the 4th city to open directly managed store after Porto, Lisbon and New York.

  • First Collaboration Store of Urban Research and Family Mart Opened
    By combining a convenience store and an apparel brand, they aim to acquire new customers. Under the “sustainability” concept, the Urban Famima! store proposes fashionable and sustainable lifestyle for office workers.

  • JOURNAL STANDARD Launches New Label and Opens First Store
    Oriens JOURNAL STANDARD will be launched in the SS20. 23 to 26-year-old young members are managing the brand. The first store will be opening at the site of the “Journal Standard Jinnanzaka”.

  • CIBONE Aoyama to Relocate at GYRE Omotesando
    The lifestyle store CIBONE Aoyama will close on March 22 due to the store relocation. The new store will be opening at GYRE Omotesando in April.

  • Snow Peak Opens New Shop at Isetan Shinjuku
    It will be the brand’s first branch shop in the department store. Currently Snow Peak has 5 branches in Shinjuku and this will be their 6th.
    JANUARY 2020

  • Paul Stuart Aoyama Store to Relocate in November
    Paul Stuart is closing the Aoyama flagship store on February 11 due to the new store opening in November. Currently they have 3 flagship stores and 60 stores in Japan.

  • New Commercial Facility to Open Under JR Yurakucho-Shimbashi Station
    The new commercial facility “Hibiya OKUROJI” will be opening between the JR Yurakucho Station and Shimbashi Station in late June 2020. The 300m underpass between these 2 stations will have 44 stores including cafés, restaurants, bars and fashion stores.

  • YANUK Opens 3 Shops in February
    American denim brand YANUK opens new shops in Sapporo on February 1, in Osaka on 7th and in Ueno on 29th. Based on the concept “denim salon”, shops have the image of relaxing Malibu Beach.

  • ROLF BENZ to Open World First Flagship Store
    German luxury furniture brand ROLF BENZ opened its first flagship store in Japan. Otsuka Kagu acquired exclusive sales right in 1996. The store is operated by Otsuka Kagu.

  • Jewelry Brand NIWAKA Opens Flagship Store
    NIWAKA is a jewelry brand from Kyoto. The new 5-story flagship store is the largest domestic store. The interior design of the store is a modern reinterpretation of Japanese design as the brand is looking to expand overseas.

  • Aoi Opens Import Accessory Shop
    Importer Aoi will open DI CLASSE VITA, a multi brand shop specializing in imported accessories. The shop handles high-quality women’s bags and accessories from brands such as TILA MARCH and ZELLIG.

  • Rylee + Cru Opens First Store in Japan
    Californian baby and kids brand Rylee + Cru was founded in 2014 by designer and illustrator Kelli Murray. The brand offers vintage-style clothing using hand-dyed fabrics in soft and comfortable material. The first domestic store will open at Omotesando.

  • Adidas Opened Shoe Bar
    Adidas opened a shoe bar in Harajuku “A.T.A.D” in collaboration with sneaker specialty store atmos. do. Adidas shoes are displayed on the bar counter in the store and you can try and purchase them as you were drinking at a bar.

  • Remy Gotanda Changes its Name to Gotanda Tokyu Square
    Commercial facility Remy Gotanda of Tokyu Malls Development will change its name to Gotanda Tokyu Square from spring 2020. They will open +Q Style store as its core store. +Q Style is a proposes total lifestyle concept from cosmetics and fashion to food.

  • SATURDAYS NYC Opens Café This Spring
    Currently they have stores in Daikanyama, Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya and its in-store cafes has been popular. This will be the first café only store of the brand.

  • MILES Honda Café Opens at Honda Aoyama Building
    Miles Honda Café will be opened at the Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama, a public space on the first floor of Honda Aoyama Building. This café is supervised by Yasushi Ishiwata who also directed Blue Bottle Coffee and DANDELION CHOCOLATE to enter Japan.

  • Ariake Area’s Development Project to be Completed This Spring
    An overview of Sumitomo Real Estate’s development project in Areake Area was announced. “Ariake Garden” will house a large commercial facility with over 200 shops, condominiums, a hotel and a theater.
    DECEMBER 2019

  • LAURA ASHLEY will Reopen in Japan Next Year
    The British lifestyle brand LAURA ASHLEY will be reopened in August 2020. All the stores had been closed due to the expiration of license agreement between Laura Ashley and AEON. ITOCHU acquired the master license in 2018 and took over the existing license business. The brand operation will be handled by the subsidiary of World Group as the sub-licensee. They plan to open 7 stores in 2021.

    It is the brand’s largest shop-in-shop that handles men’s and women’s runway collection as well as casual items of SueUNDERCOVER and JohnUNDERCOVER.

  • COMME des GARÇONS GIRL Opened First Shop
    COMME des GARÇONS GIRL was launched in 2015 and has been sold at COMME des GARÇONS stores. They decided to open the first shop in Shibuya as the brand is popular among young consumer.

  • JINS Opened New Shop
    JINS Shibuya Parco” utilizes the latest technology to offer a new shopping experience. This is the world first shop to be able to try on glasses virtually while wearing its own glasses. The shop has contact lens vending machine which is also the first in Japan.

  • American Hat Brand STETSON Relocated its Store
    STETSON JAPAN relocated John B Stetson Tokyo store to Nihonbashi after closing the Bakurocho store in 2017. The number of female customers is increasing due to the vintage clothing trend.

  • Swedish Sneaker Shop SNS Opens in Tokyo
    SNEAKERSNSTUFF opens its Tokyo store with a café. SNS features a store design that mixes the local culture and Swedish and Scandinavian culture. The store was design by BOFINK DESIGN STUDIO, a design studio based in Stockholm together with SNS.

  • JR Harajuku Station to Open New Station Building in March 2020
    The new station building of JR Harajuku Station will be ready to be used from March 2020. The new station building is a two-story building with a convenience store and cafe. Due to deterioration of the old station building, it will be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Largest Domestic UNIQLO Store to Open Next Spring
    “UNIQLO” will relocate and reopen the UNIQLO TOKYO store which is currently operated as a women’s specialty store on the 7th floor to the 1st to the 4th floor of MARRONNIER GATE GINZA 2. The UNIQLO Ginza store, which currently has the largest sales floor area in Japan, will continue to operate.

  • VISVIM Opens Womens’s Store
    WMV VISVIM TOKYO, which will be the first domestic store of WMV VISVIM, opens along the Meguro River. A private house built in the 1970s has renovated into a store. The store also has a coffee stand in collaboration with the little cloud coffee.

  • Snow Peak to Open New Store in Harajuku Next Spring
    “Snow Peak Land Station Harajuku” will be opened in front of Harajuku Station at the new complex facility WITH HARAJUKU. The store will also house a cafe. Snow Peak is currently expanding their business and new stores are scheduled to be opened in Nagano, Kyoto and also in Portland, USA next spring.

  • ALLBIRDS will Open Concept Store
    The sustainable shoe brand from San Francisco ALLBIRDS will open its first concept store. The store handles all items of women and men including the iconic style “wool runner”.

  • Shiseido to Open New Shop at WITH HARAJUKU
    Shiseido announced that it will open new stores at the new complex “WITH Harajuku”. They will not only open a new concept cosmetic store “Beauty Square” that offers digital experience, but also a hair/makeup studio and a restaurant “Shiseido Parlor The Harajuku”.

  • French Brand both Opened World’s First Flagship Store in Tokyo
    both was established by ATX group based in Singapore in 2016. Although the brand is based in Paris, creators and directors with different nationalities such as Berlin and Shanghai are creating the brand. This is the first flagship store and in addition to footwear, they plan to launch bag collection from SS20.

  • LaLaport Toyosu will Renovate Next April
    Mitsui Fudosan is currently developing the Toyosu Station area and the new building Toyosu Bayside Cross will be opening next April. Due to this opening, LaLaport Toyosu will expand the sales floor with 36 new shops.

  • New Complex Facility to Open in Kinshicho Next Spring
    NOVEMBER 2019

  • agnès b Opened New Concept Store
    agnès b Shibuya design by SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE sells men’s and women’s items on the 1st, bags on the 2nd floor , and has an event space with a DJ booth and a café on the 3rd floor. The store mainly targets young people in their late 20s to early 30s.

  • PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Opens First Café
    PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, a soccer club based in Paris will launch its first cafe “PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN CAFÉ” together with the official shop “PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SHIBUYA PARCO”. You can find popular menu sold at the club’s home stadium “Parc des Princes” at the café.

  • anello Opens First Store in Tokyo
    Japanese bag brand anello opens the brand’s first store in Tokyo. The store will handle latest collection of the brand and store limited items.

  • Fruit GATHERING will Open New Store at Roppongi Hills
    Fruit GATHERING is a beauty concept multi brand store that handles cosmetics and beauty products from all over the world. This new store introduces a flat-rate shampoo and blow service “Jetset” as their new business model.

  • BURBERRY Relocated Ginza Store
    New BURBERRY Ginza store is opening on November 17 with the three times bigger floor area the current store. The store design reflects the new brand concept renewed by the chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci.

  • New D2C Brand STAMP Opened First Store
    The first permanent store of FABRIC TOKYO’s new D2C brand “STAMP” opened in the Fabric Tokyo Shinjuku store. The STAMP is a new brand launched in September by FABRIC TOKYO that offers made-to-order jeans using 3D scanning measurement system.

  • PRINCIPE Prive Opened New Shop
    Overseas brand import agent “PRINCIPE prive” opened a new store in Tokyo. The new store will be the second store following the Omotesando store and handles apparels and original altered items.

  • LOEWE Opens New Flagship Store
    CASA LOEWE is developed in various cities around the world such as London and Madrid. The store is designed as a collector’s house and displays not brand’s collection but also art works and furniture. CASA LOEWE Tokyo is opened on the site of the Loewe Ginza main store, which was closed in May this year, and consists of two floors.

  • JUN Accelerates Opening of Sports Shop NERGY
    NERGY is a sports category shop for women launched in 2015 by JUN. There were only 4 shops until this fall, but JUN has started expanding the shop opening. It has opened new shops in Shinjuku in September, in Sapporo and Kanazawa in October and in Shibuya in November. They plan to open 30 shops by 2022.

  • Shiseido Opened New Showroom S/PRESS
    At the showroom S / PRESS, you can experience digital counseling from a beauty consultant using a large touch panel. Beauty Cloud Consultant proposes recommended colors and makeup methods according to your answers. Also, information could be sent t your phone through the QR code.

  • GYRE to Renovate its Restaurant Floor
    Fashion complex building GYRE in Omotesando opened in 2007 renovates its restaurant area on the 4th floor. With the new concept “Circulation”, the floors and walls will be covered with soil.

  • LOVELESS Renovates its Flagship Store and Reopens on November 30
    Multi brand store LOVELESS will be relaunching the brand for its 15th anniversary. The concept of rebranding is “THE NEW TIME” and they renovated the flagship store in Aoyama with the design concept “Trading Media”.

  • FLOWFUSHI Opens First Shop of Cosmetic Brand UZU
    This will be the first domestic shop and the second shop in the world following the first shop UZ 19Howard opened in NY in June.

  • BYREDO Opened First Domestic Shop
    BYREDO was launched in 2006 in Sweden. This is the brand’s first shop in Japan. For customers who have purchased a leather travel case, they will offer engrave service at the shop.

  • American Cosmetic Brand tarte to Launce in Japan
    tarte is a popular cosmetic brand among 20s to 30s women in US and Canada. The domestic parent company Kose will handle the about 200 items at the new concept store “Maison KOSE”.
    OCTOBER 2019

  • Nanamica to Open Flagship Store
    nanamica MOUNTAIN in Daikanyama which was closed in May is now reopening as the flagship store nanamica TOKYO. The new store will be focusing on original brand items.

  • OCTOBERS VERY OWN Opens First Store in Japan
    The first flagship store of the Canadian lifestyle brand OCTOBERS VERY OWN which was established by a rapper Drake in 2008 will open in Tokyo. The brand produces music, apparel, accessories and various collaboration items.

  • Textile Brand Lapuan Kankurit Opens Standalone Store
    This will be the first store outside of Finland for the Finish textile brand Lapuan Kankurit. The brand was started in 1973 and has been developing in Japan by wholesales and online store.

  • TOMMY JEANS Opens First Standalone Store
    TOMMY JEANS located along the Cat Street in Harajuku installs the latest store concept of the brand. The store provides customization service TOMMYXYOU.

  • Complex Store “the GARDEN” to Open in Meguro
    Construction material manufacture LEC opened a new store “the GARDEN” in the Meguro Ginza shopping street. Garden as the store concept, it creates an organic green space with restaurants, bar, book store and much more.

  • HEAD PORTER Launches New Brand RAMIDUS
    HEAD PORTER’s new brand RAMIDUS will be launched and will open the first store at the former site of HEAD PORTER in Harajuku on October 11.

  • G.H.BASS to Open First Store
    Domestic import agent of the American footwear brand “G.H. BASS” GMT opens the first store of the brand in Aoyama. GMT also has opened British brand TRICKER’S store in Aoyama in April.

  • BAYCREW’S GROUP Relocated Jewelry Store WORLDLY-WISE
    WORLDLY-WISE is the first men’s jewelry multi brand store by BAYCREW’S. The store opened in 2018 in Aoyama and now relocated to EDIFICE store in Shinjuku.

  • KIEHL’S Opens first Flagship Store in Japan
    KIEHL’S TOKYO FLAGSHIP STORE will offer counselling service on the first floor and custom label service on the second floor. Also, this will be the first store to sell the brand’s original items Made by Kiehl’s in Japan that are specially designed for Tokyo.

  • Francfranc Opens New Lifestyle Concept Store i
    Francfranc is launching a new brand À L’AUBE and opening a store. In the store, which looks like a small house is located away from the city and handles about 850 SKU such as tableware, flower base, bed linen and bath goods. There is also a beauty and healthy concept cafe with a dining area and terrace seats in the store.

  • American Multi Brand Store BAIT Opens Stores in Tokyo and Osaka
    BAIT already has started operating EC, and will open the first store in Tokyo in November and then the second store in Osaka in December. BAIT was started in 2012 and TSI Holdings is the domestic distributor.

  • New Complex Facility WITH HARAJUKU will Open in Spring 2020
    A large complex facility “WITH HARAJUKU” will open in the spring of 2020 in front of JR Harajuku Station. The facility will introduce new restaurants, apparel and cosmetic stores such as IKEA and UNIQLO. There also be an event hall “WITH HARAJUKU HALL” that can accommodate up to 300 people.

  • UNILO Announced the Opening of Large Store in Harjuku
    UNIQLO will open a large store in the new complex WITH HARAJUKU opening in front of Harajuku Station next spring. The brand had opened a store in the area 8 years ago and closed in 2012.

  • Champion Opens New Concept Store
    Champion opens the first concept shop “Champion HERITAGE TIMES HARAJUKU”, focusing on the archives. The opening date is October 25th which is the milestone of the 100th anniversary of the brand.

  • GUERLAIN Opens Fragrance Store at Isetan
    This will be the first store in Japan of Guerlain Perfumer. Guerlain Pafumar is a fragrance specialty store that offers personalization and gifting services. The store offers the world’s first digital consultation service “Mind scent” that proposes fragrances from over 100 types according to brain waves.
    SEPTEMBER 2019

  • NEW BALANCE Opens New Store
    NEW BALANCE JAPAN will open its new store “New Balance Tamagawa Takashimaya SC”. The store provides 3D scanning foot measurement service and staff will give advice on selecting the right fit shoes using the data.

  • DANTON to Open World ‘s First Store in Tokyo
    French workwear brand DANTON opens the world’s first store DANTON TOKYO in Tokyo. The brand mainly develops casual wear based on French workwear. BOY’S is the distributor in Japan.

  • New Commercial Facility will be Opened in Yurakucho Area in 2020
    There will be a new commercial facility between Yurakucho Station and Shimbashi Station opening in the summer 2020. The facility by JR East will be named Hibiya OKUROJI which will hold about 50 shops and restaurants, and the other facility by JR Tokai will be named Hibiya Gourmet Zone that will focus on food.

  • FORSOMEONE Opens First Store
    Apparel brand FORSOMEONE which produces genderless collection of luxury streetwear will open its first store FORSOMEONE FLAGSHIP STORE in Nakameguro.

  • THREE Opened First Men’s Store
    Makeup brand THREE opened the first concept store of its men’s brand FIVEISM x THREE. It will also open new store in Osaka on September 20.

    DESCENTE BLANC currently has 8 stores and the sales have been increasing since its start in 2015. The new store will be opening at Tamagawa takashimaya.

  • Francfranc’s New Brand will be Launched This Fall
    Francfranc launches a new entertainment variety goods store “UFO by Francfranc” and opens new stores in Shibuya and in Osaka. The store will be produced by NAKED Inc. to develop experiential digital contents with “Unique & Fantastic Omiyage (= unique and wonderful souvenir)” concept.
    AUGUST 2019

  • J&M DAVIDSON Reopened Flagship Store
    The British brand J&M Davidson renovated and reopened its flagship store. The store concept by the brand’s new creative director Katie Hillier is based on a modern British design.

  • AYURA Opens First Flagship Store
    Skincare cosmetic brand AYURA developed by Ain Pharmacies will open its first flagship store “AYURA GINZA”. The store will be consisted of two floors with a sales space on the first floor and a beauty treatment salon on the second floor.

  • Environmentally Friendly Concept Store STYLE TABLE DAIKANYAMA Opens
    New multi brand store STYLE TABLE DAIKANYAMA will open with sustainable, ethical and vegan theme. The store handles about 400 items from cosmetics, food to lifestyle goods that are environmentally friendly.

  • adidas Opens New Store
    Adidas Brand Core Store Kichijoji will open at the new commercial facility “HULIC & NEW KICHIJOJI”. The store concept is “Stadium 2.0” that is the same as its Roppongi and Shibuya store.

  • New Men’s Multi Brand Store EDIT WAREHOUSE Opens
    Coronet will open a new multi brand store EDIT WAREHOUSE at the former site of the Italian men’s brand BOGLIOLI store. The store mainly handles dress style brands distributed by Coronet.

  • EMPORIO ARMANI Opened New Concept Store
    EMPORIO ARMANI renovated Nihonbashi Takashimaya store as a new concept store. The 100sqm new store is where three generations can enjoy shopping together and carries men’s and women’s casual collection as well as kid’s collection.

  • Sanyo Shokai to Open EPOCA UOMO Store
    Sanyo Shokai will open the first store of EPOCA UOMO PRIMA. The brand was launched in 2005. New sports line will be launched with the opening of the store, and will be sold exclusively at the store and EC.

  • @COSME STORE in Lumine Ikebukuro Reopens
    It will be the second largest store of @COSME. The store will focus on introducing international brands including M · A · C, BOBBI BROWN and TOO FACED. Also, the store will offer skin measuring service using higher precision machine.

  • Mori Building to Construct New Commercial Facility in Toranomon Area
    Mori Building’s new urban redevelopment project of Toranomon / Azabudai area is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2023. It will be the highest building in Japan and consist of offices, residential building, hotel, international school, commercial facility.

  • Lumine to Renovate 115 Shops This Fall
    LUMINE announced the fall 2019 renovation plan. A total of 115 shops will be introduced at LUMINE shopping malls and Newman Shinjuku. Korean cosmetics brands such as INNISFREE and CELECON BEAUTY will be introduced for the first time at Lumine. At Newoman Shinjuku, Mash Style Lab’s new underwear brand’s shop, men’s cosmetics brand FIVEISM × THREE shop and JURLIQUE will be introduced.

  • OMEGA Opens New Store
    This will be the largest store in Kanto area. The store adapts the brand’s latest store design concept.

  • MOTHERHOUSE to Relaunch Apparel Brand
    Tokyo-based fair trade concept brand Motherhouse is relaunching their apparel brand “FABRIC MOTHER HOUSE” started last year as “E.” this fall. The first store is opened next to their flagship store.

  • Reebok to Open New Store
    Reebok opens the new store Reebok Store Shibuya that will be the first in Japan to reflect the new store concept. The store concept is “CROSSING” fuses fitness and fashion.

  • New Commercial Facility GRANDBERRY PARK to Open in Machida
    Minamimachida GRANDBERRY PARK is a new city that is directly connected to Minamimachida Station. In the area, there will be a new commercial facility GRANDBERRY PARK with about 230 stores, the Snoopy Museum and a park. mont-bell will be opening the largest store in Japan and Snow Peak will have a store with a restaurant.

  • Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Renovates Watch Department
    The Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi’s watch department will reopen as “Watch gallery”. This is a part of the second remodeling of the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, which has been promoting the new store concept “Hospitality Specialty Store”.

  • little $uzie Opens New Store
    little $uzie has been sold in the Osaka store, Isetan Shinjuku and the official online store. This will be the first store in Tokyo.

  • agnès b. to Open New Store This Fall
    The new three-floor store will stock all of the brand’s lines plus a French-style cafe on the third floor. The store is designed by SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE. They plan to hold art exhibitions, talk shows, cinema screening, workshops and various free events in the store.

  • Shiseido Beauty Salon Opened Luxury Salon
    SHISEIDO PASSAGE BEAUTÉ mainly targets men and women in their 30s to 50s. The salon offers a total beauty contents such as a new counseling tool in collaboration with an AI development company and personal training menu for men.

  • Fashion Youtuber Opened Multi Brand Strore
    Japanese fashion youtuber Nakamu opened a multi brand store LIEU. The store stocks 13 domestic brands and has an event space on the first floor and the top floor of the store.

  • BAYCREW’S GROUP Opens First Store of Charles Chaton
    Charles Chaton was launched in September 2018 and has been developed mainly online. The first store of the brand will be opening under the concept “My Sweet Home”.

  • Sanyo Shokai to Open Renovated Sanyo GinzaTower
    Sanyo Ginza Tower’s renovation will be completed and will open as “GINZA TIMELESS 8”. The store consisting of 10 floors will stock a total of 10 brands such as BLUE LABEL CRESTBRIDGE, BLACK LABEL CRESTBRIDGE, LOVELESS and EPOCA THE SHOP.

  • DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA Renovated Book Section
    The book section which used to be on the 3rd floor is now moved to the 7th floor and reopened as “BIBLIOTHECA”. The space is designed by Rei Kawakubo of COMME des GARÇONS.

  • MAISON MONTAGUT Opened First Domestic Concept Store
    The French knitwear brand MAISON MONTAGUT will open its first concept store from August 9 to January 31, 2020.

  • UNITED ARROWS Opens New Store
    This will be the first store of UNITED ARROWS in the Aoyama area. The store targets women and houses a café/bar on the first floor.

  • New Underwear Brand of MASH Style Lab Opens First Store
    MASH Style Lab’s new brand UNDERSON UNDERSON develops new underwear using special fabric made of the Japanese paper Washi that features breathability, deodorization, and high elasticity.
    JULY 2019

  • Isetan Shinjuku will Refurbish Ladies Shoe Department
    Isetan is launching the new app “your FIT 365” that offers more personalized product proposal using the 3D shoe measurement data. The 3D measurement service is available at the store and customers can register the data to the app. Also, the Danish brand ECCO will start the QUANT-U customization service using 3D printer.

  • Isetan Shinjuku will Refurbish Jewelry Department
    The jewelry department of Isetan Shinjuku will be reopened on August 28th with the 1.5 times bigger sales floor area and 1.5 times more brands. There will be a maid-to-order area, VIP salon and designer’s jewelry area.

  • Glasses Company from Fukui CHARMANT to Open Stand Alone Store
    This will be the only store of the company after closing the Omotesando store in the past. The first floor will be the sales area and the second floor will be used as a showroom.

  • New Commercial Facility Q Plaza Ikebukuro Opened
    Q Plaza Ikebukuro is the largest commercial building in the Ikebukuro East Exit area. A total of 16 stores have opened under the concept “Entertainment Plaza”.

  • Pomellato to Open First Flagship Store
    Italian jewelry brand Pomellato opened the first domestic flagship store in Tokyo. The store design is inspired by the boutique in Milan using the brand color “montenapoleone red”.

  • PARFUMS CHRISTIAN DIOR Opened First Men’s Beauty Store
    DIOR Men’s beauty that handles fragrance, makeup, skincare and grooming products has opened at Hankyu Men’s on July 3. The store offers special limited wrapping.

  • KOSE will Open New Digital Concept Store This Winter
    KOSE will open a concept store “MAISON KOSE” that combines digital and experience in December. The store will offer different experiences to customers and carry all brands of the company.

  • Liquem Opens First Store
    The accessory brand “Liquem” opens its first real store in Asakusa area. The brand was started in 2017 and has been sold at popup stores several times a year.

  • Miyashita Park in Shibuya will Reopen for the Tokyo Olympics
    Miyashita Park in Shibuya will reopen as an urban park in 2020. There will be a skateboarding park, climbing wall, multipurpose court, terrace, event space, commercial facility, hotel and a café.

    New large-scale complex SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE’s east wing will be opening on November 1 with a total of 212 stores, including 7 stores launching for the first time in Japan, 37 new business types stores, and 4 stores opening for the first time in Tokyo. It will be the highest building in the Shibuya area.

  • LOCCITANE Opens New Concept Store
    L’OCCITANE JAPON will open the first domestic experience-based concept store “L’Occitane OMOTE SANDO VOYAGE SENSORIEL”. The store has a sales space, “VERBENA CAFÉ by L’OCCITANE” and the brand’s second spa in Japan.

  • LONGCHAMP Opens Flagship Store
    This will be the brand’s 48th store in Japan and the second as LONGCHAMP La Maison store. The store offers wide range customization service for the popular long-seller item Le Pliage.

  • Alteration Store reDESIGN Closet Opened New Store
    Salon du reDESIGN is a new type of alteration store. You can choose thread from over 600 colors and 1,200 different types of buttons to customize your clothes. There is also a café in the store.

  • Miki Opened New Sunglass Shop SUNNY
    Eyewear chain store Miki opened a sunglasses store SUNNY. Due to the customers enclosing business strategy, they already have 2 stores in the same area and this is the 3rd store.

  • BAYCREW’S Opens First Eyewear Store
    BAYCREW’S Group will open its first eyewear specialty store “EYETHINK HIROB”. The store handles about 50 brands including MYKITA, ENALOID and Oliver Goldsmith. The store offers fitting service and lens change service of glasses purchased at any BAYCREW’S Group stores.

  • NIKE Reopened its Flagship Store
    New NIKE HARAJUKU flagship store introduces the new services linked to the Nike app which is already introduced in the flagship store New York to offer more personalized shopping experience.

  • SEIKO Prospex Store Opens in Ginza
    SEIKO Watch’s sports watch brand SEIKO Prospex opens the first specialty store of the brand in Ginza.

  • Vintage Shop BerBerJin Opened New Shop
    Famous vintage shop in Harajuku BerBerJin opened a new shop &BerBerJin in the same area. The shop plans to collaborate once or twice a month with various brands, stores, designers and stylists.

  • SAZABY LEAGUE to Open I’M OK Store This Fall
    The SAZABY LEAGUE acquired an exclusive license of I’M OK LIFESTYLE INTERNATIONAL, LLC which develops housewares and jewelry store “OK the store” and “I’M OK” started in LA in 1999. They will open the first store in Tokyo in October.

  • New Store of HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE will Open
    It will open at the former site of TOCCA Aoyama Store, on the same street as ISSEY MIYAKE and ISSEY MIYAKE MEN store in Aoyama. A pleating machine will be installed in the store to demonstrate the process of pleating.

  • HARRY WINSTON to Open New Store in Tokyo
    This will be the 9th store in Japan. It will be located next to Isetan Shinjuku store and will carry jewelry, watches and bridal collection.

  • Sanyo Shokai Launces New Suit Brand
    Sanyo Shokai launched its first personal made-to-order suit brand “Story & The Study”. The brand uses the original 3D measurement tool. The first store will be opened in Sanyo Ginza Tower, which will be reopened in September.

  • Tsutaya Daikanyama Renovated Music Floor
    The renovated floor includes new CDs and rare records selected by the Music Concierge. There are 160 cafe seats on the floor and drinks will be sold at the drink counter, and you could also enjoy over 2,500 music magazine archives and music books.

  • BANNER BARRETT will Relaunch the Brand and Open New Store in September
    BANNER BARRETT will start rebranding from next season. They have closed the store in Daikanyama last year but will open new store in the area on September 6 after the brands relaunch.

  • Golden Goose Opened First Flagship Store
    Italian luxury brand Golden Goose opened the first flagship store at the former site of kate spade NEW YORK Aoyama store. The store carries full collection of the brand and the new concept customization service space LAB will be introduced for the first time in Asia.
    JUNE 2019

  • atmos pink to Open Sneaker Specialty Store
    Sneakers multi brand shop atmos’s womens store atmos pink opened its first sneaker specialty store. The store concept is “Shoes Kitchen” and has an atmosphere of a juice bar. The store also has an in-store ice cream stand.

  • New Store DONADONA TOKYO will Open
    The owner of a second-hand clothing store DEPT and a florist Otsuka Tomoki will open a household’s goods store DONADONA TOKYO. The store will have an adjoining flower shop.

  • BALANCE STYLE Opens New Shop
    BALANCE STYLE which proposes a fashion style with soccer will open its flagship shop Balance Style Omotesando Hills as its fourth store in Japan. The store features an interior design with the image of an urban soccer stadium.

  • Isetan Shinjuku Reopened Watch Department
    The watch department of the Isetan Shinjuku is opened on the 5th floor of the main building. It handles about 70 brands.

  • Italian jewelry brand POMELLATO Opens Flagship Store
    The approximately 135sqm is inspired by the Montenapoleone store in Milan, which was designed by a design studio in Milan DIMORE STUDIO.

  • WACOAL Opened New Store with 3D Body Scanner and AI Service
    Wacoal 3Dsmart & try which introduces a new customer service using 3D body scanner and customer service AI has been opened in Tokyo. The store offers personalized services such as stress-free sizing services 3Dsmart & try, which collects data from about 1.5 million spots in the body in 5 seconds.

  • 70 Shops to Open at New Commercial Area at Tokyo Station in 2020
    This is the part of “Tokyo Station North Passage Area Development”, which JR East Group has been promoting since 2012. They plan to open about 70 shops under the concept Tokyo Station City.

  • Tabi Style Shoe Brand MARUGO Opens First Flagship Shop in Nihonbashi
    MARUGO is a long-established manufacturer of the tabi socks and they have been developing their business with the new tabi style casual shoes.

  • Francfranc Shibuya Store will Reopen This Fall
    The Francfranc Shibuya store will be temporarily closed from August due to the store relocation. The new store is scheduled to be opened in October.

  • Church’s Opened New Shop in Tokyo
    British shoe brand Church’s opened a new shop that carries not only shoes but also bags and accessories.

  • Shibuya PARCO to Introduce New Showrooming Store This Fall
    Booster Studio by Campfire is the Japan’s first demonstration experiment specialized showrooming store opening at PARCO Shibuya. New technologies, ideas and digital products such as the store analysis service “ABEJA Insight for Retail” will be introduced in this store.

    DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL will open a new concept store this fall with the concept “Sustainability” and “recycling fashion”. The details of the opening are not disclosed yet but the location is planned around the terminal station in Tokyo.

  • Urban Research will Develop New Business Style Shop in Collaboration with FamilyMart
    Urban Research collaborates with FamilyMart to target office workers in urban areas. The first shop is scheduled to open in spring 2020 in Tokyo.
    MAY 2019

  • GR8 at Laforet Harajuku to Reopen
    The GR8 has been renovating and increasing the store space since its opening in 2005, and this will be the third store renovation following the last year’s renovation.

  • Swedish Sneaker Shop Sneakersnstuff will Open First Store in Japa
    Sneakersnstuff founded in 1999 has stores in Stockholm, Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and other countries around the world. The specific location and opening date of the new Tokyo store has not been disclosed.

  • ACME Furniture Jiyugaoka Renovates as Interior Selectshop
    At the Jiyugaoka store, in addition to the 3 original labels developed by ACME, Journal Standard Furniture, Acme Furniture and JOURNAL STANDARD SQUARE, it will also carry vintage furniture. The store aims to reach out to wide range of customers by switching from a mono brand store to a multi brand shop.

  • AWESOME STORE Opens Flagship Store with Café
    Low price miscellaneous goods store AWESOME STORE will open a flagship store AWESOME STORE & CAFE IKEBUKURO in a new commercial facility Q Plaza. There are currently 45 stores and it will be the second store to have a café in the store.

  • IPSA Opened First Standalone Store
    Shiseido’s skincare brand IPSA opened the first standalone store that offers various programs such as workshops and seminars of experts according to the measurement results of your skin.

  • LUSH Shinjuku Store Opened
    The new four-floor store has different concepts for each floor and offers a variety of shopping experiences using digital tools. The store handles Lush’s first organic flowers, limited makeup collection for the Shinjuku store, fresh skincare items and much more. Also a spa treatment space will be opening on the 4th floor this summer.

  • CONNOLLY to Open First Shop in Japan
    British leather brand CONNOLLY opens the first shop in Japan. The grand opening is scheduled for next year.

  • @cosme to Open First Flagship Store
    The first flagship store of @cosme will be opening within this year at the former site of Gap Flagship Harajuku which was closed on the May 7. Since its first store in 2007, @cosme currently has 34 stores in Japan and overseas. They plan to offer new shopping experiences at this new store.

  • Shiseido Opened Digital Experience-Based Showroom
    Shiseido opened an experience-based showroom “S / PRESS”. The showroom introduces in-house products and beauty information using touch-panel digital signage and various digital contents such as personalized skin care system and virtual makeup experience.

  • LALIQUE Ginza Reopened
    French lifestyle brand LALIQUE, also known as “crystal couture”, reopened its Ginza store after the renovation for their 1st anniversary of the store. This store introduces the new store concept “My First LALIQUE” for the first time in the world.

  • atmos’s Finest Sneaker Boutique Opened
    Under the concept “Gallery-like sneaker shop” which was the brand’s first concept when it started, the store offers not only premium sneakers, but also the installation using digital technology and holds events in collaboration with different brands and artists.

  • THE NORTH FACE Opened First Airport Store
    THE NORTH FACE opened THE NORTH FACE EXPLORER at Narita International Airport Terminal 1. This is the first store for the brand to open in the airport. The store offers items with functionality and mobility for domestic and foreign tourists.
    APRIL 2019

  • Levi’s will Open The Largest Flagship Store in Harajuku This Summer
    Levi’s is closing the Harajuku store in the end of June which was opened in 1999 as the first store in Japan at the end of June due to the new store opening in the same area. The 8 stories new store building also houses showroom and an office.

  • Lee Opened Flagship Store
    Starting from the Laforet Harajuku store that opened in 2007, Lee is focusing on developing flagship stores to increase the brand awareness. Harajuku store will be located along Meiji Street. The store carries men’s, women’s and kids collection.

  • PIGALLE Flagship Store will Turn Into Gallery in May
    PIGALLE will change the business style of its flagship store Pigalle Tokyo in Shibuya to a gallery space “Pigalle Gallery”. Pigalle was started as a multi brand store by Stephane Ashpool in the Paris in 2009 and Pigalle Tokyo was opened as the first store in Asia in 2015.

  • L’OCCITANE Opened New Store
    The French lifestyle cosmetic brand L’OCCITANE opened a new store, L’OCCITANE Ginza Six Atelier de Provence. It is the first L’OCCITANE café to open in a commercial facility. Under the concept “atelier”, the store offers wrapping services and workshops.

  • Adidas Reopens Largest Flagship Store in Shibuya
    With this reopening, the store will introduce new shopping experiences. 19 digital screens and projectors will be introduced including an 8m LED screen, and a pickup counter for online purchasing will be set up. There also will be a gallery to hold sports and art events.

  • L/UNIFORM Opened First Flagship Store
    French fabric and leather goods brand L/UNIFORM opened the first flagship store at the former site of Folli Follie store in Marunouchi. The store is design by Wonderwall that also designed the Paris store opened in 2015.

  • Loft Opens Cosmetic Specialty Store
    Loft will open the first cosmetic and health specialty store “Cosme Loft”. Based on the concept “city corner beauty station in Omotesando”, the store will stock approximately 6,000 to 7,000 items.

  • Mercedes-Benz to Open Brand’s Gallery for Women
    Mercedes-Benz Japan has opened the Mercedes-Benz GINZA the limited store which is the world’s first gallery for women in Ginza. They aim to promote the brand towards female customers by offering events and exhibitions, test drives, and selling brand’s goods including the original apparel.

  • RAY-BAN Opened Second Store in Japan
    The second domestic store of RAY-BAN was opened in Toyosu following the first store in Shibuya opened last year. They also will be opening a new store in Okinawa. They see the potential for the market to expand the business as the number of Japanese people wearing sunglasses is increasing.

  • GAP to Opened First Airport Store in Japan
    At the Narita Airport Terminal 1 store, a variety of limited edition items will be available. They mainly carry standard items with GAP logo.

  • Chinese Brand HIPANDA Opens New Shop
    HIPANDA targets men and women in their teens to 30s who are familiar with street culture. Currently, there are 220 stores in China. They opened a store as test marketing last year and this will be the first permanent store in Japan. In the store, AR design by the visual design studio “WOW” will be used.

  • COREDO Muromachi Terrace to Open This Fall
    This new facility opening in September will introduce 31 shops including 2 new shops in Japan, the Taiwanese book store Eslite and a pizzeria from Naples Gino Sorbillo Artista Pizza Napoletana.

  • BURBERRY Renovated Omotesando Store
    BURBERRY reopened the Omotesando store after the renovation. The store renovation was directed by the brand’s new chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci. The brand started to approach new customers by expanding sales channels to select shops such as Barneys New York, Tomorrowland and GR8.

  • New Gift Shop g GIFT AND LIFESTYLE
    Bonelite, who operates TENOHA DAIKANYAMA, will open a new shop “g GIFT AND LIFESTYLE”. From small gifts to special gifts for multiple occasions, the shop proposes a new custom of gifting.

  • MANOLO BLAHNIK Opens Stand Alone Store
    MANOLO BLAHNIK currently has 5 shop-in-shops and 38 dealers in Japan, and this will be the first standalone store. It will be opening at the former site of CARVEN store.

  • BONPOINT to Open Skincare Product Specialized Store
    French kids clothing brand BONPOINT will open the 15th store and it will be the first skincare specialized concept store. The store also handles kids clothing.

  • ROXY TOKYO to Open in Harajuku
    The Californian brand ROXY will open its first store in Japan ROXY TOKYO. The store offers limited collaboration items and original limited items.

  • Sergio Rossi Opened Men’s Store
    Sergio Rossi restarted the men’s collection from this season and they have opened the world first men’s store in Tokyo.

  • Giorgio Armani Opened Cocept Store
    After one year store renovation, Giorgio Armani Ginza Tower was opened its door in March. The basement floors houses ARMANI/CASA, accessory and gift on the 1st floor, women’s collection on the 2nd floor, men’s collection on the 3rd and made-to-measure lounge is on the 4th floor. Also, the restaurant is on the 10th and 11th floor.
    MARCH 2019

  • Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku to Renovate This Spring
    Until the end of April, a total of 15 shops will be opening with 2 renovated shops and 13 new shops including the skincare brand Awake’s first concept shop.

  • ONWARD Opens New Facility in Daikanayama
    ONWARD has not clarified the details of the new store KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA yet, but it will be a building where you can take a walk. Design office NENDO, French restaurant SUGALABO and Carol Lim who is the creative director of OPENING CEREMONY are involved in the store development.

  • OH MY GLASSES Opens Second Shibuya Store
    OH My Glass has been developed its business as an EC brand, and they are opening the 11th physical store as the second in Shibuya. With this store, they aim to increase their female customers.

  • MCM Renovates Ginza Flagship Store
    MCM GINZA HAUS 1 will be opening after the renovation as the third flagship in the world which will be a new experience-based store. The store will be not only a showroom, but also a café and a gallery.

  • Table Wear Brand KINTO to Open First Store in Japan
    It will be the second store of the brand after its LA store opened in February. The store plans to hold workshops in the store in the future.

  • GU Shibuya Installs GU STYLE CREATOR STAND
    The 4th flagship store of GU in Shibuya will install their latest technology using digital signage GU STYLE CREATOR STAND that allows you to create your own avatar. They currently have this digital signage at the Harajuku showrooming store, and the Shibuya store will be the first to install as the normal store.

  • Adastria Opens First Physical Store of BIJORIE
    Underwear brand BIJORIE launched in March 2018 that mainly develops wireless bra will open its first store inY urakucho. They plan to open more physical stores of the brand sequentially.

  • TOWER RECORD SHINJUKU will Reopen as LP Record Specialty Store
    TOWER VINYL SHINJUKU opening on the 10th floor of the Shinjuku store is the only store of TOWER RECORD that mainly handles LP record. The store will carry over 70,000 records.

  • New Concept Café dotcom space
    The cafe style community space “dot com space” is developed by dotcom, a company based in Beijing that develops food business and produces audio equipment and smart products. The company currently has 4 cafes in Beijing and San Francisco, and now opening the first one in Japan in Tokyo.

  • AKOMEYA TOKYO to Open New Store
    This will be the 10th store of AKOMEYA and the first in Kanto area to have a kitchen in the store. It will be opening in March at Shin-Marunouchi building.

  • UNDER ARMOUR to Open Largest Store in Japan in Fall 2019
    UNDER ARMOUR’s Japanese distributor DOME CORPORATION will open the largest domestic flagship store this fall in Tokyo at the former site of GUCCI store. As it will be the flagship store, the US head quarter will handle the store design.

  • prAna to Open 2 Stores in Japan in March
    Columbia Sportswear Japan will open its first domestic retail store of the Californian sustainable lifestyle brand “prAna” in Yokohama and also the second store will be opening in Shonan.

  • Graphpaper Renovates Shibuya Store
    Graphpaper is a multi-brand store produced by Takayuki Minami and the store reopened on March 8 after the renovation.

  • Loft Renovates Ginza Store
    The Loft will expand the Ginza store to 1.4 times bigger with 2 new floors. It will be the company’s new business model store which combines the concept of Japan, sustainability and food. The first floor houses a café “loft food lab” where also sells food related books cooking tools. The second floor will be the largest health and beauty department of Loft.

  • SEIREN Opened New Shop at Takashimaya without Inventory
    VISCOTEX MAKE YOUR BRAND is the made-to-order specialized brand started in 2015 by the apparel company SEIREN. The new shop after the rebranding is opened at Takashimaya Shinjuku as a showrooming store. With digital signage display, virtual fitting service is available in the store.

  • New Entertainment Facility Opened in Yokohama
    A new experience-type entertainment facility ASOBUILD opened at the former site of the Yokohama Central Post Office. The facility offers various experience-based contents such as VR, DIY and sports activities. The second floor concept is “multi brand store of entertainment” with VR and sports based activities, and the third floor is the largest handmade experience floor MONOTORY that offers many workshops.

  • TOMORROWLAND Opened Second Store of SUPER A MARKET
    Multi brand store Super A Market Shinjuku, which is the second store next to the Aoyama store, carries from domestic brands to international brands, such as Acne Studios, MARNI and Maison Margiela.

  • PULP Shibuya Store to Relocate
    With the concept of “New Generator of Street Culture”, multi brand store PULP operated by BAYCREW’S proposes unique fashion style from Shibuya. It opened in September last year as a shop-in-shop at &ÉDIFICE, but it opens an independent store in Shibuya.

  • earth music&ecology Opens Global Flagship Store
    The Tokyo solamachi store of earth music&ecology reopened as the global flagship store. The store installs self-checkout system, and also staff will use smartphones in the store in order to improve the efficiency of store operations by searching stocks online.

  • Galaxy Opens Largest Showcase in the World in Tokyo
    The 7 stories store is not only a standard store, but also houses exhibition space to introduce the new products and brand history, VR experience area and Galaxy Café.

  • FACTOTUM to Open New Flagship Store
    FACTOTUM that commemorates its 15th anniversary will open a new flagship store FACTOTUM LAB STORE. In the store, you can see the manufacturing process in the atelier.

  • LULULEMON will Open First Experience-Based Store in Japan
    The first experience-based store of LULULEMON in Japan will be opening this spring. The new store introduces the original VR meditation machine, has a bar counter, and offers yoga lessons.

  • Skincare Brand AWAKE to Open First Concept Shop
    Based on the concept “Studio & Kitchen”, the store will have a big counter at the center of the store and customer’s smartphone can be placed on the counter to take video while getting skincare advice.

  • SHIBUYA109 Introduces New Shops This Spring
    Korean brand chuu, sneaker specialty shop atmos pink and champion will be opening new shops at the SHIBUYA 109 which celebrates the 40th anniversary this April. Also, 19 shops will be renovated.
    FEBRUARY 2019

  • The Meadow from Portland Opens First Store in Japan
    The specialized store of craft foods The Meadow was founded by Mark Bitterman in Portland in 2006. Their first store in Japan reflects the DNA of the original store will open in Shinjuku.

  • atmos Renovated Kichijoji Store
    atmos renovated the second floor of the Kichijoji store and reopened. It is the first store that carries antique goods.

  • SHIBUYA109 to Start Food Business
    SHIBUYA 109 entertainment is starting the food/restaurant business to develop special food of Shibuya. 109 will open the new restaurant area IMADA KITCHEN this summer.

  • BAYCREW’S Launches New Brand of Spick & Span
    U by SPICK&SPAN mainly targets women in their 30s. The first store will be opened at Lumine in Tokyo.

  • MARNI Opens Largest Flagship Store in Japan
    The 300sqm store which will be the first flagship store in Japan carries the brands full collection of men’s, women’s, kids and accessory.

  • Plan C Opened First Flagship Store
    “Plan C” opened the world’s first flagship store in Aoyama at the former site of FRAPBOIS. They also opened 3 shop-in-shops at department stores in Japan. Plan C is produced by the daughter of Consuelo Castiglioni who is the founder of MARNI. The brand is positively developing their business in Japan since the launch.

  • BAYCREW’S Opens New Store in Ikebukuro
    BAYCREW’S will open a multi brand store “ATELIER Spick & Span” that carries 5 brands of the company, Spick & Span, FRAMeWORK, Emily Week, Plage and the jewelry brand Lilas.

  • BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE to Open New Store in Ikebukuro
    Ikebukuro area will be redeveloped on a large scale for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE is opening the 12th storein Japan in the area and this will be the first in Japan to be located at the park. The store is designed by Schemata Architects.

  • FEELCYCLE Launched New Apparel Store
    Fitness Company FEEL CONNECTION that operates motorcycle exercise gym FEELCYCLE opened a multi brand store “DIFFERENTLY” in Tokyo.

  • WEGO to Renovate Harajuku Flagship
    WEGO renovates the flagship store along Takeshita Street in Harajuku. The new store will carry cosmetics and souvenirs, and plan to hold various events in the store.

  • Lalaport Yokohama Reopens with 40 New Shops in April
    This is the second large scale renovation since the first in 2013 and 53 shops will be opening in April. 40 new shops will be introduced that includes the lifestyle brand prAna from LA and THE NORTH FACE/HELLY HANSEN KIDS shop.

  • Laforet Harajuku Introduces 14 New Shops This Spring
    There will be 29 shops at Laforet Harajuku after the renovation. 14 new shops includes the first physical store of the EC platform, also the first physical store of Chinese EC iHubb and the concept shop of the Korean cosmetic shop SKINGARDEN.

  • Isetan Men’s Store Renovation to be Completed
    Isetan Men’s in Shinjuku, which celebrated its 15th anniversary last year, will reopen after the renovation. With this renovation, the store will pursue advanced and high fashion, expanding customization services, offers experiences that link online with offline.

  • Lumine to Introduce New Shops This Spring
    There will be a lot of new shops opening this spring at Lumine such as the new cosmetic brand THE M produced by Lumine in collaboration with cosmetic manufacturer, new label by Converse CONVERSE STARS, new brand MAISON SPECIAL by The SAZABY LEAGUE and new business format of ABC Mart ABC-MART SPORTS+.

  • Lumine to Introduce New Shops This Spring
    There will be a lot of new shops opening this spring at Lumine such as the new cosmetic brand THE M produced by Lumine in collaboration with cosmetic manufacturer, new label by Converse CONVERSE STARS, new brand MAISON SPECIAL by The SAZABY LEAGUE and new business format of ABC Mart ABC-MART SPORTS+.

  • RRL to Install First Barber Shop at New RRL Shop in Hankyu Men’s
    The world’s first barbershop opens at the new Ralph Lauren’s RRL shop in collaboration with the barbershop “LUDLOW BLUNT SALON” from New York.

  • Finnish Interior Brand Artek to Open Flagship Store in Tokyo
    The 200sqm flagship store will be opened this spring. The store design will be handled by the design office DAIKEI MILLS.

  • atmos Opened New Women’s Store in Shibuya
    Sneakers multi brand store atmos opened a women’s specialty store atmos Heart that handles not only sneakers and apparels from adidas, PUMA and FILA but also the original items.

  • CELINE Omotesando Store Opened
    CELINE Omotesando store has been under the renovation since last August. They also will opened new shops at Isetan Men’s and Hankyu Men’s on February 27.

  • Shoe Repair Shop RECOUTURE Relocates
    A unique shoe repair shop RECOUTURE is relocated from Kokubunji. RECOUTURE replaces the original soles of sneakers with soles for leather shoes and this customization became popular on SNS.

  • PELICO Opens its Third Shop in Japan
    Italian shoe brand PELICO distributed by AMAN opens the third shop in Japan at Isetan.

  • Matsuya Ginza to Open Largest Lingerie and Nightwear Department in Tokyo
    Matsuya Ginza’s lingerie department which mainly targets women in their 40s to 50s is moved from the 4th floor to the 2nd floor.

  • HMV&BOOKS Opens New Small Shop
    HMV on the 6th floor at LUMINE EST will be relocated to the basement floor with reduced space. HMV&BOOKS SPOT SHINJUKU will be operated as the specialty shop of entertainment with about 30,000 items.

  • Oh My Glasses Opened Flagship Store
    Online glasses store Oh My Glasses opened the first flagship in Tokyo that handles their original brands including the high-end line as well as international brands such as RAY-BAN and TOM FORD. Shinjuku Mylord shop has been closed in January due to the opening of this new store.

  • New Concept Vintage Store STRIPS STORE Opened in Tokyo
    This is the second store in Tokyo of the second hand store goffa from Osaka. The store handles streets brand’s vintage items from 1950s to 2000s.
    JANUARY 2019

  • New Shibuya PARCO will be the Digital Fashion Mall Targeting Next Generation
    Shibuya Parco has been under reconstruction and will be finally opening this fall. The store will be introducing various experimental contents such as VR shopping, new experimental project of 3D, the robot Siriusbot developed by PARCO to help stocktaking, and also plan to develop the digital information wall in collaboration with teamLab.

  • JINS to Open First Showrooming Store
    JINS BRAIN Lab. is the smallest store of the brand that focuses on customer service and in-store experience. “Brain Mirror” using AI technology will give recommendation of glasses and products can be purchased at the online store through JINS APP.

  • RIPNDIP Opens the First Shop in Japan This Month
    Skateboarding brand RIPNDIP, started in La in 2009, will open the first store in Japan in Harajuku.

  • MINA PERHONEN to Open 2 New Shops in Tokyo
    MINA PERHONEN’s new shops will handle archive collection of the brand, vintage furniture, household goods, food and drinks. The brand is also opening a new shop MINA PERHONEN MATERIAALI KYOTO in Kyoto this month.

  • LARDINI will Open First Shop-in-Shop in Japan
    Italian men’s brand LARDINI will open a new shop at the Hankyu Men’s Store which is currently under the renovation to reopen this spring. The brand plans to expand the business in Japan in the future.

  • Italian Cosmetic Brand ARGITAL Opened the First Shop in Japan
    Organic cosmetic brand “ARGITAL” from Sicily opened the first shop in Japan in Tokyo. The shop has an esthetic salon and an event space for workshops.

  • DESCENTE to Open the Largest Flagship Store
    DESCENTE TOKYO is consist of 3 floors, 1st floor with baseball uniform customization service and a greet tea stand, 2nd floor as a lifestyle floor with their sportswear brands, and shoes on the basement floor.

  • MAGIC STICK Reopened the Flagship Store
    MAGIC STICK TOKYO handles not only the full collection of the brand, but also accessories and records selected by the designer. A bar counter is installed at the store to offer quality time while shopping.

  • Y’s PINK Opened New Shop
    Y’s PINK launched in 2014 by Y’s proposes a feminine style with men’s and military details and this is the first shop of the brand.

  • New Multi Brand Shop AND SQUARE is Opening
    AND SQUARE handles mainly high-end and up-and-coming brands from New York such as STAMPD, MR.COMPLETELY, BUSCEMI and Giuseppe Zanotti, and original brands to propose luxury street style.

  • LOUIS VUITTON’s Popup Store is Now in Tokyo
    The first collection of the brand’s new creative director Virgil Abloh can be purchased at this popup which will be held until January 31st in Tokyo. You need to line up between 6:00 to 8:30 in the morning to win a ticket for this popup. On the first day of the opening, 1100 people made a line.
    DECEMBER 2018

  • Ralph Lauren Renovated and Reopened Flagship Store in Tokyo
    The new flagship store started to carry kids wear and launched a new customization service “CYO -Create Your Own Custom Shop”. The store has been renovated into a space where you can feel the authenticity of the brand that celebrates its 50th anniversary.
  • Concept Shop WIND AND SEA will be Relocated
    “WIND AND SEA” by Takashi Kumagai, who is a stylist, photographer and also a director, will be relocated from Komazawa Park area. The shop was started in 2014 and started an original label from SS18.
  • TORY BURCH Opens Flagship Store
    It will be the first project by TORY BURCH Japan’s new CEO Ping Hsien Ong. The store is designed as Tory Birch’s home in New York using American interior as well as Japanese craftsmanship technique for decoration.
  • Daytona International will Launch New Women’s Multi Brand Shop in March
    Daytona International which develops multi brand shops such as FREAK ‘S STORE will launch a new multi brand shop PUBLUX on March 9th, 2019. PUBLUX targets women in their 30s to 40s.
  • Takashi Murakami Opened New Souvenir Shop
    Kaikai Kiki byTakashi Murakami opens a souvenir shop “Tonari no Zingaro”. There are currently “Bar Zingaro” operated by the company, a contemporary art gallery “Hidari Zingaro” and “Anime Zingaro” in the same building.
  • BOTTEGA VENETA Opens Largest Store in Asia in Tokyo
    The 800sqm store consists of 6 floors carries wide range of collection –from women’s and men’s ready to wear, bags, leather goods, luggage, eyewear, shoes, fragrance, jewelry to furniture. The store design is inspired by the futuristic style and modern architecture of Tokyo.
  • Seiko Watch will Open Experimental Store
    “Seiko Dream Square” will be consisted of 4 floors and the first floor houses a museum/promotion space of the brand. From the 2nd to 4th floor will be the sales space of their iconic items. Throughout this store, Seiko aims to expand brand awareness for oversea tourists.
  • Second-Hand Clothing Store Nishikaigan Opened First Store in Tokyo
    The second-hand clothing store Nishikaigan based in Fukuoka opened the first store in Tokyo in Harajuku. The 230sqm store “ANCHOR” carries more than 4,000 items imported from the US and Europe.
  • KENZO Opens New Store in Tokyo
    This store introduces the latest store concept by brand’s creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. This minimalistic store design uses materials such as concrete, mirror and marble.
  • AESOP Relocated Shibuya Store
    Aesop relocated the Shibuya store due to expand the store space. The store is design by TORAFU ARCHITECTS, same architect as the former store.
    NOVEMBER 2018

  • SLOWEAR VENEZIA Opened First Shop
    Italian menswear brand “SLOWEAR” opened the first concept shop in Japan “SLOWEAR VENEZIA”. Interior design of the shop was handled by Italian company Visual Display.
  • NEWoMan Yokohama to Open in 2020
    The names of the two buildings developed by East Japan Railway at Yokohama Station were decided as “JR Yokohama Tower” and “JR Yokohama Tsuruya-machi Building”. NEWoMan will be located in the commercial zone of the JR Yokohama Tower. Both facilities aim to open before 2020 Tokyo Olympic.
  • SK-II Hold Popup Event Until January 24th
    The popup event “SK-II Wonderland” is the first to collaborate with the latest Google’s AR technology. This is a part of SK-II’s new global store development project which was started from the first popup “Future X Smart Store” held in May this year.
  • LAILA TOKIO Opens First Shop of 9/9Archives
    9/9Archives has been developed as an online limited brand by LAILA. The company decided to open a real shop as the brand increased its popularity.
  • Domestic Shoe Brand FAMZON Opens Brand’s First Shop
    The shoe brand FAMZON started last year creates unique shoe which can change the heels. The first shop will be opening in a new commercial facility “THE HANEDA HOUSE”.
  • Zoff Reopens its Flagship Store in Tokyo
    Eyewear brand Zoff’s flagship store was opened in 2001 and this is the second time to renovate the store. New store design was handled by Jamo Associates.
  • VASIC Opens the First Flagship Store
    The handbag brand VASIC, launched in 2015 in New York based on the idea “the standard handbag” for everyday use, will open its flagship store in Tokyo. Timeless yet distinct, functional yet playful collection that fits every lifestyle and every scene can be found in the store.
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery will Open for the First Time in Japan
    The first Starbucks Reserve® Roast in Japan will be opening as the fifth store in the world. The 1,200sqm store is designed by a Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.
  • Asics will Open a Concept Café in a Park
    SPORTS STATION & CAFÉ is a sports theme café by asics with a running station and a concept café of health and beauty to support healthy lifestyle.
  • GU will Open a New Digital Concept Store
    In this new concept store GU STYLE STUDIO, the digital signage “GU STYLE CREATOR STAND” will be installed and a new official app “GU STYLE CREATOR” will be released. You can make your original avatar in the store and play to create new styling using your own avatar. You can also use the avatar on GU STYLE CREATOR app.
  • Hankyu Men’s Store will Renovate to Reopen Next Spring
    Hankyu Hanshin Department Store will start renovating Hankyu Men’s Tokyo to be reopened in the spring of 2019. This will be the first time to do the large-scale renovation since the opening in 2011 which will be two-thirds of the store and will invest 1.5 billion yen. They also plan to renovate the Osaka store yen next spring investing 400 million.
  • JAPAN BLUE JEANS Opened the Fourth Domestic Store
    The smallest store of JAPAN BLUE JEANS opened at a popular sightseeing spot as well as a well-known denim market. This store handles jeans, jacket and hat, and also develops recycled items of denim.

  • LIBRO PLUS Opens a New Concept Book Store
    “Bunkitsu” will be opening at the former site of Aoyama Book Center Roppongi which was closed last June. The store space is about 462sqm and consists of sales space of books and magazines, gallery space, a cafe and an event space.
  • Shiseido will Open New Research Laboratory S/PARK
    “Shiseido Global Innovation Center” is not only a research laboratory hub of Shiseido, but also an experience-based facility for customers with the concept “a place to meet beauty inspiration”. On the 1st and 2nd floor houses “S/PARK Cafe” which serves healthy foods based on the food and beauty research, sports studio “S/PARK Studio”, “S/PARK Beauty Bar” where you can make your original cosmetics and “S /PARK Museum” where you can experience the advanced technology of Shiseido.
    OCTOBER 2018

  • PALACE SKATEBOARDS Opens the First Store in Japan
    The skateboarding brand PALACE SKATE BOARDS from London will open the first store in Japan which will be their third in the world.
  • LUSH Opens the First Concept Store
    LUSH renovates its store in Tokyo to the world’s first concept store “BUSBOM LUSH”. The reason that they are opening the first concept store in Japan is because of the Japanese bathing culture and a very high percentage of households owning bathtub.
  • Eyewear Brand POLICE Opens the First Flagship Store in Japan
    Italian eyewear company DE RIGO will open the first flagship store of POLICE. The store will collaborate with young Japanese artists for VMD such as drawing pictures on the walls, using art pieces for display to support their work.
  • JEANS MATE Opened a New Concept Shop
    JEANS MATE renovated the Shibuya Shop and reopened as JEM. The first floor handles their original brand BST and Fort Point as well as Champion and Converse, and the company’s core brand OUTDOOR PRODUCTS on the second floor.
  • Imported Multi Brand Shop Wordless Statement Opened
    The store handles footwear labels which will be sold for the first time in Japan “THE SHOE SURGEON”, Korean street wear label “DESSY NEVER”, “3. PARADIS” handled by Emeric Tchatchoua and more. The store plans to hold popup event and art event.
  • A BATHING APE® Opened the Flagship Store of BAPY BY A BATHING APE®
    BAPY® was launched in 2001 but recently it has been temporary suspended of business. With the opening of BAPY® HARAJUKU STORE, they are launching new items. The brand proposes apparel and bags for “Busy Working Lady”.
  • LAUNER LONDON Opens the First Shop in Japan
    British handbag brand LAUNER LONDON is opening the first permanent shop in Japan. The shop offers bespoke order to customize each part from 8,500 materials and colors.
  • Hiroshi Fujiwara and Pokémon Collab Project will Hold a Popup at THE CONVENI
    Hiroshi Fujiwara and Pokémon’s collaboration project “THUNDERBOLT PROJECT” will have a popup store at the new concept store by Hiroshi Fujiwara “THE CONVENI” this year. This popup will offer various experiences such as brand presentation and photo spot.
  • Goldwin will Open the First Flagship Store
    Goldwin Marunouchi will be opening as the first directly-managed flagship store due to Goldwin’s strengthening original brand business and overseas business plan.
  • MOONSTAR Opens the first Flagship Store
    MOONSTAR Factory Ginza will handle made in Japan kids, men’s and women’s products. The store offers various experiences and services using their shoe making know-how.
  • Shoe Brand Sellenatela Opened a Store
    Sellenatela is a shoe brand from Tokyo that has a concept “Liberated life – Live without being bound by anything”. The store will be opened about 10 times a month and the opening days will be announced on their website and Instagram.
  • New Commercial facility COREDO Muromachi Terrace will Open Next Fall
    COREDO Muromachi Terrace consists of 3 floors with the floor space of about 6,000sqm will introduces about 30 shops. Taiwanese bookstore “Seihin Seikatsu” will be opening the first store in japan on the second floor of the facility. Yurindo which develops “HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET” will operate the Seihin Seikatsu as a licensee.
  • la kagū will be Reopening as AKOMEYA TOKYO Next Spring
    SAZABY LEAGUE will close la kagū on January 31st to renovate as AKOMEYA TOKYO in la kagū. la kagū is a curated store opened in 2014.
  • Brand PR Concept Shop “the par_k store” will be Opened
    The Park Store is a concept shop for brands that does not have directly managed store or EC to show their collection and to give opportunity to sell. The store will handle from local apparel brands, shoe and socks brand to audio brand.
  • Mash Holdings Renovated SEIBU BEONE at Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store
    Based on the concept “trend setter”, Mash Holdings produced a part of the basement floor of Seibu Ikebukuro with the Mash Holdings company brands such as Mila Owen, emmi and Biople by CosmeKitchen. The store interior was designed under the concept “luxury relaxing” to create a spa-like atmosphere.
  • French Kids Brand Jacadi Opened the First Store in Japan
    Jacadi started in 1976 in Paris offers French traditional style with modern taste for kids. Currently they have 265 stores in 36 countries. The first store in Japan is located near Jiyugaoka station.
  • New VR entertainment facility will Open
    JOYPOLIS VR SHIBUYA will open as a part of MAGNET by SHIBUYA109’s large-scale renovation plan. All VR attractions will be introduced for the first time in Japan.
  • MONCLER Opens the GENIUS Project Concept Popup Store
    HOUSE OF GENIUS will be opened in Tokyo from October 5th. This will be an interactive store that represents the collection.
  • PAL is Relaunching CIAOPANIC
    Multi brand store CIAOPANIC by PAL that celebrates its 30th anniversary is relaunching the brand. CPCM store in Harajuku will be renovated as the flagship store of CIAOPANIC “baseyard Tokyo”.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Beauté will Hold a Popup Event YSL BEAUTY HOTEL
    Global event YSL BEAUTY HOTEL which has been held all over the world will be also held in Tokyo. The venue is designed under a hip modern hotel theme that creates a traditional yet modern photogenic space.
  • PAUL & JOE BEAUTE will Hold a Popup Event PAUL & JOE Neko Café
    The popup venue is decorated with the brand’s iconic cat. Also, photogenic sweets and drinks with cat motif will be offered for visitors.
  • Shiseido will Open the Flagship Store of THE GINZA and Serge Lutens
    Shiseido’s subsidiary, The Ginza will open the first flagship store of its skincare brand “The GINZA” and fragrance and make-up brand “Serge Lutens”. Pathway that is designed as a runway is set up at the entrance. The second floor will be the VIP guest floor.
  • Divercity Plaza Tokyo Reopens 48 Shops
    This is the first large-scale renovation after the grand opening in 2012. This renovation features experiential entertainment contents such as VR ride and the digital theme park “Little Planet”.
    SEPTEMBER 2018

  • CARTIER Opened Convenience Store Concept Popup
    Cartier opened a luxury convenience store of the brand’s latest jewellery collection Juste en Clou. The space is inspired by the Japanese convenience store and you can find ordinary items with the luxury essence of Cartier.
  • Snidel Opened Popup Store “SNIDEL THE FACTORY STORE”
    Snidel relaunched the brand this season. The popup store concept is “Farm x Fashion”.
  • Meetscal Store Relocates to Shibuya
    Meetscal store is a multi-brand store by Parco opened in 2016 at “BY PARCO” in Minami-Aoyama. The store will be closing due to the reopening.
    The new concept shop of STÜSSY is designed by Japanese architect Nobua Araki who recently designed Hiroshi Fujiwara’s new shop “THE CONVENI”. The shop consists of 2 floors has “Kiosk space” where you can find limited items and “Empty Space” for popup events on the first floor, and store space on the basement floor.
  • APM Monaco Opened the First Store in Japan
    Fashion jewelry brand “APM Monaco” that was started in 1982, opened the first flagship store in Japan. The brand currently has over 200 stores in 80 cities in Europe, Asia and Africa. They are accelerating the opening of new stores and opened about 40 stores this year.
  • BEAMS will Open the Largest Flagship in Tokyo
    The store consists of 2 floors, casual wear on the second floor, and dresses on the third floor. With the concept “high fashion, high casual and high quality”, this BEAMS will handle bespoke items and exclusive brands, as well as their original items.
  • WOOLRICH Opens Flagship Store
    This will be the first flagship after GOLDWIN became their new distributor. The store has the ceiling high “Parker Wall”, “Archive Wall” that exhibits the history of the brand, and “Video Wall” to show the theme of the season.
  • CHANEL MATSURI Popup Event
    CHANEL will hold a popup event “CHANEL MATSURI” with Japanese festival culture theme. It will be held in Tokyo, Kyoto and Miyajima. The photogenic venue that is decollated with various red colors under the theme “RED CELEBRATION”.
  • THREE will Open New Concept Store
    SENSORIUM THREE is a new standalone store that mainly handles skincare, makeup, nail and haircare products of THREE and its men’s skincare brand FIVEISM x THREE. The store has treatment room and touchup room to provide personalized experiences as well as workshops and counseling.
  • JOURNAL STANDARD Opened New Men’s Store
    JINNAN-ZAKA JOURNAL STANDARD handles JOURNAL STANDARD and JOURNAL STANDARD relume. This store will change composition of products, theme, music and VM at a 40-day cycle.
  • XEBIO Opens New Store
    Super Sports Xebio Shibuya Koen Street Store develops footwear on the first floor, apparel on the second floor, sports equipment on the third floor. This store introduces new service that allows you to search and order on a big screen from all 170 XEBIO stores. The store also offers other services such as running on treadmill to test shoes and 3D measurement service.
  • TOMORROWLAND Opened Flagship Store of CABaN
    CABaN was launched to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Tomorrowland. The flagship store is located at the former site of Umit Benan store.
  • EPOCA Renovated the Marunouchi Store
    EPOCA THE SHOP MARUNOUCHI reopened as a multi brand store. The store handles not only EPOCA brand, but also bags and jewelry of CHLOE, MARNI, NINA RICCI and more. The store also has souvenirs that are perfect for gifts. Sanyo Shokai plans to open 5 more stores of the brand until 2022.
  • STONE ISLAND Opened First Flagship Store
    This will be the second flagship store in Asia and 22nd in the world. Refrigerated furniture is installed in the store for their ice jacket using thermal yearn which changes color depending on temperature.
  • Isetan Renovates Shinjuku Store in 2019
    Isetan plan to expand the range of products, offer new fashion styles and new customer experiences, and introduce new in-store digital technology with this renovation. The first phase for the men’s building will be completed in the spring of 2019, and the second phase for the main building will be completed in the summer of 2019.
  • New Commercial Facility Nijyubashi Square to be Opened in Marunouchi
    Nijyubashi Square consists of three floors and 25 shops including restaurants and shops such as French shoe brand J.M.WESTON and the world’s first concept shop by Pierre Hermé.
  • DESIGNWORKS Opens Flagship Store
    Multi brand store DESIGNWORKS developed by Abahouse International was started in London in 1995 and proposes fashionable British classic style. This flagship store will be the men’s store.
  • New Multi Brand Store CASA FLINE Opened the First Store
    CASA FLINE debuted in SS18 proposes sustainable lifestyle with the brand concept, organic and sustainable material, local maid, reuse and upcycle, and craftsmanship. The flagship store is opened in a quiet residential area in Tokyo.
  • Yagi Tsusho Opened the First Flagship Store of GIANNI CHIARINI
    Italian bag brand “GIANNI CHIARINI” opened the first flagship store where HELIOPOLE Ginza store used to be. They also will open another standalone store in Tokyo. Yagi considers GIANNI CHIARINI as the next MONCLER.
  • GU Opens the New O2O Concept Store
    It will be the new type of store by GU. You can try on men’s and women’s samples at this store and correct items ordered online.
  • L’ÉCHOPPE Started to Develop Women’s Items
    L’ÉCHOPPE was opened in 2015 as a men’s multi brand store in Aoyama. With the increase of women’s customers, they expanded the store to 2 floors and started to handle women’s items from September 6th.
  • UNDEFEATED Opened New Shop
    This is the 5th shop in Tokyo and the 12th in Japan of American sneaker boutique UNDEFEATED. Started with the Shibuya shop in June, they have been opening new shops in Harajuku, Osaka and Nagoya. They might be opening 3 more shops within the year.
  • Francfranc Opened Cashless Popup Store
    For this popup store, a two stories house was renovated. This is an experimental store to decrease the time spent on customer service and you can only pay with credit card or e-money. The store will be opened until October 31st.
  • JIL SANDER Opened New Store
    The store handles men’s and women’s items. To commemorate the opening, they sell bags designed especially for the store.
  • Eyewear Multi Brand Store GLOBE SPECS Renovated the Store
    GLOBE SPECS reopened after the store renovation. The store is designed as a factory in Eastern Europe or the former East Berlin.
  • And A is Relaunching the Brand
    The Sazaby League started And A in 2001, but closed all stores in 2015. ability international has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Sazaby this April to develop the brand again. They will be opening a shop in Tokyo.
  • Vintage Clothes Shop DEPT Opened the New Shop DEPT CATSTREET
    The store is opened as a replacement of DEPT@VACANT which was closed at the end of July. Based on the concept “making old clothes new”, the shop mainly develops DEPT ONE OF A KIND line that upcycles vintage clothes with handmade techniques.
  • Champion Reopened its Harajuku Store
    This is the first standalone store in Japan and they are reopening as “Champion SWEATS & TEES HARAJUKU” that is specialized in sweats and tees. The store will be releasing limited items regularly.
  • Gucci Reopens its Aoyama Store
    Following its Ginza and Shinjuku store, the Aoyama store will adopt new store design concept by the creative director Alessandro Michele. To celebrate the opening, there will be some limited items such as sneakers and bags in the store.
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT Opens a New Makeup Concept Shop
    YVES SAINT LAURENT will open a makeup concept shop of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute. The brand’s first lipstick vending machine will be installed in the shop and there will be a “makeup browsing table” that allows you to try their products freely.
  • CITYSHOP in Aoyama is Relocated
    The flagship store of CITYSHOP in Aoyama which was opened in 2015 is now relocated to reopen. The new restaurant has over 100 seats and is started to serve breakfast. The first floor houses a multi brand shop for women with the concept “healthy × mode”. Their shop in Lumine Shinjuku will be also relocated and reopens.
  • Sanyo Shokai Launches a New Label of Loveless “LOVELESS Sunny Side Floor”
    Multi brand shop LOVELESS developed by Sanyo Shokai opens new shops of “LOVELESS Sunny Side Floor” in Osaka and Tokyo. The new shops offer men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.
  • Abahouse International Opened the First Store of “THE STORE by C ‘”
    “THE STORE by C ‘” is a new lifestyle brand for women that propose Californian lifestyle. The store handles apparel, interior and skin care products. Due to this new store opening, the flagship store of “5351 POOL HOMMES” which had been operated on the first floor is moved to the second floor.
    This is the new concept store of ISSEY MIYAKE that handles not only ISSEY MIYAKE products, but also “good stuff” such as accessories and apparel selected from different brands.
    AUGUST 2018

  • Ground Y Opened a Permanent Shop-in-Shop at STUDIOUS
    Studious renovated part of its men’s shop for the Ground Y by Yohji Yamamoto. You can find their collaboration items and limited items.
  • SIMPSON LONDON Opens the First Shop in Japan
    Luxury leather goods brand SIMPSON LONDON will open the first shop in Japan in Shibuya. The store carries briefcases, bags and leather accessories.
  • New Multi Brand Shop herside Opens
    herside directed by Kamiya Ayuko who also directed “Drama H · P. FRANCE” proposes the bohemian luxury style. There will be a flower shop DILIGENCE PARLOUR in the store.
  • MARK IS Minato Mirai Introduces 6 New Shops
    MARK IS Minato Mirai which is under a large-scale renovation commemorating the 5th anniversary will open 6 new shops including BENSIMON AUTOUR DU MONDE, HELLY HANSEN, UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing, JOINT WORKS and B:MING LIFE STORE by BEAMS as the first phase of the renovation on 31st August.
  • NOSE SHOP Opened the Second Shop
    Fragrance shop NOSE SHOP by BIOTOPE INC. opened their second shop in Tokyo. The new shop introduces five fragrance brands for the first time in Japan.
  • NEIL BARRETT Opened a New Shop
    NEIL BARRETT Opened their fourth shop in Japan. This shop mainly handles THUNDERBOLT series. NEIL BARRETT also renovated their Osaka shop in Hankyu Men’s with the new store concept “dark brown”.
  • JUN Opens 3 Stores of NERGY This Fall
    JUN’s sports business category NERGY opens three new stores in Tokyo; a six-month limited-time shop in Ikebukuro, a two-month limited-time shop in Futakotamagawa, and a permanent store in Ebisu. NERGY was started in collaboration with NIKE in 2015 and currently they operate three stores and a women’s fitness studio. Their Shibuya store was closed last month due to expiration of contract.
  • L’ANGÉLIQUE Opens the First Flagship Shop
    Lingerie brand “L’ANGÉLIQUE” operated by Quadrille International opens its first flagship shop in Newman Shinjuku. In this shop, you can find not only lingerie, but also other apparel, cosmetics, and the shop limited items.
  • ellesse HERITAGE Opens a 5 Months Limited-Time Shop
    “ellesse HERITAGE”, a street casual collection targeting the Millennial generation developed by ellesse that proposes a new classic pop style , will open a limited-time shop ellesse HERITAGE TOKYO from August 31st to January 31st, 2019.
  • BEAMS Opens the Second Store of BEAMS WOMEN
    BEAMS WOMEN HARAJUKU will be opening on the current International Gallery Beams 1st floor. International Gallery Beams will be reducing the store space to 2 floors and reopening on the same day. Ray Beams Harajuku will be closed on September 12th due to this new store opening.
  • VACANT Renovated the Harajuku Store
    The vintage clothing store DEPT which was operated as a shop-in-shop for 3 years on the first floor of the VACANT store has moved and “VACANT DINER” is now opened.
  • Stuart Weitzman Opens the First Shop in Japan
    American shoe brand Stuart Weitzman’s first Japan shop handles the brand’s standard items to the latest collection. They will also hold a popup event at Hankyu Umeda in September.
  • Premium Sneaker Store WORM TOKYO Relocated and Reopened
    WORK TOKYO relocated from Nakameguro to Harajuku. The new store concept is “TOKYO SNEAKERS ARCHIVE” and sells about 1500 sneakers.
  • Forte forte Opens the First Shop in Japan
    Italian brand forte forte founded in 2002 features Italian material and handmade items. They are opening the first Japan shop. You can find all items of the brand, from apparel to accessories in this shop.
  • SOGO YOKOHAMA Reopened the Beauty Department
    The store has been renovating from March and the total of 70 brands including 25 new brands are introduced to the first floor of SOGO YOKOHAMA. At the “makeup station” with a nail bar and a lipstick bar, you can try products for free. There also has the “Beauty Stage” which holds hair arranging and make-up events.
  • LUMINE Renovates 170 Shops This Fall
    Lumine and Newman Shinjuku renovate the total of 170 shops this fall. Lumine Shinjuku is reopening the beauty floor with the new training gym and esthetic salon. Also the new concept shop of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute will be opening. New lifestyle brand of Jill Stuart “Flora Notis JILL STUART” will be opening at Lumine Shinjuku and Tachikawa. TOKYO BASE is introducing their new brand PUBLIC TOKYO at Lumine Shinjuku.
  • BAYCREW’S Opened the First Sore of WORLDLY-WISE
    WORLDLY-WISE is the first men’s accessories shop by BAYCREW’S. A wide selection of items from vintage jewelry to stationery can be found in this shop.
  • GIANNI CHIARINI Opens New Stores This Fall
    Italian bag brand GIANNI CHIARINI opens the first standalone store in Ginza and Omotesando. In the stores, you can find GIANNI CHIARINI and the second line GUM Gianni Chiarini Design’s bag collection in many colors and sizes.
  • New Muliti Brand Store Amanojak. Opened
    The store handles domestic and international high-end brands such as MARNI, MM 6 Maison Margiela, 08circus and BRUNA BOINNE. The Store also offers maintenance services for purchased items such as ironing and shoe polish.
    “NOIR KEI NINOMIYA” by COMME DES GARCONS opened a new shop at the Seibu department store where they already have JUNYA WATANABE COMME DES GARCONS, BLACK COMME DES GARCONS, COMME DES GARCONS POCKET and COMME DES GARCONS JUNYA WATANABE MAN. This shop also handles the collaboration line of MONCLER GENIUS project 6 “Moncler Noir Kenominya”.
  • TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE Produces a New Facility in Aoyama
    Based on the concept “New park lifestyle in the middle of the city”, NTT Urban Development Corporation will open a new facility “SHARE GREEN MINAMI AOYAMA” consisting of a cafe, shops, and offices in October. They will also have “WORKER ‘S GARDEN” area with Wi-Fi where you can work with your pet.
  • New Clothing Shop JANTJE_ONTEMBAAR
    With the concept of “PP SHOP -PERMANENT POP-UP SHOP”, this will be a unique shop that is not a select shop, not a mono brand shop, but a place where something is evolving constantly.
  • MUZE Opens the First Flagship Store
    MUZE is a Japanese brand that participated in the Tokyo Collection held in March. The brand concept is “MODERN” and this first flagship will be a gallery-like store that handles the full collection.
  • Italian Brand ennerre Opens the First Shop in Japan
    Italian athleisure brand ennerre who reentered the Japanese market last year will open the first shop at Roppongi Hills. LATTEST OMOTESANDO Espresso Bar in Jingumae will host an event “ennerre café” to commemorate the opening.
    JULY 2018

  • Asics Opened the Business Shoes “Runwalk” Store
    ASICS Run Walking Ginza mainly handles Japan made men’s business shoes and women’s pumps. The store offers 3D foot measurement service for free and staff will support choosing shoes based on measurement data.
  • CÉLINE Reopens the Omotesando Store Next Spring
    CÉLINE Omotesando Store will be temporary closing the store on August 5th for the renovation. They will open a temporary store in Harajuku from August 6th.
  • TOKYU CORPORATION will Open the New Complex “Shibuya Bridge” This Fall
    Shibuya Bridge consists of 2 buildings houses daycare center, hotel, shops and offices. On the first phase, “Mustard Hotel Shibuya” on the 1st to 7th floor and a cafe “megan” on the 1st floor of the hotel will be opening.
  • Work Wear Company WORKMAN Starts Developing the Outdoor and Sports wear
    WORKMAN is starting the fashion business and opening the first shop “WORKMAN PLUS” in Tachikawa. They plan to open 100 shops in few years, mainly in shopping malls. As the number of construction workers is decreasing, they decided to develop sportswear and outdoor wear using their functionality. The price range will be about one third of the other sports brands.
  • Hiroshi Fujiwara’s New Concept Shop THE CONVENI will be Opening
    THE CONVENI is located on the basement floor of the building. Based on the concept “convenience store”, this will be the next unique trendy spot in Tokyo.
  • Multi Brand Sop Chaos will Open the Second Shop
    Chaos is a multi-brand shop that proposes everyday clothes for mature women. They have opened the first shop in Omotesando in March.
  • PAUL&JOE Opens the First Concept Shop
    To express the brand concept “pleasure of living” and “LOVE” by the designer Sophie Mechaly, pink is used as the main color of the shop interior such as a heart shaped neon light and a mirror ball.
  • Marimekko Omotesando Store Reopens
    The Omotesando Store opened in 2006 is one of the six Marimekko global flagship stores in the world that handles a full collection of the brand. The store is renovated based on the concept developed by the design studio Pentagram “Marimekko’s house”.
  • Skincare Brand ASTALIFT Relocated the Ginza Store and Reopened
    In the Fujifilm’s skincare brand ASTALIFT’s new Ginza store, you can try all of their skincare products and supplements. Also, you can check your skin condition by yourself or get personal skin check and advice based on the 3D image diagnosis.
  • #FR2 Opened New Store
    In this new store #FR2Ume developed by Ceno is all covered with the store theme color pink, from interior and signboard to original items.
  • Wedding Dress Brand PRIMACARA Opened the First Standalone Store
    The shop is located in a very competitive area for wedding business. They aim to compete with other dress brands by apparel companies as PRIMACARA is still just an original brand of a wedding company.
  • LOEWE Opened Women’s Ready-to-Wear Shop
    The shop interior creates a modern space based on the concept by the creative director Jonathan Anderson, “Casa”. The shop handles women’s ready to wear, leather goods and accessories.
  • WEWILL Opens the First Flagship Store
    WEWILL debuted in the FW17 and participated at Tokyo Fashion Week since the FW18. The brand’s first flagship store is opening in the 80 year old building in Ginza. You can find their original products in this minimalistic store.
  • COMME DES GARCONS Opened CDG’s Shops in Tokyo and Osaka
    The new brand of COMDE DES GARCONS, CDG was launched in April with the concept “Archive, Collaboration and Simple”. They replaced GOOD DESIGN SHOP in Tokyo and Osaka with CDG shop.
  • GUESS Opens New Store in Tokyo
    This will be their third standalone store in Tokyo. To commemoration the opening, the store introduces “YR LIVE”, a new service that allows you to create your own T-shirts and tote bags on a large touchscreen.
  • Ground Y Opens New Shop Ground Y Lounge at Narita Airport
    The new shop is located in the new large duty-free shop area “FaSoLa STARS TAX FREE” which will be opening on July 31st. They manily will handle tops and collaboration items.
  • Valextra Opened New Shop
    Valextra that celebrated its 80th anniversary last year opened their 11th boutique in Japan. To commemorate the opening, they are offering free stamping services until July 22nd.
  • Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi will Reopen This Fall
    As the first phase of renovation, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi started the redevelopment from 2017. They will focus on customer services with this redevelopment. 80 concierges in each category will support customer’s shopping. The store design is handled by Kengo Kuma.
  • Russian Brands Multi Brand Shop Opened
    BUNKER TOKYO, a new multi brand shop that mainly handles Russian brands, is designed like a shelter in the Soviet era. You can find many Russian up-and-coming brands including T3CM, MAD FRENZY and SOVETSKY1917.
  • Hawaiian Brand Lilly & Emma Opens 2 Flagship Stores in Japan
    Lilly & Emma, started in 2014 in Hawaii, opens two flagship stores in Enoshima and Shonan with the theme of beach resort. Both stores have a café in the store that offers Hawaiian foods.
  • Nigel Cabourn will Open a New Women’s Store
    This will be the second store that opens as a women’s store along the Meguro River. The 60sqm store is designed as a military training gym.
  • AKOMEYA TOKYO will Open New Shops in Kyoto, Chiba and Nihonbashi
    SAZABY LEAGUE’s lifestyle shop AKOMEYA TOKYO opens new shops in Chiba, Kyoto, and Nihonbashi. Currently, there are 3 shops in Tokyo area.
  • JINS Opens the New Luxury Eyewear Shop
    JINS launched a new high-end brand “J of JINS” that also supports customization. They will open the first shop that offers customization service.
  • teamLab’s Digital Art Exhibition Starts at the Rooftop Garden of Ginza Six
    Digital art space “Team Lab: Responding Trees in GINZA SIX GARDEN” will be held from August 1st to September 2nd. After sunset, this garden will create an illusion space with light and sound.
  • SPINNS Opened a New Concept Shop “Chucla by SPINNS”
    With the concept “Girl’s secret base”, this shop is more than just a place to shop, but also a place where you can hang out with makeup booth, photogenic spot with neon signs, rest area with free Wi-Fi and outlets.
    JUNE 2018

  • L&HARMONY Opens the First Flagship Store
    Sympho Canvas that operates fashion & lifestyle multi brand store “L & HARMONY” opens the first L&HARMONY flagship store. L&HARMONY has been developed as an online store since 2015. The brand mainly handles unisex basic design apparel with the color of gray and navy.
  • Ginza Sony Park will Open This Summer
    Sony Building which was closed in 2017, will be renovated and reopen as “Ginza Sony Park” this summer. It will be opened until the fall of 2020. With the concept of an experimental “park”, this new Sony building will offer a playful public space with a conceptual park where you can purchase greenery, a new concept shop produced by Hiroshi Fujiwara “THE CONVENI”, a radio station and cafés.
  • BEAMS Opens a New Flagship Store
    This BEAMS store will replace the former site of ZARA and offers a wide range of men’s and women’s casual and sporty wear to luxury items.
  • Ray-Ban will Open the First Japan Store
    Japanese subsidiary of Luxottica, MIRARI JAPAN will open the first store in Tokyo. The store handles over 900 items including some limited items of the store.
  • STÜSSY Opened a Popup Shop
    A house-in-house style popup shop is decorated with photos taken by the brand director of Stussy Japan and vintage surfboards of Stussy. This popup shop is open until September while the flagship store “STUSSY HARAJUKU CHAPTER” is under the renovation to reopen in the fall.
  • Atmos Opened the Second Harajuku Shop
    The second store of Atmos Harajuku is the first shop that adopts Katakana, Japanese alphabets to the shop name. The shop concept is “fusion of sports brand and fashion” to propose a new style by offering sneakers from domestic brands and original brands.
  • Onitsuka Tiger Opens a New Store in Shinjuku
    The first floor handles shoes, the second floor is the “NIPPON MADE” series shoes area and the third floor mainly develops apparel and accessories. This will be the second domestic store where you can do NIPPON MADE series materials and colors customization.
  • Roen Opens the New Harajuku Shop
    Roen closed the Harajuku store in August last year due to the Road Expansion Plan of Tokyo. This new Roen Tokyo shop will be the replacement of the Harajuku shop.
  • Designer of ptarmigan Opens a New Shop at Yoyoki Park Area
    Shoes brand ptarmigan’s designer opens a new multi brand shop PLAYGROUND. The store handles not only ptarmigan shoes, but also vintage items, imported brand items and much more.
  • Tokyo Midtown Starts the Summer Event
    MIDTOWN LOVES SUMMER 2018 is the summer event where you can experience the Japanese traditional summer activities such as fireworks, cool foot bathing and wind chimes, with the theme of “cool summer in Japan”. You can also enjoy the digital art display in the park.
  • NIKE Starts a Customization Event for the World Cup
    NIKE will hold a football jersey customization event “NIKE FTBL STUDIO” at Hotel KOE TOKYO. The customization will be offered for free when you purchase some item, and only available with a reservation.
  • PRADA Silver Line Popup Store Started in Japan
    The popup store “Prada Silver Line” has been visited limited cities in the world and now opened in Tokyo and Osaka. This popup shop is designed as an American train from 1930 to 50’s.
  • Korean Cosmetic Brand Innisfree Opens a New Shop
    This will be the third shop in Japan of Innisfree after its Omotesando shop opened in March and Harajuku shop opened in April.
  • Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu Renovates and Reopens in October
    With the renovation, they will expand the shop space and have 308 shops which is the largest number of shops. 17 brands will open their first outlet shop in Japan such as BELSTAFF, BALMAIN, HPFRANCE and PANDA EXPRESS. In the new service lounge with an information counter, they will have a book library, a bar counter and a space for kids.
  • Blå Konst Tokyo Reopened as Acne Studios Shibuya Store
    Acne Studios opened Blå Konst in April 2017 as the world’s first store consisting only with the new line “Acne Studios Blå Konst”. New Acne Studios Shibuya store is positioned as a project store to host various events and projects on a regular basis.
  • UNDEFEATED Opens the Largest Domestic Store
    UNDEFEATED SHIBUYA, consisting of 2 floors, will house sneakers on the 1st floor and apparel on the 2nd floor. The store interior design is handled by the designer from LA.
  • JOURNAL STANDARD Opened a New Concept Store in Kyoto
    The old townhouse of Kyoto has renovated using Japanese traditional craftwork techniques for this new concept store JOURNAL STANDARD Mikuramachi. You can find high quality imported items such as American brand “SAMUEL SNIDER” and French brand “ATELIER SUPPAN”, and enjoy vegan sweets at the café space in this store.
    MAY 2018

  • Korean Brand IMVELY Opens the First Shop in Japan
    IMVELY was started as an online brand in 2013 by a Korean male model who has over 770,000 followers on Instagram. Their first shop in Japan is scheduled to be opening at Lumine2 this summer.
  • Italian Shoe Brand PREMIATA Opened a New Store
    This is the first street-level store in Japan and the store creates the same atmosphere as their stores in Italy. You can find their leather shoes collection as well as the sporty line PREMIATA WHITE in this store.
  • Sanyoshokai will Launch a Secondly Brand of MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY this Fall
    “MP store” is the secondly brand from MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY for shopping malls. They currently have a popup shop to test the brand, and plan to open permanent shops in Tokyo and Osaka this fall. They also plan to open 10 shops by 2020.
  • Fashion Rental Shop “airCloset x ABLE” Renovated its Real Shop
    “airCloset x ABLE” was opened in 2016 as a place where you can experience personal styling by professional stylists. They expanded fitting room area after the renovation.
  • Large Scale Complex SHIBUYA STREAM will be Opening in September
    “SHIBUYA STREAM” which is currently under construction will be opening in September under the concept “Shibuya Custom”. From the 1st floor to 3rd floor will be the commercial facility area with 30 shops and restaurants.
  • Hender Scheme will be Opening a New Store
    This will be the second store of the brand and offers different products from their first store in Ebisu. Also, the store offers the personalization service “effect_lab” using engraving machine from the craft worker of Asakusa.
  • Sports Lab by atmos in Shinjuku Reopens After Renovation
    The large digital signage mirror linked with EC is installed on their wall where they used to have sneaker walls. They can show much wider range of sneakers by using this digital signage.
  • Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. will Open in September
    Takashimaya announced the opening date of the urban style shopping mall Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. This mall will be consisting of 4 buildings, main building, Watch Maison, East building and Annex building. The total floor space is about 66,000sqm and 114 specialty stores which will be opening for the first time in Japan or in the commercial facilities will be opening.
  • BOOK AND BED TOKYO Opens a New Store
    This will be the fifth store of BOOK AND BED TOKYO, a new concept book store where you can stay overnight. The store will also have a café and offer daytime plan.
  • Herschel Supply Co. Opens the First Street Store in Japan
    Canadian accessory brand Herschel Supply Co. will open a flagship store in Tokyo. The store handles not only their iconic backpacks, but also a wide range of products including their travel series and apparel.
  • New Vintage Shop “Council Flat 1”
    A stylist Keisuke Baba produced the first shop that mainly handles vintage items from UK. This shop will be opened in his office.
  • FAKE TOKYO Reopened with a New Concept
    After the reopening, the first floor houses a multi label shop Candy, their original new label CANDY/ is on the second floor, and RS ARCHIVES where you can find archive pieces of RAF SIMONS is on the basement floor.
  • New Large Scale Complex will Open at Kawasaki Station in 2021
    JR EAST announced that it will start constructing a large scale complex at the Kawasaki station west exit area to be opened in 2021. It will be consist of few buildings that house offices, a commercial facility and a hotel designed by SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE.
  • Takashimaya Yokohama will Open an Experience Based Beauty Floor
    Belle Sympathique that offers over 70 kinds of beauty treatments and services is produced by the total beauty salon uka. Takashimaya also plan to open the same concept floor at their Nihonbashi store this fall. This floor is
  • CARTIER Started a Digital Concept Popup Event
    To promote their renewed men’s watch SANTOS DE CARTIER, CARTIER started a popup event with a digital concept. You can enjoy the digital exhibition of Alberto Santos Dumont who was an Aviator and a pioneer of the era and the history of Cartier. You can also try the flying experience over Paris like Alberto by AR.
  • ZARA Opened a Popup Store Specializing in Online Shopping
    This popup store will be opened until their Roppongi Hills store reopening in August. A beacon system and QR code system is introduced in the store. By scanning barcodes with their App, items will be ready in the fitting room and you can purchase from their online store by using your smartphone in the store.
  • New Multi Brand Shop MFC STORE
    Hiroto Kondo who used to work for atmos and a director of EXAMPLE opened a new shop in Nakameguro. MFC, “My Favorite Closet” is composed in four sections of import, archive, select and sneakers. The shop is filled with their favorite items and you can also see the Air Jordan collection in the shop.
  • Multi Brand Store S GALLERIE TOKYO Relocates to Reopen
    GALLERIE TOKYO located next to Laforet Harajuku will relocate to Cat Street. It will be reopening as a new complex that develops fashion, food and events.
  • asics will Open a New Complex Store
    It will be the first store for asics Japan to combine a run station and a cafe in the store. The store is located in a popular area for running and the store mainly targets office workers around the area.
  • RVCA Opens the First Store in Tokyo
    Lifestyle brand “RVCA” from California will open the first Japanese store in Tokyo. The brand was started in 2000 and they combine American workwear with art and music theme. Currently there are 6 stores in California, Hawaii, Bali and Byron Bay.
  • Takashimaya Opened a Multi Brand Shop of Cosmetics
    “Takashimaya Cosmetics Million Doors” is a multi brand cosmetic shop. Their new shop handles 28 brands and offers skin condition check service and manicure service of NAILS INC.
  • LULULEMON Opened Two New Shops in Tokyo
    Shonan store was designed with the theme of Shonan beach and Kawasaki store was designed under the theme of Jazz as Kawasaki is famous for Jazz music.
  • Concept Shop from Osaka CONTENASTORE Opened the First Tokyo Shop
    CONTENASTORE was first opened in Osaka and Hiroshima in 2016. Their first shop in Tokyo is located in Shibuya.
  • SK-II Opens a Popup Shop
    FUTURE X Smart Store by SK-II will be an experience-based shop using the face authentication technology and AI. You can experience digital art that changes according to the expression of the face and movement of the body, “skin scan” which can measure the skin condition just by sitting in front of the mirror, and “Smart Beauty Wall” which automatically analyzes your skin condition and gives you advice.
  • New Multi Brand Shop THE ELEPHANT will be opened in August
    The manager of SULLEN TOKYO, a multi brand shop in Shibuya, will be opening a new shop THE ELEPHANT by himself in early August in Shibuya.
    APRIL 2018

  • STUDIOUS Opened Women’s Shop
    Multi label shop STUDIOUS by TOKYO BASE opened a women’s specialty shop. To commemorate the opening, collaboration items with Japanese brands such as ELIN and beautiful people was launched.
  • Shinjuku Alta Shopping Mall Changes Store Target Age from Youth to Wider Age Target
    Women’s and men’s clothing brand “DoCLASSE” and their shoes brand “fitfit” will open the largest flagship shop at Shinjuku Alta. The shop space will be 95% of the first floor part of Shinjuku Alta. As the young market is shrinking, Shinjuku Alta is aiming to change its main target from young generation to a wider generation.
  • LOUIS VUITTON Opened a Men’s Popup Store
    Neon yellow is used as a key color of this popup store which expresses their recent men’s collection image, mixture of classic and pop. This store is available until May 6th.
  • Adidas Opened a New Store
    Adidas brand core store Futakotamagawa Rise Shopping Center introduces the new store concept of the brand Stadium. The store assumes customers with children and has activity space such as bouldering space and graphic boards that can compare height with athletes.
  • Baby Sneaker Specialty Store INITIAL KICKS DAIKANYAMA
    The store concept is “Baby sneakers for adults.” The store handles from sports and fashion sneakers such as NIKE and adidas to high brands such as Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. The store offers packages to enjoy the first shoes as an interior.
  • Men’s Lifestyle Magazine Safari Opens a Showroom Concept Popup Store
    Safari Lounge Showroom Store will be opened on the first floor of the commercial facility MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA until October 31.You can try on at this store and read the QR code from your smartphone to purchase.
  • Yohji Yamamoto Opens Y’S Flagship Store
    The first floor expressing the store concept “SHOWCASE” is a gallery like space where installations will be held. The store handles all of their 7 lines including their knitwear, dress, suit and casual lines.
  • Ones by Sosu in Jingumae Renovates the Store
    The pop-up store space on the first floor will be renovated as a gallery space. And the cafe space will be renamed as “Ones Cantine Bio” and will be offering organic menus. There will be a restaurant on the roof top that opens by reservation only.
  • Fragrance Boutique of Dior
    MAISON CHRISTIAN DIOR GINZA handles more than 20 fragrances from classic items to their new collection JASMIN DES ANGEL and SAKURA, candles, soaps and silk scarves.
  • ASICS Opened the First Kids Specialty Flagship Store
    This store covers a wide range of shoes for infants to sixth graders. The shoes are designed based on data of children’s feet and actions by ASICS Sports Engineering Laboratory. The store offers a foot measurement service using “fdigi” system developed by ASICS.
  • New Multi Brand Shop FRESHSERVICE
    “Fictional shipping company” is the theme of a new mobile style shop FRESHSERVICE. The shop holds food, original wear that imitates uniforms and workwear, and daily necessities.
  • adidas Opens a New Concept Store
    This adidas new store adopts a new store concept of the brand for the first time in Japan. For the store design, new materials are used for furniture, including wall art decoration by a Japanese artist FACE.
  • Korean Cosmetic Brand Innisfree Opens the Second Store
    This will be the brand’s second store in Japan after its first in Omotesando opened last month. The store has a VR attraction which you can go on a simulation date with the popular Korean actor Lee Min-ho.
  • HUF Opens the Flagship Store
    As an art piece of the store, an artist Todd Francis made a special pigeon sculpture. You can find collaboration items that will be launched for the opening in the store.
  • GUCCI Opened the New Flagship Store
    The 900sqm store handles a wide range of collection -men’s and women’s wear, leather goods, shoes, jewelry, watches, fragrances and interior collection Gucci Décor.
  • HUNTING WORLD Opens a Concept Shop
    “HUNTING WORLD” will renovate their Tamagawa Takashimaya shop as a new concept shop.
    This will be the first shop that has Yosuke Aizawa, designer of “White Mountaineering”, as creative director. The interior design is handled by Wonderwall with the theme “Travel and Hunting World”.
  • Swedish Lifestyle Brand L:A BRUKET Opens the First Flagship Store
    L:A BRUKET was founded in 2009 based on the traditional spa therapy. They have been developing the high-quality organic body care, hair care, and facial care products. The first floor is a cosmetic shop and the second floor holds the world’s first full membership luxury salon.
  • Parco will Open a New Commercial Facility in Kawasaki in 2019
    Parco will open their 10th medium-sized commercial facility “Kawasaki Zero Gate” in front of JR Kawasaki Station in the fall of 2019.
  • Tokyu Department Store Kichijyoji Store Reopens After the Renovation
    Tokyu Department Store has been renovating its Kichijyoji store since 2001. With this renovation, they will reduce the floor space for clothing to expand their food department based on customer’s high popularity of food and food events.
  • Terrace Mall Shonan Completes the First Large Scale Renovation
    This is the first major renovation since its opening in 2011 and Terrace Mall Shonan introduces 117 new shops including select shops such as SHIPS, nano · universe and FREAK’S STORE, cosmetic shops such as Isetan Mirror Makeup & Cosmetics and THREE, and outdoor brands.
  • MASTERMIND Opened the First Flagship Store
    After its 20th anniversary, MASTERMIND opened the brand’s first flagship store MASTERMIND TOKYO at the new commercial complex. You can find limited items in collaboration with KANGOL and Mobile Suit Gundam at this store.
  • Greece Jewelry Brand ILEANA MAKRI Opened the First Shop in Japan
    ILEANA MAKRI started in 1996 in Greek opened its first shop in Tokyo. The shop handles their main collection as well as the bridal collection and the second line EyeMbyILEANAMAKRI.
  • rag & bone Renovated its Flagship Store
    After the renovation, the basement floor of the store is turned into a café, rag & bone x Verve Coffee Roasters. The first floor houses women’s apparel and introduces the new interior elements of its Miami Shop. And the second floor houses men’s apparel and offers alcohol while enjoy listening to music.
  • FJALL RAVEN Opened the First Flagship Store in Japan
    YS INTERNATIONAL Opened Swedish outdoor brand FJALL RAVEN’s Japanese first flagship store FJALL RAVEN BY 3NITY TOKYO. The store handles 4 brands, FJALL RAVEN, mountaineering shoes brand HANWAG, rainwear brand K – WAY, and the original brand TENNEN. The store offer embroidery services on the brand’s iconic “KANKEN” bag.
    MARCH 2018

  • 109Men’s Reopens a Part of the Store after the Renovation
    SHIBUYA 109 Entertainment is currently under the renovation of 109 MEN’S and they will reopen the seventh floor as the first phase of the plan. With the concept “fusion of excitement”, there will be new casual restaurants in the night club atmosphere.
  • Korean Multi Label Shop LAP Opens the First Domestic Shop
    Based on LA street fashion, LAP handles various categories including women’s “STUDIO” and “URBAN” line, men’s apparel “LAPMEN” and cosmetic “LAPCOS”. They opened the first store in Shinsegae department store in 2011 and currently there are about 70 stores in Korea.
  • ne Quittez pas Opened its First Store
    ne Quittez pas is the brand that incorporate traditional Indian unique textile techniques as weaving, knitting and embroidery into the collection. Their production base is in India.
  • Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Offers Total Beauty Products and Experiences
    At the new commercial facility Tokyo Midtown Hibiya opening this spring, ISETAN MIRROR MAKE & COSMETICS opens the largest scale store at the premium lifestyle zone on the first floor. This store is five times the size of standard stores and handles over 40 cosmetic brands. On the second floor, THREE opens their concept store with a healthy Japanese restaurant.
  • New Shoe Department “Eternal shoes” Opened at Isetan Shinjuku
    “Eternal shoes” is the new shoe department for women under the concept on “shoes loved by all generations without being influenced by the trend”. They propose mainly confirmable leather shoes such as loafers and lace-up shoes. The main brands include JOHN LOBB, Church’s, J.M.WESTON and PARABOOT.
  • Sanyo Shokai Opened New Shop of CRESTBRIDGE
    This is the first complex shop of the brand that has both men’s and women’s collection in one shop. Sanyo Shokai aims to open 15 stores by 2019 mainly in urban commercial facilities.
  • New Shop IROZA NIPPON Opened
    “IROZA” is a multi-label shop that curates items by colors and opened a new shop “IROZA NIPPON” with a theme of Japan. Products are selected from three categories, “Authentic” which is related to Japanese traditional crafts and culture, “contemporary” which adopts contemporary essence to Japanese style, “New Edge” to embody Kawaii culture of Japan.
  • Gucci Shinjuku will Relocate to New Landmark of Shinjuku M-SQUARE
    Mitsui Fudosan completes the office building “Shinjuku M – SQUARE” and GUCCI Shinjuku will be relocated to the first floor of the building. New GUCCI store will be one of the largest domestic flagship stores.
  • Cosme Kitchen Opens the First Street Level Store
    There are skin care, hair care, body care, inner care goods on the first floor, and a lot of makeup brands are arranged as well as a touch-up makeup space on the second floor.
  • Champion Opens the Largest Store in Asia in Tokyo
    Champion Brand House Shibuya Tokyo is the brand’s first concept store and offers popup events and embroidery and prints customization service.
  • Skincare Brand CLARINS Opened its World First Concept Shop with Juice Bar
    French skincare brand CLARINS opened the new concept shop “Clarins with OpenSpa” and as this is an experience-based store, the store offers cold pressed juice at their juice bar and spa treatment.
  • Champion Opened a New Shop
    Champion for Her is the first shop that mainly handles women’s products. The 54sqm shop handles from the popular sweats and tees to sporty wear.
  • LACOSTE Opened the New Concept Shop
    Asia’s first concept shop “Le Club Lacoste” expresses the 85 years of brand’s heritage. The shop creates a space like a tennis club and the fitting room is like a locker room. Their iconic polo shirts are specially installed in the shop.
  • SPRING OF FASHION Opens a Showrooming Store
    SPRING OF FASHION, which operates the advanced order fashion sales EC “Sof DESIGNERS” opens their showrooming store.
  • Sogo Yokohama Department Store Renovates its Cosmetic Floor to be the Largest in Japan
    The first floor and the basement floor will be renovated to house only beauty and cosmetic brands and this will be the largest scale beauty/cosmetic department in Japan. The sales target of the cosmetic floor after the renovation aims 8.4 billion yen which is 30% higher than before renovation.
  • ASICS Tiger Opened the First Concept Store in Kansai Area
    This is the second concept store in Japan. The first floor houses shoes and the second floor apparels.
  • STUDIOUS Opened New Shops in Tokyo
    Multi Label Store STUDIOUS by TOKYO BASE opened a men’s shop and a women’s shop. You can find their original new label STUDIOUS HIGHLINE at this new men’s shop.
  • New Concept Shop rashink x RE SYU RYU
    This shop consists of two floors handles two different brands RE SYU RYU that has classical style from 60s to 70s, and Japan made denim brand rashink.
  • Japanese Handmade Sneaker Brand SPINGLE MOVE Opens a New Shop
    The brand features excellent flexibility and durability with craftsmanship. To introduce Japanese style to foreign tourists, Japanese interior design and color is used for the shop design with the shop concept “Japanese modern”.
  • THE NORTH FACE and DANSKIN Opened a Complex Shop
    Goldwin opened the first complex shop “THE NORTH FACE / DANSKIN beautiful things”. In order to acquire a new wide range of customers, this shop handles two contrasting brands, the outdoor brand The North Face and the ballet inspired brand DANSKIN.
    FEBRUARY 2018

  • Fashion Media DEED FASHION Opened Real Store
    R for D (Room for Designers) is the first real store of DEED FASHION. The store handles up-and-coming brands such as BALMUN, BANSAN and bodysong under the store concept “meeting design”.
  • MASH Holdings Launches New Label CELFORD This Spring
    CELFORD targets women in their 30s to 40s with the concept “THE FIRST LADY”. They already opened their first shop at Lumine and will be opening three more shops.
  • Italian Shoe Brand PELLICO will Open a New Shop
    PELLICO‘s second shop in Tokyo will be opening at the new commercial facility opening this spring. The repair service atelier “Atelier PELLICO da EARTH” will be installed in the shop.
  • G-STAR RAW Accelerates the New Shop Opening This Spring
    G-STAR RAW is opening new shops in Japan -in Tokyo in February, Osaka and Sapporo in March, and Kobe in May.
  • OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH Opens The Second Store in Japan
    OFF-WHITE has been strengthening their business in Asian market recently, and they opened their second store in Japan. They are holding an installation until March 14th.
  • Fred Segal Renovated its Daikanyama Men’s Store
    The new Fred Segal will start producing domestic licensed products and introduces new brands to the store.
  • Munsingwear Opens Global Flagship Store
    DESCENTE JAPAN will open the global flagship store of American golf wear brand Munsingwear, MUNSINGWEAR CLUBHOUSE. The store consist of three floors houses a pop-up space on the first floor and an event space as the customer’s social gathering place “Club room” on the third floor.
  • Hankyu Men’s will Start Large Scale Renovation in 2019
    After the renovation, they will shrink space for fashion in order to expand the space for lifestyle goods such as beauty and music. The store will be able to offer multi-language support service in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Also, as their personal stylist service “Style Making Club” is doing well, they will promote the sales stuff as stylists.
  • JIMMY CHOO Renovates Their Four Stores
    JIMMY CHOO will renovate its stores in Osaka, Niigata, Kumamoto and Yokohama starting from March 2nd. These stores will handle men’s collection in addition to women’s collection after the renovation.
  • Laforet Harajuku Renovates and Introduces New Shops This Spring
    Laforet Harajuku will open and renovate 20 shops from the end of February to the beginning of April. With this renovation, edgy multi label shop “GR 8” will expand the space, “Babypink” which used to be a limited time shop will open a permanent shop and much more shops will be introduced.
  • MUJI Opens the World Largest Store in Osaka
    The 4,300sqm new store has the concept of “Food”. Not only a café restaurant “Cafe & Meal MUJI”, but also fresh food market will be introduced. Staff specialized in food category and food concierge will be in the store to support the customers.
  • Vintage Clothing Store Hedy Opens its First Street-Level Store
    Hedy Daikanyama will be a different from a usual vintage clothing store image and have modern atmosphere. The store proposes a style combining vintage and mode fashion, from CHANEL, GUCCI and LOUIS VUITTON to up-and-coming brands.
  • atmos Opened New Concept Store for Women
    Multi label sneaker store “atmos” opened new store “Atmos pink”. The store handles sneakers, vintage items and original apparel to propose a sports mix style for women who love fashion in their 20s to 40s.
  • BAYFLOW by Adastria will Open its Flagship Store
    The first floor houses a healthy concept cafe, the Yoga wear brand by BAYFLOW “SEEDLER” and apparels including kids wear on the second floor, and the third floor is a yoga studio. They plan to hold yoga lessons and workshops.
  • New Outdoor Concept Shops of The North Face will Open
    GOLDWIN will open two stores, “THE NORTH FACE PLAY” and “NEUTRALWORKS.HIBIYA” at the new commercial facility. “THE NORTH FACE PLAY” which is a new business style of The North Face proposes high quality and playful products. “Neutral Works Hibiya” is the second athletic shop handled by Goldwin. This shop will offer well-designed items with functionality.
  • DENHAM Opens New Concept Shop
    This is the first concept shop of DENHAM in Japan. Based on the theme of “Japanese modern”, the shop uses Japanese traditional items for the interior decoration such as tatami mats and lanterns. Japanese atmosphere matches the color of denim indigo.
  • ANGLOBAL Ltd. Opens New Multi Brand Shop THE LIBRARY
    THE LIBRARY will handle from men’s and women’s apparel including MARGARET HOWELL and SUNSPEL to lifestyle goods and books. They plan to open in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.
  • New Commercial Facility will Open Under Gotanda Station
    TOKYU CORPORATION will open a new commercial facility “Ikegami Line Gotanda Kokashita” under the concept “URBAN EXPERIENCE” at Gotanda. With the increase of cycling commuters, the new business style “STYLE-B” where you can find a bicycle parking lot, shower booth, laundromat and café will be opening.
  • STRIPE int’l Plans to Open 182 New Shops This Year
    While other apparel companies are suffering from poor sales and shifting to EC, STRIPE int’l accelerates store opening. The breakdown of stores is 40 stores of AMERICAN HOLIC, 39 stores of GREEN PARKS, 47 stores of SM2 and 23 of TECHICHI but only 12 stores of their main brand EARTH MUSIC & ECOLOGY.
  • SUNAOKUWAHARA Opens New Store
    This will be the first company store that will be also used as a showroom. The store directed by the designer himself handles not only seasonal collection, but also some archived items.
  • beautiful people Opens Its Third Store in Tokyo
    This shop handles their iconic items as well as the limited items of company store.
  • Aesop Opened New Store
    The store locates on the first floor of an old apartment building from 60s. This store that is the eleventh collaboration store by Aesop and Paris design studio Ciguë has a peaceful atmosphere in the city.
  • Eyewear Brand YUICHI TOYAMA. Opened the Showroom
    THE LOBBY TOKYO is a showroom of YUICHI TOYAMA. that is opened for public. The store offers brand’s latest collection and maintenance service, also they set up an exhibition space and a coffee stand.
  • Korean Cosmetic Brand Innisfree Opens its First Domestic Store This Spring
    Innisfree which brand concept is “Natural Benefits from JEJU island” has more than 1000 shops in Korea and currently there are 1610 stores worldwide.
  • Tokyo Midtown Introduces New Stores This Spring
    New stores will be opening at Tokyo Midtown including the design product shop “Koncent” produced by Ash Concept which designs household goods, the first domestic flagship store of Italian Leather Brand ZANELLATO and French fragrance diptyque.
  • Japanese Niche Brand banal Relocated its Store
    banal chic bizarre’s store ADDtokyo in Harajuku is relocated and jointly operated with another Japanese brand “NON TOKYO” .
  • ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Opened the First Flagship Store
    This artistic flagship store is currently holding an installation that expresses brand’s seasonal concept of Japanese traditional culture and the Japanese atmosphere.
  • H.I.S Opened “Henna Café (Strange Café)”
    At “Strange Café”, robots sell and provide coffee. This robot was developed by combining a single-arm type robot of Rethink Robotics and a ballista machine “Poursteady” that can produce multiple dripped coffees at the same time.
  • adidas Renovated adidas RUNBASE Tokyo
    After the renovation, they will offer yoga training sessions by the running community adidas Runners. Also, they will offer events for foreigners such as “TOKYO RUNNING MAPS” that shows Tokyo’s sights while running. They will start selling foods and drinks in collaboration with “Sunshine Juice”.
    JANUARY 2018

  • New Concept Shop & restaurant “stopover tokyo” Opened in Bakuroyokoyama
    New travel concept shop “stopover tokyo” has a coffee stand on the first floor that turns into an Izakaya restaurant at night, a multi label shop Seven from Daikanayama on the second floor, and a casual modern hotel on the third and fourth floor.
  • HMV&BOOKS Opens New Store for Women
    “HMV & BOOKS HIBIYA COTTAGE” mainly targets women under the concept “Women’s bookshop like a small villa in the middle of Tokyo”.
  • Urban Commercial Facility GEMS Jingumae will Open
    Under the concept “GOODY CULTURE FOOD & FASHION”, there will be apparel shops and popular restaurants in this facility. This will be the seventh building of GEMS by Nomura Real Estate Development, and they also plan to build GEMS building in Sangenchaya, Yokohama, Shinbashi, Shinjuku and more areas in near future.
  • Gianvito Rossi Opened New Shop
    This new shop design has the elements of masculine which is inspired by the concept of their Milan and Paris store. You can find their latest 18SS collection.
  • Jewelry Brand CADEAUX will Open New Shop
    This will be the brand’s first shop. For the shop interior, pastel colored fixtures made from gold-colored materials on luxury silk fabrics made by an artisan of Japanese traditional crafts “gold color” technique in Kyoto are used.
  • UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing Opens New Women’s Shop
    Lurow GREEN LABEL RELAXING is a new label of UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing that target working women. The first shop will be opened in Kawasaki. They plan to open a second shop during this season.
  • Onitsuka Tiger Opens New Store
    The new store consists of three floors handles the full collection of NIPPON MADE, apparel and accessories. Also, the biggest domestic store of Onitsuka Tiger will open in Osaka in March.
  • TEÄTORA Opens its First Flagship Store
    Japanese workwear brand TEÄTORA for modern creators opens its first flagship store. The store handles the full collection of the brand as well as limited items of the store.
  • Eyewear Company Araoka Gankyo will Open its First Café
    Araoka Gankyo that operates eyewear specialty stores “Blink Gaienmae” and “Blinkbase”, will open a cafe “RUTTEN _”. The interior design is handled by the same designer as YAECA APARTMENT STORE and N. HOOLYWOOD GINZA.
  • Jewelry Brand PLUIE Relocates its Flagship Store
    Hair accessory and jewelry brand PLUIE from LA will relocate and reopen the flagship store. The store will handle their full collection and they will start custom order service.
  • Online Suits Brand FABRIC TOKYO Opened New Concept Store
    FABRIC TOKYO opened a new concept store of the brand. The store does not have any stock and there is no cashier under the concept “Smart order store”.
  • 109MEN’S will Start a Large Scale Renovation from This Spring
    Tokyu Corporation will start 109MEN’S renovation from this spring to reopen in the spring of 2019. The new 109MEN’S “MAGNET by SHIBUYA 109” will target men and women in their 20s. The first to sixth floor has been mainly handled men’s apparel, but there will be men’s and women’s apparel, lifestyle goods, and also a café after the renovation.
  • Isetan Mitsukoshi will Open New Commercial Facility “FOOD & TIME ISETAN YOKOHAMA” at Yokohama’s JOINUS
    The facility consists of about 30 stores including the grocery store Queens Isetan, cafe and restaurants. There will be many shops that will be opening for the first time in the area.
  • Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Renovated its Flagship Store
    Household goods store Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten in Omotesando reopened as an experience-based store. The store offers services that you can try and understand about the product before buying.
  • MANGO Harajuku Store Reopens as a Real Shop of LOCONDO
    ROCONDO who operates online shopping store “” announced that it will start new services including “purchase after fitting” as a new payment option and “first class delivery”. LOCONDO will operate Mango Harajuku store to test the new services.
  • New Flagship Store of KOE to Introduce “Smart Register”
    KOE’s global flagship store hotel koe Tokyo will introduce cashless and self-service “Smart Register” to offer efficient and stress-free shopping. The store will be operated until 23PM and from 21PM to 23PM will be unmanned business hours.
  • Calzedonia Group Accelerates the Shop Opening This Year in Japan
    Italian legwear brand Calzedonia and lingerie brand Intimissimi plan to open 10 new shops this year due to its Asian market expansion plan. They just opened new shop of Intimissimi in Ginza in October which is the brand’s first shop to have a bar and a lounge for VIP customers.
  • BOOK AND BED TOKYO Opens New Store This Spring
    BOOK AND BED TOKYO is a concept hostel that offers “the best sleeping moment” with the concept “fell asleep while reading a book”. This will be their 5th store.
  • Stripe Int. Opens New Shop NiCORON
    The brand is produced by Japanese teenage model Nicole Fujita. The brand targets teenage girls and offers sporty street casual clothes. This will be the brand’s first shop.
  • BENSIMON Opens the First Flagship Store in Tokyo
    LOOK that has the exclusive distribution right of French lifestyle brand BENSIMON will open the brand’s first domestic flagship store BENSIMON AUTOUR DU MONDE under the concept “Small House”. They aim to open 8 stores until 2022 and set the sales target of 1 billion yen.
  • Laundromat WASH&FOLD Opened New Shop in Hayama with Juice Stand and Bakery
    Laundry service shop WASH&FOLD’s new shop opened in collaboration with a juice stand from Daikanayama Why Juice? and a local bakery “BleDore”. The shop also has shower booths for surfers.
    DECEMBER 2017

  • MARK STYLER Opens the Showrooming Store
    With the concept “try on at the store and buy it online”, MARK STYLER opened RUNWAY channel Lab. SHIBUYA is specialized in showrooming. The store is where you can relax and enjoy trying on items, and has a make-up space and Wi-Fi. PARCO is introducing technologies such as 3D scanner and VR. The grand opening is scheduled for next spring.
  • Order Salon THE CLOAKROOM Opened its First Store in Asia
    THE CLOAKROOM is a salon offering made-to-order service established in Brisbane, Australia. Many of the products are produced in Japan. Their first Asian store is opened in Tokyo. They plan to start a bar and a barber in the store in the future.
  • Japanese Eyewear Brands Eyevol and MASUNAGA1905 AOYAMA Opened
    Japan maid eyewear brand Eyevol that features modern design eyewear opened its first shop in Tokyo. Also, MASUNAGA1905 AOYAMA renovated the store.
  • HONEY MI HONEY Renovates its Harajuku Shop
    There current shop interior is decorated in pink, but they will change the color to white after the renovation to create a modern atmosphere.
  • Multi Label Shop ADDITION ADELAIDE Renovated the Store
    ADDITION ADELAIDE was first opened in 2002, and the store renovated and enlarged for its 15th Anniversary this year. The store handles 23 oversea brands such as BALENCIAGA and VETEMENTS.
  • Luxury Pet’s Cosmetic Brand Chuck’s TOKYO Opened New Shop
    Chuck’s TOKYO produces luxury cosmetic and lifestyle goods for pets. At the newly opened Minami Aoyama main shop, they offer special care items and also a wide range of foods and accessories including snacks, soups, beds, bags, leads.
  • Adastria Opens New Multi Label Shop Chaos
    Chaos mainly targets independent mature women and proposes mixed style of masculine and feminine, new and vintage. The composition ratio of original items is 60%. The store that is designed as an art gallery sells not only clothes but also artworks bought from the world’s top art galleries.
  • Body Care Brand SABON Opens New Concept Shop
    Israeli body care brand SABON will open a new business style concept shop “Atelier SABON”. A house-like store is composed of 5 floors. They are planning to hold workshops, run events, yoga, talk shows and collaboration shops to express the brand value.
  • American Street Brand NERDUNIT Opens its First Shop in Tokyo
    NERDUNIT founded in 2011 in San Francisco is a street brand that has 20 stores in seven countries worldwide. They plan to hold an event “SHOP IN THE DARK” as its Tokyo store opening event.
  • Made-to-Order Suit Brand DIFFERENCE Opened New Store in Tokyo
    Men’s clothing chain store Konaka opened a new store of made-to-order suit brand “DIFFERENCE”. The number of stores will expand to 49 within a year. Based on the measurement data by professional tailor, users can order and make various customizations using apps from the second order.
  • Ron Herman Relocated its Yokohama Store
    Ron Herman closed its store at Lumine Yokohama and relocated as a standalone store. The new store is located next to the harbor and handles women’s and men’s wear, accessories and jewelry.
  • TSUTAYA Opened Relaxing/Working Space with Books
    “TSUTAYA BOOK APARTMENT” with the concept “common living” offers relaxing space and working space. It is open 24 hours and the usage charge is 500yen per hour. The co-working space on the 4th floor has power supply, printer, iMac and iPads. The 5th and 6th floors are sharing spaces where you can take off your shoes to relax and have lockers and shower room. 6th floor is a female exclusive floor.
  • BOUCHERON Renovated its Largest Domestic Store
    BOUCHERON which is celebrating the 160th anniversary of its foundation next year reopened its flagship store after its renovation with the design concept of the Parisian mansion. The store handles its full collection – high jewelry, watches and fragrance.
  • New Co-working Space Glade Park
    Grade Park is a multi-purpose space on the basement floor of Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku. On weekdays and afternoons, it will be used as co-working space with Wi-Fi and power supply. The usage fee is 1,000yen per day and 5,400yen per month. From 6pm on weekdays, it will be used as a bar.
  • JINS Opens New Shops in Collaboration with TSUTAYA
    JINS currently has 333 stores and is focusing on the development of roadside stores to acquire a wider span of customers. They are starting to open shops in collaboration with TSUTAYA with café as a place to spend time while waiting for glasses.
  • Third Place “PARK 6” in Roppongi
    PARK 6 consists of public space, cafe space and workspace is a greenery space like a park. The 45-seat workspace is equipped with free Wi-Fi and power supply, as well as a library that allows you to browse books of business and design. This service is charged on a per use time basis.
  • Lululemon Opened its Second Domestic Store
    The store interior design combines the natural beauty of Vancouver where the brand was started, with Japanese traditional beauty using oak wood and Japanese traditional lantern lights. The brand proposes the lifestyle of “moving the body once a day” towards the community of Shinjuku where more than 3.4 million people come and go every day.
  • Mitsukoshi Isetan Groupe to Open New Commercial Facility Next Spring
    The concept of mi-ts Kokubunji is “Comfortable daily place, where people, things and information gathers”. The facility will be not only a place for shopping and eating, but also a place for “gathering” through events.
  • New Type of Bookstore HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET
    Yurindo bookstore opens a new type of store “HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET” on March 29th on the third floor of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. The store is like a small city where has apparel, lifestyle goods, restaurants, barber, books, galleries and much more. They aim to become a place where people can spend all day without a purpose.
    NOVEMBER 2017

  • CHANEL Opened a Popup Shop “La Rue de Chanel”
    Popup shop “La Rue de Chanel” is designed like the inside of a picture book depicting the streets of Paris in black and white. It features a photogenic space with over 8 meters ceiling with black and white illustrations. The shop is available until December 5th.
  • Big Camera Opened Specialty Store for Women
    “Big Camera Select” handles beauty appliances, products for school girls such as instant camera and stationery, and also travel goods and souvenirs for tourists.
  • PORTER Reopened its Omotesando Store
    The new Omotesando store extended its store space and has a spiral staircase. The store also has a gallery space. It mainly handles leather goods to target mature men and women.
  • Smiles Opens New Concept Café “RETHINK CAFE SHIBUYA”
    “RETHINK CAFE SHIBUYA” is a new co-working space with a cafe. Customers can use tools for free such as copy machine and sticky note. Wi-Fi and a meeting space are also available.
  • STRIPE INTERNATIONAL Opens Japanese Tea Room Concept Hotel in 2018
    STRIPE INTERNATIONAL will open the global flagship store of KOE “Hotel koé tokyo”. The concept is “stay, fashion, music” and there will be a bakery café and event space on the first floor, apparel shop on the second floor and the hotel on the third floor. “Japanese Tea room” is a design concept of the hotel and it features a simple, high-quality design.
  • STONE ISLAND Opens New Store in Tokyo Next Spring
    According to the importer Toyota Trading, sales in Japan are on the rise of 20% compared with the same period last year. The awareness of the logo has improved, after the collaboration with SUPREME.
  • Ginza Armani Tower to Start One Year Renovation from March 2018
    Armani Japan closes the flagship store in Ginza at the end of February 2018 and start the one year renovation. It is scheduled to reopen in spring 2019. The interior will reflect the new concept. They will strengthen customization VIP service.
  • MADSTORE UNDERCOVER Renovate its Harajuku Laforet Shop
    UNDERCOVER‘s concept shop MADSTORE UNDERCOVER enlarge the shop space after one year of the opening. The renovated shop will handle main collection of UNDERCOVER as well as second line JohnUNDERCOVER and SueUNDERCOVER.
  • American Watch Brand HAMILTON Opened the World First Flagship Store
    They chose Japan to open its first flagship store where the brand accounts for 14% of the total sales. The first floor has more than 300 men’s and women’s collections, and the second floor is a library corner of the brand’s history.
  • Marui Opened The specialty floor of beauty and health
    “Food pocket” is based on the concept “My place to be beautiful”. 13 shops are introduced to Marui for the first time. They serve healthy food such as additive-free, low-carb, organic, gluten-free and super food. The area of “food pocket” is opened where Marui used to have its own fashion brand. By opening the food business area at the middle floor, Marui aims to approach a wide range of people regardless of gender and age.
  • MISTERGENTLEMAN Opens its Flagship Stores in Tokyo and Shanghai Next Year
    MISTERGENTLEMAN became a subsidiary of Mash Holdings this year and it is expanding its business. They will open its flagship not only in Tokyo, but also in Shanghai to start the global business during SS18 season.
  • New Type of Clothes Repair Shop Opens Limited Time Shop
    “Salon du reDESIGN”, started in Osaka in 2016, offers not only clothing alteration and repair service, but also redesigning clothes service. At the Osaka store, they have a bakery café so that customers can wait while watching their work. The limited time shop does not have a café, and it is open until August next year.
  • Fashionable Green Tea Specialty Shop
    LUCY ALTER DESIGN, a design company that operates “Tokyo Tea Dorm” opened in Sangenjaya this year, opened new fashionable tea shop “Senchado Tokyo”. Minimalistic interior design creates a modern teahouse feel.
  • Belgium Accessory Brand KOMONO Opened the First Flagship Store in Japan
    Unisex watch and sunglasses brand “Komono” opened its first flagship store in Japan. The brand was founded in 2009 in Antwerp, Belgium by two artists. The brand name was taken from a Japanese word “Komono” which means small things.
  • Multi Label Shop “Mizu to Abura (Water and Oil)”
    “Mizu to Abura” opened on the second floor of “CUNE CUNE Kichijoji” that opened last year. Based on the concept of “Opposites attract” as oil and water, the shop handles many different items that are modes and casual, simple and decorative, up-and-coming and old-fashioned, expensive and inexpensive, men’s and women’s.
  • MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY of Sanyo Shokai Starts New Lifestyle Concept Shop from 2018
    MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY developed by Sanyo Shokai will launch a new label “MP STORE” from AW2018 season. The label targets urban retail facilities under the lifestyle concept. They aim to open 10 shops until 2020. The price range is set to about 80% of Macintosh Philosophy.
  • Ron Herman’s Concept Store RHC Ron Herman Opens its First Tokyo Store
    This will be the fourth store of RHC after the third store in Kamakura opened last month. The new store has a café and terrace seats under the concept “shop filled with positive energy and smiles”. You can find American trendy items in the shop.
    SUN MOTOYAMA was founded in 1955 by Choichiro Motoyama who is known for introducing GUCCI, LOEWE, HERMES, and much more international brands to Japan. The current Ginza main store was opened in 1964 under the idea “top-class products must be a placed in a first-class location”.
  • New Complex TOWER OF VABEL
    The new complex has a hotel with 10 rooms, a club VILLA TOKYO on the basement floor and a restaurant. The concept is “Mysterious Resort” and this complex will be a new mature social hub in the area.
  • Ueno Frontier Tower
    Gender less and ageless brands such as DIESEL, MARGARET HOWELL and URBAN RESEARCH can be found on the fashion floors, from the second to the fifth floor of this new complex. URBAN RESEARCH Store introduces “Wearable Clothing by Urban Research” VR fitting system. The camera scans the body shape and customers can try on clothes on the screen.
  • Designer of SIIILON Opens New Shop APRIL
    SIIILON was started in 2014 by a designer Oyui who used to work for ASEEDONCLOUD. The shop handles her original items and vintage items.
  • Denim Brand BONUM Opened its Third Shop
    BONUM is a denim remake brand of BAYCREW’S and has shops in Shibuya and Omotesando. Their third shop concept is “laundromat” and handles inexpensive items which are half to one third of the price compared to Shibuya and Omotesando shops.
  • CHANEL GINZA Namiki-dori Boutique
    Under nearly three years constraction, the new nine-story building boutique is finally opening this winter. The design handled by an architect Peter Marino represents the brand colors such as black, white, beige, and gold. On the 8th floor, Chanel’s first treatment salon “Le Salon Beaute” opens in Japan.
  • Kao Opened a Permanent Free Hair Care Salon to Promote the Products
    Kao’s free hair care salon offers hair quality counseling and hair care service using their products. This service is by advance reservation only.
    OCTOBER 2017

  • FRANCFRANC Shinjuku Reopened
    The store is design by an interior designer Ryu Kosaka who also designed LA TABLE DU JOEL ROBUCHON and MANDARIN ORIENTAL TOKYO. Modern super market is the image concept of the store.
  • WISM Opened New Store
    Multi label shop WISM operated by BAYCREW’S GROUP opened its third store. Based on the concept “Amusement arcade & Laboratory”, there are invader games and billiard tables that can be actually played. The store is designed to be suited to the chaotic Shinjuku town.
    They change the name of the store as their main brand “Catchball&Sons” has changed the brand name to “Y.O.N.” from this season. The store is also used as an atelier. The store is closed while they have a popup shop at Newoman Shinjuku until November 15th.
  • Second Hand Shop Nibunoichi Opens the Second Shop
    Following its first shop in Osaka, the second store will open in Tokyo. Based on the concept “white or black or nibunoichi (one half)”, the shop handles vintage items.
  • TAKA-Q Opened Made-to-Order Suit
    A made-to-order specialty shop SUITIST offers made-to-order suits in a minimum of 7 days. They have more than 500 kinds of fabrics carefully selected from Italy and UK. The price is from 29,900yen.
  • ONITSUKA TIGER Opens Two New Shops in Tokyo in November
    Both shops has the same concept “In all times and places” that futures the unique image combination of vintage and future, eastern and western.
  • CANADA GOOSE Opens Flagship Store
    The store handles men’s, women’s, kids, accessories and Japanese flagship store limited items. There is an extremely cold fitting room to experience 0 degrees or less.
  • Beauty Brand UKA is Opening Two New Shops This Fall
    New shop opens under the concept “Unisex total beauty salon”, and the other shop that used to be a hair salon will be reopen as a store specializing in the original product on November 11th.
  • LOUIS VUITTON Ginza Namiki Street Boutique Relocates and Opens in 2018
    In 1981, the Ginza Namiki Street boutique opened as the first domestic store. The store relocates due to the rebuilding.
  • JOURNAL STANDARD Opens a Gift Shop
    JOURNAL STANDARD SQUARE is a new business style of JOURNAL STANDARD with the gift shop concept. The main target is a woman in their 20s to 40s who have many opportunities to give presents at home parties and girl’s parties, and foreign tourists.
  • Takashimaya Opens the First Semi Self Service Type Cosmetic Shop
    “Takashimaya Cosmetic Million Doors” is the new business model of Takashimaya beauty department targets women in their 20s to 30s. The shop develops about 20 cosmetic brands and customers can try products freely. They aim to open 10 stores by 2020.
  • Apparel Company WORLD Opens the 1st floor of the Aoyama Office to the Public
    It has been used as a venue for the company’s exhibitions, but it has not been used for 9 to 10 months of the year. By opening up, they aim to have a wide range of events related to fashion and creation. They will hold a solo exhibition of French designer Pierre Charpin on October 16-22 as the first exhibiton.
  • Takashimaya will Open New Shopping Mall in Nihonbashi Next Year
    The large urban shopping center “Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C.” will be consist of four buildings, the main building of Nihonbashi Takashimaya which is the important cultural assets, the new building connected to the main building, the East Building and “Watch Maison” building.
  • HOUSE OF LOTUS Opens the Flagship Store
    HOUSE OF LOTUS is a “Life Craft brand” by a creative director Kirishima Karen. The shop offers a place to experience the mixed culture of oriental and western, traditional and modern.
  • TSUTAYA Introduces New Healthy Concept Service “TSUTAYA Conditioning”
    TSUTAYA reopened its store in Sakurashinmachi with the new service to offer a healthy lifestyle for their main customers, women in their 30s to 40s. The store reduced a space for CD/DVD and comics, instead they have training machines, a book lounge with healthy concept books, a yoga studio and a powder room.
  • FILSON Opened Flagship Store
    FILSON started in 1897 in Seattle as an outdoor clothing brand for workers who took part in the gold rush. FILSON Tokyo Store is reproducing the store design of the flagship store in Seattle.
  • sacai Flagship Store in Tokyo Started the Same Popup Event as colette in Paris
    sacai has opened one month limited popup booth “Jardin sacai” at colette in Paris and they are now opening in Japan. The designer of sacai was inspired by playfulness and humor of Colette, the garden of Paris and the elegant and formal Parisian style and directed the unique space using elements of street and the techniques of Couture.
  • SHINOLA DETROIT Opened Women’s Shop
    American watch brand SHINOLA DETROIT, founded in 2011 as made-in-USA watch brand, opened a new shop for women at Isetan Shinjuku after its men’s shop opening in May this year in the men’s building.
  • New Complex with the Passenger Ship Terminal Opens in Yokohama in 2019
    The number of cruising passengers is rapidly increasing in recent years. New complex in Yokohama Minatomirai area will create a new terminal for the international cruising passengers. It is scheduled to open in the spring of 2019.
  • ASICS Opened the Largest Flagship Store
    The store opens on the first floor of a new commercial facility “Jingumae Tower Building”. The store handles 3 brands ASICS, ASICS TIGER and HOGFLOSS. The store introduces ASICS FOOT ID and “ASICS FITNESSLAB”, a new measurement service for women in collaboration with ASICS Sports Engineering Laboratory.
  • New Commercial Facility Grand Emio Tokorozawa Opens in March 2018
    Grand Emio Tokorozawa consists of 5 floors to the basement and 2 floors above the ground, with a total floor space of 116,000 sqm. About 80 stores will open and some brands are opening for the first time along the Seibu Railway such as “B: MING LIFE STORE by BEAMS” and “URBAN RESEARCH DOORS”.
  • RED VALENTINO Opens Five Month Limited Shop
    The shop will open on October 13th along Omotesando Street and features an eye catchy façade design made by glass and gold.
    The downtown of New York is the image source of the first floor of the shop. The second floor is a styling studio and photo spots to try new collection as well as their iconic jewelries and take photos.
  • LEWIS LEATHERS Opened the World First Shop
    British motorcycle wear brand LEWIS LEATHERS chooses Tokyo to open their first shop. The price range is between 170,000yen to 200,000yen. In commemoration of the opening, they launched collaborated T-shirts with HYSTRIC GLAMOR.
  • WEGO Opens New Lower Price Brand Shop
    Based on the concept “3 price shop”, WEGO1.3.5… only handles 100yen, 300yen and 500yen items. The brand offers apparel, accessories, travel goods, cosmetics, party goods, souvenirs and much more.
  • New Complex Ueno Frontier Tower Opens This Fall
    New commercial facility Ueno Frontier Tower is connected to the main building of Matsuzakaya and consists of “PARCO ya” developed by Parco on the 1st to 6th floors, TOHO Cinemas on the 7th to 10th floors and offices on the 12th to 22nd floors.
  • FrancFranc Aoyama Reopened
    FrancFranc renovated their concept store LOUNGE by Francfran opened in 2012. They closed a cafe area and book corner on the second floor to set up the first interior coordination VR experience booth instead.
  • ADIDAS ORIGINALS Reopened its Flagship Store in Harajuku
    The store was opened as the world’s sixth store in 2015. The new store interior is made of “what should be outside” such as stairs covered with real moss and chairs made of asphalt to embody the street of Tokyo. The store has “social lounge” in collaboration with i-D JAPAN magazine on the basement floor.
  • Adidas Brand Core Store Shinjuku Reopens
    The store turned into an experiential store under the concept “Stadium”. The store introduces “TEST & CREATE Football” for the first time in Japan. While trying on shoes, customers can play kicking target game and instantly measure the speed of kicked balls. The store also offers “RUN GENIE” to choose the best shoes and customized sneaker service “mi adidas”.
  • LOUIS VUITTON Opened the World’s Only Popup Shop
    This shop handles their latest 18 pre-spring collection and to sell Japan limited items. As women’s artistic director Nicolas Ghesquiere was inspired by the Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto and Japanese culture of the city and nature, the evolution of tradition and modernity for this season, the shop is homage for him and Japanese culture.
  • BAYCREW’S GROUP Opened New Street-Level Store
    BAYCREW’S launched a new label JOINT WORKS that targets “Select Shop native generation”, men and women in their late 20s to early 30s who commonly goes to Select Shops for shopping. The store handles luxury brands as well as their original products. Also, they introduces “up-cycled” project in collaboration with Japanese brands.
  • THEORY LUXE Opens New Shop
    This is a part Hibiya Chanter Shopping Center’s renovation project. THEORY is opening its 65th domestic shop on the first floor of Hibiya Chanter. They aim to improve its publicity and reputation by opening in this area where new commercial facility Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is opening next year.
  • Hat Brand STETSON Opens World First Flagship Store
    Western hat brand STETSON founded in 1865 in Philadelphia and they are opening their first flagship store John B.STETSON&Co along Yasukuni Street. The store has their full collection and plans to sell and repair vintage items.
    SEPTEMBER 2017

  • CHLOE Opens its Second Flagship store
    This will be their second flagship store after their Omotesando Hills store opened on September 2nd. The total floor space of a four-story flagship store is 218sqm. Both flagship stores adopt the latest store concept.
  • Shiseido Opens New CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Shop
    It is the second shop opened in commercial facilities following the Ginza Six. While Ginza Six shop represents the world view of the brand, this new shop features customer experiences such as digital mirror.
  • DIESEL Renovated its Flagship Store
    DIESEL GINZA consists of 3 floors handles men’s and women’s denim, apparel, shoes, bags and accessories. A large scale LED screen and a museum like “Denim wall” are displayed in the store.
  • CALLAWAY APPAREL Opened the Largest Store
    Californian golf brand CALLAWAY APPAREL opened its largest domestic store. Callaway apparel is a joint venture established in 2016 by Calloway Golf and TSI Holdings subsidiary TSI Groove and Sports and currently has 21 stores in Japan.
  • New Commercial Facility “PARCO ya”
    It is the first time in 44 years for PARCO to open new store since the opening of “Shibuya PARCO” in 1973 in Tokyo. PARCO ya is a part of the new commercial complex Ueno Frontier Tower.
    This is ski & boots brand FISCHER’s first domestic base. Special services such as tune-up service of ski, snowboard and boots, 3D scanning system service, repair support and rental service are offered in the store. The store handles also other brands of GOLDWIN.
  • Stripe International Announced the Opening of hotel koé in February 2018
    “Hotel koé” is the global flagship store and the brand starts the rebranding for the opening of this store. The store will have a bakery restaurant, event space, hotel reception on the first floor, shop space for men’s and women’s apparel and lifestyle goods on the 2nd floor, hotel rooms and a hotel lounge on the 3rd floor.
  • Onitsuka Tiger Opens Its First Specialty Store of NIPPON MADE Series
    The new store is located next to the domestic biggest flagship store “Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando”. The store handles shoes, apparel and accessories of “NIPPON MADE” series. Their main targets are fashionable people in their 40s and tourists from overseas.
  • STUDIOUS Renovated its Harajuku Main Store
    Multi brand store “STUDIOUS” Harajuku was reopened on their 10th anniversary. They set up a snap point in front of the store and aim to become as a fashionista’s gathering trendy spot.
  • CHAN LUU Opens New Flagship Store
    CHAN LUU has reached the brand’s 20th anniversary, renewing its brand image from a traditional ethnical image to a minimal and contemporary image. This new store introduces their new store concept for the first time in Japan.
  • Influencer Launched New Brand ETRÉ TOKYO and Opened its First Shop
    The winner of 3 Minutes’s influencer contest JUNNA launched a new lifestyle brand ETRÉ TOKYO in March. After the good sales result by its online store, they opened the first real shop.
  • RON HERMAN Opens New Concept Store RHC RON HERMAN
    The store will be located in front of the beach. RON HERMAN is currently reconsidering store locations and recently closed its store in Yokohama.
  • TOKYO BASE Launched New Label CITY
    TOKYO BASE launched new label CITY to replace STUDIOUS CITY on September 1st. The brand has modern-basic line and trendy line to appeal urban carrier women. They use high quality fabrics and items are all made in Japan.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Opens Four New Stores This Fall
    Ralph Lauren opened Polo Ralph Lauren that mainly handles POLO DENIM at the former site of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. They also will open new stores in Tokyo, Kobe and Osaka this fall.
  • TOKYO MIDTOWN Hibiya will Open Next Spring
    Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is directly connected to the station. The building has 35 stories above ground and 4 underground floors consist of offices and commercial floor. About 60 stores will be opened in the commercial area with the concept “THE PREMIUM TIME HIBIYA”. The grand opening is March 2018.
  • Bershka Renovated with New Store Concept
    After the renovation, the store has been redesigned to an urban interior inspired by music and the back stage of the concert with the new concept “STAGE” which was introduced at new stores in the world from 2015.
  • DHOLIC FBL Opens New Shops of Korean Cosmetic Shop CREE’MARE by DHOLIC
    CREE’MARE by DHOLIC accelerates store opening this September. They are opening five new shops in Japan starting from Shinjuku. With the concept “Beauty closet to enjoy makeup as changing clothes”, shops handles over 40 Korean makeup and skin care brands.
  • 10 CORSO COMO Opens Two Permanent Shops
    Italian multi label shop 10 CORSO COMO opens new shops in the department store in Tokyo. They will handle about 60 original items such as bags and T-shirts.
  • Schott Opens Flagship Store
    American leather brand Schotto opens their flagship store Schott GRAND STORE TOKYO to introduce New Yorkers lifestyle. About 330sqm store also has a repair factory in the store.
  • Multi Label Store of Sneakers atomos Opens New Shop in Chiba
    Atomos Chiba handles the largest number of items for men’s, women’s and kids with the concept “multi label shop that can be enjoyed as a family”.
  • CK Calvin Klein Opened New Shop
    New CK Calvin Klein directed by Raf Simons opened another new shop after its GINZA SIX shop opened in June.
  • HUGO Opens the First Street-Level Store in Tokyo
    HUGO BOSS’s second label HUGO was launched in 1993. They will open its first street-level store in Tokyo that handles their men’s collection.
  • TRADING MUSEUM COMME des GARCONS Renovated its First Store
    At the same time as TRADING MUSEUM COMME des GARCONS’s second store opening on September 1st, their first store is also reopened after renovation with Rei Kawakubo’s new concept.
  • New Concept Store Curios
    Designer of British shoes brand F-TROUPE Mick Hoyle and Japanese stylist Nao Koyabu opened a new concept store Curios. The store is located off the beaten path of Naka-meguro area.
  • MARK STYLER Launches New Label COTORICA. and Opens New Shops This Fall
    COTORICA. is a new label for shopping malls by Japanese major apparel company MARK STYLER debuts this fall. They are opening two shops this fall.
  • AURALEE Opens its First Company Store
    Japanese brand AURALEE was started in 2015 by designer Ryota Iwai. Their first store opens this fall handles their men’s and women’s collection.
  • JOURNAL STANDARD Renovated its Concept Store
    The new concept store of JOURNAL STANDARD, UNFOLLOW Journal Standard opened in April this year renovated to expand the store space. This store handles up-and-coming brands as well as vintage items to identify from other multi brand stores.
    AUGUST 2017

  • Blue Bottle Coffee Opens its Seventh Café This Fall
    The 94sqm café designed by Schemata Architects renovates the building of 50 year-old former clinic building. The garden spreads behind the café gives greenery space for concrete-based café.
  • PS Paul Smith Opens its First Domestic Stand-Alone Store
    The diffusion label of Paul Smith PS Paul Smith opens its third store after London and Paris. The 2 stories store handles their men’s collection. 1,160 cassette tapes are displayed under the music concept on the first floor, and the neon pink logo which is the theme color of the brand is displayed on the window of the second floor.

  • Isetan Mirror Cosmetics Opens New Shop
    Isetan Mirror is based on the concept “Luxury Cosmetic Shop where you can buy only what you want when you want”. This will be their 15th shop. Also, they renovate and reopen their Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Store on September 29th.
  • HUNTING WORLD Opens New Shop
    The shop is located at the former site of VALENTINO and replaces their Ginza store closed in July. The 200sqm shop has minimal shop design.
  • Italian Brand PALM ANGELS Opened Pop-Up Store
    Up-and-coming Italian street brand PALM ANGELS opened a pop-up store LONELY HEARTS CLUB. This store is available until the end of October. The designer Francesco Ragazzi aims to offer more than a shopping experience but also some special experiences at this store.
  • GU Opens the First Digital Concept Store
    This will be their first large scale store and will handle twice more items than their previous stores. Also, it will be the first store to introduce their latest digital in-store services such as navigation shopping cart with RFID system monitor, interactive mirror that shows coordination by stylists and reviews from customers and self-checkout registers.
  • FLANDRE Opened New Multi Brand Shop Pream de toile at Myload
    Pream de toile targets women in their late 20s to 30s. The store will handle some company labels as well as some other domestic and international labels.
  • New Multi Label Store “ART”
    The designer of ANTHOLOGIE Keiji Ogawa opened new store “ART” under the concept “the place to express your feelings”. The store handles labels such as ANTHOLOGIE, BISCUITHEAD and UNSLACKS. The store also handles art pieces.
  • FURLA Opens New Men’s Shop
    To commemorate the opening, the shop offers the limited model of ULISSE bag.
  • Atmos Accelerates its Shop Opening This Fall
    Atomos will open a new store in Omotesando in the middle of September. They also will open new shops in Shinjuku, Chiba, Kyoto this fall and the first store in Korea in October.
  • Multi Label Store “WUT” Relocates its Omotesando Store
    WUT was started by Yann Le Goec in 2006 in Omotesando. Their Omotesando store is already close on July 23rd.
  • New Facility “M’s CROSS Omotesando” Opens This Fall
    M’s CROSS Omotesando will be the first commercial facility by Mitsubishi Estate in the area. The total floor space is about 1,400sqm. LONGCHAMP will open its first domestic flagship store in this facility.
  • PSYCHO BUNNY Opens Four New Stores This Fall
    PSYCHO BUNNY operated by JOI’X CORPORATION will open four new stores in Japan and also will start their online store this fall.
  • Hankyu Men’s Introduces Five New Shops
    CANADA GOOSE, Belstaff, the first domestic men’s shop of MARK&LONA and luxury golf brand BLACK BOX will be opened at Hankyu Men’s department store.
  • “Priv.Spoons Club” Opens its Second Shop
    Life style brand “Priv.Spoons Club” is produced by a Japanese stylist Michiko Yamawaki. The new shop handles beddings, pajamas, travel items and their new baby collection.
  • MUVEIL Opens Pop-Up Shop
    The popup shop will be opened to commemorate the renovation of their concept store “GALLERY MUVEIL” in Aoyama. This pop-up shop is available from August 29th to September 26th and “GALLERY MUVEIL” will reopen on September 7th.
    “AEVES” was started by a former creative director of COMMUUN from 16SS season and this will be the brand’s first shop.
  • Swedish Watch Brand “TRIWA” Opens First Domestic Shop
    TRIWA started in Stockholm in 2007 opens its first shop in Japan that handles watches and sunglasses.
  • “STYLES” Opens Men’s Sneaker Specialty Shop
    STYLES by B’s INTERNATIONAL will open its second shop. The shop offers sophisticated sporty fashion under the concept Authentic Sports Fashion.
  • “BIOTOPE” Opens Fragrance Specialty Shop “NOSE SHOP”
    “NOSE SHOP” handles various items selected from all over the world such as perfume, room fragrance, fragranced sachet, candle, body soap etc. under the concept “Follow your NOSE”. An eye-catchy big nose shaped art piece is displayed in the shop.
  • Jewelry Brand VENDOME AOYAMA Opened New Store
    This new store develops elegant jewelry that can be used in everyday life under the concept “Intellectual, Elegant and Basic”. Three major domestic jewelry companies are now all in the area with this new store opening of Vendome Aoyama.
    CPCM opened in 2015 will be closed from the middle of August for the store renovation. The new store CIAO PANIC COUNTRY MALL will develop not only apparel and furniture, but also household goods and groceries. The new store will have a larger cafe space of GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS.
  • The Tallest Complex Facility in Shibuya will Open in 2019
    SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE is currently under construction to open in 2019. It is about 230 meters high which is the highest in the Shibuya area, consists of 7 floors underground to 47 floors above the ground. This building will have offices in the high-rise floors and large-scale commercial facilities in the middle and lower floors.
  • #FR2 Opens New Store
    “#FR2 HARAJUKU” opened in April this year has the highest sales among all the stores of the company. The ratio of the sales made by foreign tourists is 76%. They plan to open a new store “# FR2 Gallery store” in the same area within the year.
    TRADING MUSEUM COMME des GARCONS is a brand concept shop that collects brand archive items and exhibit at the shop. This is the second shop after its first at GYRE Omotesando.
  • Minato Mirai Tokyu Square Opens This Fall
    Two facilities “at!” and “Queen’s East” inside Queen’s Square Yokohama which is directly connected to Minato Mirai Station will be renovated to reopen as “Minato Mirai Tokyu Square” under the concept “URBAN CASUAL RESORT”.
  • SOGO Department Store in Chiba Opens after the Renovation
    Sogo Seibu department store invests 2.5 billion yen and renovates the annex of Sogo Chiba store “Aurora Mall Junne”. The main target after the renovation is women in their late 20s to 30s. They are expanding the area of experience, beauty, food and household goods after reducing fashion area which used to cover 70% of the store to 40%.
  • A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE Opens the Largest Domestic Store
    The 20th domestic store is located where there are many tourists from Tokyo, the whole of Japan and overseas. The store will handle men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel and men’s underwear.
  • HERNO reopen its flagship store after the renovation
    They will increase the store area to 257sqm which is about 1.3 times larger than before. In addition to men’s, women’s and kids line, new living room area will be developed to express the brand concept.
  • Baycrew’s Opens the First Domestic Store of NOAH
    Up-and-coming brand NOAH by Brendon Babenzien, the former creative director of SUPREME signed a contract with Baycrew’s. The first domestic store NOAH CLUBHOUSE is designed by Brendon’s wife Estelle.
  • Japanese Denim Brand STUDIO D’ARTISAN Opened New Store
    Domestic denim brand STUDIO D’ARTISAN, founded in 1979, opened its fourth store in Japan. The sales to Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand have grown 11 times higher over the past five years.
  • New Jewelry and Lingerie Shop CASUCA
    Jewelry and lingerie brand CASUCA relocated its Nakameguro shop. The new shop is located in a quiet and hidden area in Tokyo.
  • TAYLOR STITCH Opened its First Domestic Store
    “TAYLOR STITCH”, started in 2008 in San Francisco and became popular with its made-to-order shirts, starts its business in Japan by IT service company transcosmos. The brand emphasizes customer experience and services, also aims increase the number of customers by using transcosmos analyzing skills.

  • COMME des GARÇONS Opens New Shop
    This will be the third shop in the same department store after the compound shop which was renovated last August on the fifth floor, “tricot COMME des GARÇONS” on the third floor. The new shop on the fourth floor handles three brands -COMME des GARÇONS, COMME des GARÇONS COMME des GARÇON, and BLACK COMME des GARCONS.
  • Scye Opens its First Store “Scye Mercantile”
    The brand was started in 2000 and proposes a new style that combines classic and modern based on British style tailoring of the 19th century.
    JULY 2017

  • BALENCIAGA Opens New Concept Store
    This concept store looks transparent from the outside and the inside is surrounded by mirrors. Demna Gvasalia created Balenciaga’s unique “Fashion Playground” by using common materials that can be seen in public places such as seats from subways and parks, imitation concrete and asphalt tiles from streets.
  • GU Opens the Largest Store
    The 2644sqm large scale store is about four times the size of the standard GU store. The store handles full collection of GU including men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel and sportswear. They aim to provide a fun shopping space by visual merchandising and new service using technology.
  • Gucci Renovated its Ginza Store
    This renovation was based on the new store design concept by their creative director Alessandro Michele. New Gucci Ginza consists of 5 floors offers full collection of men’s and women’s apparel, shoes, handbags, small leather goods, luggage, silk, jewelry, watches, eyewear and customized service “GUCCI DIY”.
  • CANADA GOOSE Opens Men’s Specialty Store
    This will be the first men’s specialty store in Japan. The store handles their first knit wear collection, fashion goods and limited items.
  • PAUL & JOE Opens New Shop
    Paul & Joe transferred the domestic exclusive sales contract from Look to Diptrics last year. Regarding repositioning of both PAUL & JOE and PAUL & JOE SISTER brands in Japan, they decided to handle only imported items from Paris and stopped producing licensed items.
  • The First NIKE KICKS LOUNGE in Japan
    “NIKE + RUN CLUB OMOTESANDO” opened last year as a specialty store of running services, is reborn as a new store “NIKE KICKS LOUNGE OMOTESANDO”, which is the first development in Japan. The store offers customized service to print on all printable tops.
  • Cartier Opens New Boutique
    The new boutique features constantly changing designs with time, people and society, while having Cartier’s unchanging essence. Unlike traditional boutiques, this boutique aims to provide special experiences.
  • CHRISTIAN DADA Renovated and Reopened
    Under the concept “collage”, that is the origin of the brand name, they developed the second floor of the store. Like the first floor, broken glass windows were used to express “imperfection beauty”.
  • Gianvito Rossi Opens Three Domestic Stores
    Italian luxury shoes brand Gianvito Rossi founded in 2007 will accelerate their business in Japan and plan to open three stores this summer.
  • 45 New Shops will Open in Marunouchi Building This Fall
    Marunouchi Building will open 27 new shops and renovated 18 shops for its 15th anniversary in September. Shin-Marunouchi Building, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in April, is also planning to renovate its cosmetic floor and restaurant floor until 2018.
  • HUBLOT Opens its First Boutique in Kyoto Using Japanese Old Style House
    Swiss luxury watch brand HUBLOT will open its third domestic boutique in Kyoto where many traditional houses still exist. This is the second project of “Machiya Project -Japanese traditional style house project” by Daimaru Department store to commemorate its 300th anniversary. They have opened the limited-time shop of HERMÈS as its first project.
  • BUBBLES Harajuku Store Reopened as Multi-Brand Store
    The new BUBBLES store handles its original items and some Korean brands on the 1st floor. New store of “SKY ROOM” opened on the second floor.
  • RIMOWA Opened New Store
    The biggest feature of this new store is that it adopts the new design concept for the first time in Japan, following Paris flagship store and the concept store in London. While the interior decoration of existing 9 stores in Japan is white, this new store uses wooden materials and has a warm atmosphere.
  • MUJI Yurakucho Store will Renovate and Develop First Fruit and Vegetable Shop
    MUJI Yurakucho will reopen with about 178sqm increased floor area which is a part of the first floor of the former site of Yurakucho Loft. They will develop its first fruit and vegetable shop that handles about 300 selected groceries.
  • Men’s Jewelry Brand VELVET LOUNGE Opened its First Store
    Under the concept “New Classic”, domestic men’s jewelry brand VELVET LOUNGE was started in 2004. The former store was located in Aoyama. The store is designed with the concept “harmony between nature and luxury”.
  • CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR Opened its First Domestic Stand-Alone Store
    The store reflecting the new concept by chief creative officer Raf Simons, handles men’s and women’s underwear, room wear and fragrance. Calvin Klein underwear has been handled domestically in the past, but sales for women’s underwear will be the first time in over 10 years.
  • ELENDEEK Opens its First Stand-Alone Store
    Erendeek is a lifestyle concept multi brand shop directed by the former creative director of MERCURYDUO. The brand was launched last year and opened the first store in Shinjuku Lumine in September last year.
  • Cosmetic Brand shiro Opens New Store
    The store consists of 2 floors has a cafe on the first floor that offers healthy menu. Make-up, skin care, fragrance and home care products are on the basement floor.
  • MADISON BLUE Opened New Store
    MADISONBLUE HEAD STORE that was located in Meguro is now relocated. The store handles full collection of the brand.
  • Scandinavian Interior Brand Søstrene Grene Opens New Shop
    Søstrene Grene is the interior goods store founded in 1973 in Aarhus, the second city of Denmark. This will be the third shop in Japan and the first in west area of Tokyo.
  • VOGUE Opens Limited Time Restaurant
    CONDÉ NAST JAPAN opens “Vogue Lounge” for a limited time on the rooftop of a new large commercial facility from July 28th to October 29th. Under the concept “Food for the Fashionable”, this restaurant provides elegant atmosphere and serves food and drink that express VOGUE.
    Before the opening of new COMME DES GARCONS store in September, they opened a limited time PLAY COMME DES GARCONS shop in front of the store until August 31st.
  • New Era® Opened Flagship Store
    This is the third flagship store in Tokyo and a full category of the brand such as head wear, bags, apparel and kids will be available in this store.
  • ANREALAGE Flagship Store is Relocated
    “ANREALAGE” is relocated its head office and opened the flagship store on the 1st floor of the ffice. The main material of the store interior is the thread which is the origin of the clothes, and all the clothes are hanging on black threads.
  • New Pop-Up Shop Space “DOMICILE TOKYO”
    New shop “DOMICILE TOKYO” was opened that holds limited-time pop-ups of fashion, music and art. Ryuzo who also works as a rapper is the director of this shop and will introduce various underground cultures through collaboration with upcoming artists and creators.
  • ISSEY MIYAKE Announced the Renovation Plan of ELTTOB TEP ISSEY MIYAKE / GINZA
    After ISSEY MIYAKE opened a new store “ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA” on July 1st, a compound store “ELTTOB TEP ISSEY MIYAKE / GINZA” that has currently 70% overseas customers was announced to renovate.
  • Complex Space “Tegamishya Nishi Chofu Base”
    The editorial team “Letter company” handling events planning, book writing, shop management, etc. is developing this new complex “Tegamishya Nishi Chofu Base”. It is located along Shinagawa Street, a 4-minute walk from Nishi Chofu Station.
  • French Hair Accessory Brand “ALEXANDRE DE PARIS” will open a flagship store
    This is the second flagship store after its first in GINZA SIX opened in April. Their full collection from season collection to headdress for bridal only for flagship stores can be found in this luxury Aoyama store.
    JUNE 2017

  • “ASKYY” will Open New Store
    ASKYY only made public about the country of manufacture is Japan, but disclosed about designer’s name, sex, age or nationality. The brand is operated by LIMb Co. from 17SS.
  • HELLY HANSEN Opens Summer Beach House
    The outdoor brand “HELLY HANSEN” collaborates with FMG which creates a new connection through the sea, and opens a beach house “THE SAIL HUS in monochrome coast” under the yacht harbor concept from July 7th to August 31st. They aim to become a place to communicate through various activities and workshops they offer.
  • Dried Flower Shop “EW.Pharmacy”
    Flower creator of “Edenworks” Emi Shinozaki opens a dried flower specialty shop. The concept is to leverage the flowers that are originally thrown away, by drying, adding colors and painting on them.
  • The World’s First Tatami Room Starbucks Opens in Kyoto
    “Kyoto Ninosaka Yasaka Chaya Store” uses a traditional Japanese house of 2 floors built over 100 years ago. On the 2nd floor, customers can relax by taking off their shoes on the tatami mattress to enjoy coffee in a different space from ordinary Starbucks.
  • Moleskine Opens Atelier Shop
    Italian notebook brand Moleskine will open an atelier type shop-in-shop. The first name placement machine in Japan is set up in the shop.
  • JINS MEME Flagship Store Reopens as Fashion Concept Store
    JINS MEME is the world’s first sensing eyewear technology developed to let you see yourself and JINS has been promoting in Harajuku since 2015. But this flagship store will reopen as JINS Harajuku flagship store that mainly handles fashionable eyewear.
  • Lumine’s Largest Cosmetics Floor
    Lumine Machida will renovate the food floor on the first floor to Lumine’s largest cosmetic floor. This floor will accumulate seven brands including “NARS” boasting the largest floor space in Japan and Machida area’s first store of “SHIRO”.
  • Large Commercial Complex Akasaka Inter City AIR Opens This Fall
    The commercial zone consists of four areas opens with a total of 13 restaurants and cafés under the theme “Creating High Quality Mixed Use”.
  • Fashion Lab “BUTSU/YOKU”
    New company BOLDMAN is founded by Yagi to solve problems such as branding, product planning, store design, sales promotion and PR. “BUTSU/YOKU” consists of 2 floors will be opened as a part of this project with a free gallery space “/YOKU” featuring creators and brands on the first floor and a showroom displaying materials and products on the second floor “BUTSU/”.
  • CK Calvin Klein Opens New Store
    “CK Calvin Klein” opens a store reflecting the new concept by Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons in a shopping center. This will be the first store in Japan that adopted the new concept by Raf Simmons. The store handles men’s and women’s apparel, accessories and underwear.
  • “FABIA” Opens the Second Store
    Online shopping company Otto Japan will open its second real store of “FABIA”. The digital signage to be introduced that functions as a mirror when a person stands in front. By attaching the QR code to the product tag, the mirror displays the product information when holding the tag towards the mirror.
  • ISSEY MIYAKE Opens New Store
    The product designer Naoto Fukazawa is in charge of this new store design. The store features a large sofa with the deep blue of the traditional color called “eggplant blue” which is placed in the center of the store and aluminum walls to match the exterior glass frame.
  • CHLOE Opens New Store
    The place is next to the main entrance of the first floor. Chloe has closed the store at “The Jewels of Aoyama” in Aoyama in 2015.
  • Jewelry Brand “agate” Completed its Store Renovation
    To accommodate its main store’s 10th anniversary this year, the jewelry brand “agate” completed its store renovation and opened its door. The limited label in Kandsai area “agete & MEMORIA” will be launched in Kanto area for the first time.
  • “THE RERACS” Opens Store to Just Try on “THE RERACS FITTING HOUSE”
    “THE RERACS” started in 2010 was mainly sold at wholesalers and their webstore. It will be their first store where customers can find samples of their latest full collection and can try them on. The store offers a space to try the items without feeling the pressure that you must buy some item.
  • CONVERSE Opens the Second Store of “White atlier BY CONVERSE”
    This is the second store of CONVERSE’s concept store that also has a popular printing service as its first store in Harajuku opened in July 2015. The store has kids space and offers the customization service for original kids shoes.
  • LONGCHAMP will Open the Largest Domestic Store in Omotesando This Autumn
    The 325sqm store has Men’s and luggage on the basement floor, bags and women’s wear on the first floor, shoes and bags on the second floor. The personalization service of “LE PLIAGE” is also done on the second floor. With the opening of this new store, current Omotesando store will be closing.
  • Matsumotokiyoshi Starts New Business Style of Beauty, Opens its First Store
    Drugstore chain Matsumotokiyoshi will open new style store “Beauty You”. The store that supports the beauty and health of women working in the city based on the “10 Minute Beauty” concept, sells higher price products than the original Matsumotokiyoshi stores.
  • SHISEIDO THE GINZA Reopened After the Renovation
    The new SHISEIDO THE GINZA store offers various type of experiences such as a projection mapping technology which allows customers to see the result of makeup lesson on their faces, a new beauty-treatment menu for photogenic skin and haircut/coloring menu for portrait photo shooting.
  • Botanical Lifestyle Brand “BOTANIST” Opens its First Store
    The store consists of 2 floors represent the concept of the brand and customers can enjoy blessing of nature. The first floor will be developed as a multi brand shop of natural organic products. On the second floor, Brooklyn style café will be introduced to offer healthy menu.
  • Danish Sneaker Brand “WODEN” Opened the World’s First Store
    “WODEN” was launched in 2013 by Carsten Holm, a designer of the Danish shoe brand “ecco”. Currently there are around 500 wholesalers around the world, mainly in Europe, but they have chosen Tokyo to open their first store.
  • Beauty Shop “FRUIT GATHERING”
    “Fruit gathering” is a semi self-service type beauty shop that offers wide selection of beauty products from department store brands to casual cosmetics. They will set up a virtual experiential makeup studio in collaboration with the popular APP “YouCam Make”.
  • Italian Shoes Brand “Atlantic Stars” Opens the World’s First Flagship Store
    “Atlantic Stars” has started domestic deployment in 2014. The interior of the store is influenced by Italian bar and boutiques. Also, the second store of Italian brand’s multi brand store “CINQUE STELLE” opens on the second floor of the building.
  • Mobile Multi Brand Shop “Casimir Pulaskiday” Started in March is Secretly Drawing Attention
    “Casimir Pulaskiday” is a new style shop that moves in a van and has no fixed address. This shop only opens on weekends and the place is announced on Instagram.
  • New Balance Opens New Store
    NEW BALANCE JAPAN will open a new street-level store. The first floor has running and training items. A new base for “NEW BALANCE RUN CLUB” is set up on the second floor with shower and locker space.
  • The First Glamping Facility of “SNOW PEAK”
    Japanese outdoor brand SNOW PEAK will open its first Glamping facility. Using the brand products from accommodation to dishes and staff uniforms, including staying at the mobile house designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma for SNOW PEAK, it is a space that represents the perspective of the brand.
    MAY 2017

  • Designer of MUVEIL Starts New Brand “M”, Opens its First Store in Shrine
    Designer of MUVEIL Michiko Nakayama starts a new brand “M”. Shop/Showroom to be opened in Shinto shrine and they plan to hold pop-up stores several times a year. The store is located in a white building which passed through the entrance of the shrine. To enter the store, advanced appointment is required.
  • “BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS” Opened its First Flagship Store
    “BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS” which was started in 2004 opened the brand’s first flagship store “The Heart Breakers”. The first store is a little away from the downtown area. In the future, they are planning to open 3 to 4 stores in Shibuya, Aoyama and Shinjuku.
  • DIOR HOMME Opened New Shop
    A new store on the men’s clothing floor on the 5th floor reflects the latest store concept of the brand. The store is a space that fuses modernity and elegance, tradition and innovation. The store holds their latest collection and limited items for this store.
  • Bag Brand from Italy “POP BAG” Opened its First Domestic Store
    “POP BAG” is a new brand started in 2015 by Italian bag manufacturer J&C. In the store, customers can select the parts of the signature tote bag -front panel, body and handles, and make their own customized bag.
  • New Facility of “ASICS” Opened Along the Sumida River
    ASICS Japan opened a new facility “ASICS CONNECTION TOKYO” with a cafe and a fitness studio. With the concept “Sustainable community space”, the store consists of a cafe and reception on the first floor and the fitness studio and shower room on the second floor.
  • Multi Brand Store “DAILYSHOP” Opens its Second Store
    The second store of lifestyle select shop “DAILYSHOP” that proposes “universal, fashionable and useful for daily life” will open this spring. The store is about 50sqm and set up a bar space at the counter of the store to offer seasonal drinks.
  • “Daniel Wellington” Opens the First Roadside Store
    This is the fourth store in Japan and adopts the brand’s latest concept. Inside the store is an urban atmosphere with navy and wood as the main color and the facade adopted a vertical grid symbolizing Japanese townscape.
  • COS Opens its Third Store this Spring
    This is the third domestic store in Japan, is the largest domestic store consists of 2 floors. The store handles a full collection of women’s, men’s and kids.
  • UNITED ARROWS Harajuku Women’s Store will Close to Integrate with Men’s Store This Summer
    With the 25th anniversary this year, they decided to consolidate the women’s store at the current men’s store and reopen with a new concept “UNITED ARROWS ONE”. The current united arrows Harajuku women’s store will be closed on September 3rd.
  • Akasaka Toranomon’s New Landmark “Akasaka Intercity AIR” will Open This Fall
    A commercial zone of a large complex building “Akasaka Intercity AIR” will open this fall. The facility owns greenery space with a ratio of more than 50%, which is the largest in the area, and more than 5,000sqm. The theme of the commercial zone is “Creating High Quality Mixed Use”.
  • Nicolai Bergman’s First Jewelry Brand Debuts and Opens Flagship Store
    Flower artist Nicolai Bergmann’s first jewelry brand “NATUR & NICOLAI BERGMANN” will debut and a flagship store will be opened. The brand develops three collections of casual, fine and bridal with the theme “the world of plants”.
  • Universal Music Launched its First Fashion Label and Opened New Store
    “LASTLIBERTY” was launched as Universal Music’s first apparel brand with the concept “not music from fashion, fashion from music”. The brand opened a limited-time shop until August 31st.
  • Korean Brand “Style Nanda” Opened the First Japanese Roadside Store
    Style Nanda was started in Korea in 2004 and developed original brands such as “Nanda Maid”, “KKXX” and a cosmetic brand “3CE”. Currently, the company has 57 stores in Korea and 91 stores outside of Korea. At this new store on Takeshita Street, unique concept can be seen such as vending machine-like cosmetic shelves and a photo booth.
  • “Ground Y” will Open the Second Domestic Store
    “Ground Y” from Yohji Yamamoto incorporates multifaceted elements such as genderless and ageless. They have closed its first store last year due to reconstruction of Shibuya Parco. On April 20th, they opened its new store in Ginza Six to expand the business for new sales channels and customer base, and now its second store will open in Harajuku.
  • CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR Opens its Roadside Store
    The store will locate the site of AIGLE main store in Tokyo. Also, full-scale wholesale will start from AW17 and 12 stores will handle women’s collection and 54 stores will handle men’ s.
  • Large Scale Complex “Le SIGNE”
    New complex Le SIGNE is finally opening as a conclusion of the 43 year redevelopment project of the area. This complex will have over 100 stores and directly connected by the pedestrian deck to the station which is the terminal station of the Keio Line.
  • World’s First Lifestyle Concept Store of New Balance “New Balance ROPPONGI 19:06”
    The store was named after the year the brand was born. Sharp concrete and warm wood material are used to make the stadium feel to the store, expressing “coexistence of sports and lifestyle”. The store has a large number of limited items as well as collaboration models and leading edge apparels and footwear.
  • “MINT NeKO” will Open its First Rodeside Store
    “MINT NeKO” is a brand that the former designer of Gothic and Neo Visual Brand “Sixh.” started in 2012. They have mainly been developing as shop-in-shop such as Laforet Harajuku.
  • “L’ECHOPPE” Reopened After the Renovation
    Men’s multi brand store by BAYCREW’S “L’ECHOPPE” reopened after its renovation. Also, “QUARTERLY”, a sister store of “Journal Standard Luxe”, moved to the second floor of this store. They will no longer offer discount sales at this store.
    Men’s flagship store of ABAHOUSE International “Abahouse last word Harajuku store” has completed its renovation and reopened. The new concept is “FRENCH STYLE FOR YOU”. The store has increased the ratio of wholesale items from 20% to 40%.
  • “DHOLIC” Opened its Fourth Store
    This is their fourth permanent store after Lumine Shinjuku, Nagoya Parco and Rukua Osaka. The number of visitors on the first day of Osaka store opening in March exceeded 600 people. They plan to open new stores this fall and expand their business by focusing on not only fashion but also cosmetics.
  • New Fashion and Sports Apparel Complex Store “THE HOUSE”
    “TSI Groove and Sports” Opened a 278sqm new store “THE HOUSE”. The store offers sports related lifestyle items under the concept Sportivo. Currently, the ratio of women’s item is 40% but they plan to increase under Athleisure concept.
  • Onward Kashiyama Opened the Largest Flagship Store of “JOSEPH”
    The 300sqm store handles women’s and men’s apparel and lifestyle items. The store offers sporty brands and luxury brand goods such as adidas and NIKE sneakers, bags and shoes of JIL SANDER and ROCHAS.
  • “YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTE” Opened Their First Domestic Flagship Store
    The main feature is the private room “Recording Studio” for the world’s first VIP service. VIP customers who spent more than 100,000yen last year can use this Recording studio-like VIP room while listening to their favorite music through Bluetooth and taking makeup lessons.
  • Eyewear Brand “JINS” Opens its Flagship Store
    To propose fun and new discoveries of “seeing” through art such as videos and installations, an event space is set up on the 2nd floor. They plan to hold various events that will approach a wide range of visitors in Shibuya.
  • Comme des Garcons’s Pop-Up Event has Started
    A pop-up event “Comme des Garcons wearable archives” that collects the archives items of “COMME des GARCONS” is held at a multi brand store in Shibuya from May 9th to commemorate the opening of the brand exhibition in New York.
  • Official Store of Good Design Award
    GOOD DESIGN STORE TOKYO by NOHARA is located close to the Good Design Award’s PR base. They aim to promote and attract both Japanese and foreign tourists.
  • A New Facility for Food and Sports “Q PLAZA”
    “Q PLAZA Futako Tamagawa” opened with the concept “Quality time, feel the time”. The main target is working and living women in their 30s to 40s in the area and health-conscious customers. Outdoor brand mont-bell’s second largest store in Tokyo opened on the first and second floor, and climbing Gym on the basement floor.
  • New Complex SHIBUYA CAST
    SHIBUYA CAST consists of 2 basement floors and 16 floors above the ground include shared office space, restaurants, supermarket, new multi brand store by BAYCREW’S, multipurpose space that can be utilized for various purposes such as talk shows and exhibitions.
    The joint venture company of TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE INC and ISETAN MITSUKOSHI HOLDINGS called MITSUKOSHI ISETAN TRANSIT, which was established to develop the food restaurant business, opened a new concept café in Shinjuku on April 28th. It will change the contents every few months to offer the most seasonal content.
    The 132sqm store is located on the site of SAVE KHAKI UNITED store which was closed on April 23rd. Compared to existing stores of this brand, this store increased the composition of imported brands to 60% and proposes sophisticated fashion. The store plans to offer events and spaces for foreign tourists as well.
    Runa Aiba, a popular fashion icon for Japanese teens, opened a new store of her own brand RRR under the concept “TOKYO COLORFUL”. The store offers not only RRR, but also young domestic designer brands and vintage clothes. The store will only open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • Sneaker Store STYLES Reopened after the Renovation
    The renovation of B’s INTERNATIONAL’s sneaker store is completed under the theme “Luxury mix”. The store now handles not only sneakers but also apparels for men, women and kids. The store has a drink bar “SODA BAR”, a stroller parking space and VIP room to propose sneakers to wide range of customers.
    APRIL 2017

  • Stationary Brand KOKUYO Opens New Lifestyle Concept Store “THINK OF THINGS”
    The store is two floors above ground, with a cafe on the first floor and a rental space on the second floor. Under the concept “exceeding the boundary between work and life”, the store offers various items such as stationery, furniture and fashion items.
  • BELSTAFF Opened its First Flagship Store in Tokyo
    The new store handles their full collection both for men and women. BELSTAFF has been developing three domestic stores, but its women’s collection was only handled by the Kobe store. They aim to open 10 stores within 2 to 3 years and increase the female customer base to 40%.
  • MILKBOY Opened New Concept Store “LAND by MILKBOY”
    “LAND by MILKBOY” with the concept “Borderless”, you can experience the world of MILKBOY regardless of sex and age. The store mainly deals with low-priced items such as T-shirts and stationeries.
  • UNDER ARMOUR Opens its Brand House
    DOME Corporation which develops UNDER ARMOR in Japan opens a new store “UNDER ARMOUR Brand House” in the bay area where their headquarters is located. From the display to the fitting room will provide the same UNDER ARMOUR brand experience as the United States.
    Sneakers multi brand store ATMOS opened a new shop-in-shop using about half of the second floor. The shoe wall has 180 pairs of sneakers both for men and women. The biggest feature is that ATMOS can combine luxury sneakers with high-class styling proposal.
  • MINA PERHONEN Opened its Fabric Specialized Store “MATERIAALI”
    In the store where you can see a backyard from the back window, mainly selling items for interior such as tiles, tableware and cushions. It is also possible to order fabrics for “Seven Chair” of FRITZ HANSEN or “Stool 60” of ARTEK.
  • Italian Shoe Brand Santoni Opened its Flagship Store in Tokyo
    The sophisticated interior design of the store is based on the concept of the brand “timeless and elegance”. The store handles men’s and women’s shoes as well as bags and accessories.
  • Danish Life Style Brand “Søstrene Grene” will Open Two Stores in Tokyo
    Søstrene Grene’s Scandinavian design and reasonable price range are gaining popularity in Japan and now they are opening two new stores in Tokyo from May to June. It will be the largest store in Asia.
  • MOSCHINO will Open the Largest Domestic Store
    An eye-catchy large biker bag is placed in the store and you can experience the playful Moschino world. In commemoration of the opening, you customers can play games such as Neo print and Crane Game.
  • discord Yohji Yamamoto Opens its Flagship Store
    The flagship store “discord Yohji Yamamoto” will be the first store in the world where handles the brand full collection. The store mainly develops their latest collection, classic “GETA” series, bags and scarves.
  • UNDERCOVER Opens New Store with their Full Collection
    The new store develops all the labels including the UNDERCOVER women’s and men’s, the second label SueUNDERCOVER, JohnUNDERCOVER and small goods items. Also, limited items will be sold to commemorate the opening.
  • CELENE Opens New Flagship Store
    The new store is a roadside store located along the central street of the area. The detail in the store consisting of 2 floors uses natural materials that feel warmth such as sand and stones that represent the perspective of the world by the brand.
  • Reconstructed Mikimoto Main Store is Finally Opening
    The flagship store of Mikimoto that has been developed as a top Japanese jeweler since their first store opening in 1899 will be reborn into a relaxing and luxurious space with the concept of “nature”. The 12 stories store is about twice the former size and façade is decorated with about 40,000 pieces of glass.
  • FILA Opens New Concept Store
    The theme of the store is the concept of the brand “It is not competing for recording, but enjoying in everyday life “FUN FEEL LIFE FILA”. The store carries classic casual wear, tennis wear, fitness wear, shoes, bags and hats.
  • New Commercial Facility “HULIC & New SHIBUYA”
    “HULIC &New SHIBUYA” is a new shopping complex consisting of 10 floors above ground and 2 below. With women as the main target, there will be a wide range of shops to line up including many new business style stores and the first stores in the area.
  • Acne Studios’s New Brand “Blå Konst” Opened its World First Store
    Unlike Acne studios which signature color is pink, “Acne Studios Blå Konst” has a brand color of blue. Acne redesigned their core items including their popular denim and T-shirts for this new brand which is positioned as a basic line to divide from their collection line.
  • New Facility “Shibuya Cast” Opens This Spring
    “Shibuya Cast” consists of 18 floors with a total floor space of 35,000sqm. With the concept “WORK, LIVE, PLAY”, this new facility aims to create a creative activity base where creators can live and work. BAYCREW’S GROUP will open a new style multi brand shop “PULP 417 ÉDIFICE”.
  • French Beauty Pharmacy “L’OFFICINE UNIVERSELLE BULY” Opened its First Domestic Store
    “L’OFFICINE UNIVERSELLE BULY” was born in Paris in 1803. Their first Japanese store is divided into completely different 2 sales spaces that reminds of the modernity of Tokyo and their Paris store that has French classical atmosphere of the 19th century.
  • Natural Cosmetic Brand “shiro” Opened Home Care Product Store
    “shiro” opened a high quality home care product brand store “shiro HOME”. The store handles a large number of items such as the most popular laundry items, room fragrance, soap, dishwasher and cleaner.
  • “MYNE” Opens its First Flagship Store
    “MYNE” debuted last year from “MAISON MIHARA YASUHIRO” that focuses on street culture will open the brand’s first flagship store “Mine Bye idea”. The store handles not only “MYNE”, but also domestic to international brands such as ALMOSTBLACK, LANDLORD NEW YORK and BLACK EYE PATCH.
  • FURLA Opened its First Men’s Store
    The store handles a wide range of products, mainly their latest collection including business bags and leather accessories.
  • “Yurakucho Loft” Ends its Business to Relocate
    Living goods specialty store “Yurakucho Loft”, opened in 2011, finishes its business to relocate as “Ginza Loft” with expand store area.
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim Opens its Second Largest Domestic Store
    3.1 Phillip Lim’s new 104sqm store will be the first store in Japan to adopt their global store concept “Studio / Luxury”. The store will handle men’s and women’s collection and accessories.
  • Alexander McQueen Opens New Store
    This store will be the second largest store in Japan, next to their Aoyama store, and the largest shop-in-shop. A full lineup of men’s, women’s and accessories will be developed.
  • KAREN WALKER Opens its First Domestic Store
    KAREN WALKER is a luxury casual brand from New Zealand that combines the opposite elements of tailored and street casual. This store is not only the first store in Japan, but also the first store in Northern Hemisphere.