New Stores

    MAY 2017

  • Bag Brand from Italy “POP BAG” Opened its First Domestic Store
    “POP BAG” is a new brand started in 2015 by Italian bag manufacturer J&C. In the store, customers can select the parts of the signature tote bag -front panel, body and handles, and make their own customized bag.
  • New Facility of “ASICS” Opened Along the Sumida River
    ASICS Japan opened a new facility “ASICS CONNECTION TOKYO” with a cafe and a fitness studio. With the concept “Sustainable community space”, the store consists of a cafe and reception on the first floor and the fitness studio and shower room on the second floor.
  • Multi Brand Store “DAILYSHOP” Opens its Second Store
    The second store of lifestyle select shop “DAILYSHOP” that proposes “universal, fashionable and useful for daily life” will open this spring. The store is about 50sqm and set up a bar space at the counter of the store to offer seasonal drinks.
  • “Daniel Wellington” Opens the First Roadside Store
    This is the fourth store in Japan and adopts the brand’s latest concept. Inside the store is an urban atmosphere with navy and wood as the main color and the facade adopted a vertical grid symbolizing Japanese townscape.
  • COS Opens its Third Store this Spring
    This is the third domestic store in Japan, is the largest domestic store consists of 2 floors. The store handles a full collection of women’s, men’s and kids.
  • UNITED ARROWS Harajuku Women’s Store will Close to Integrate with Men’s Store This Summer
    With the 25th anniversary this year, they decided to consolidate the women’s store at the current men’s store and reopen with a new concept “UNITED ARROWS ONE”. The current united arrows Harajuku women’s store will be closed on September 3rd.
  • Akasaka Toranomon’s New Landmark “Akasaka Intercity AIR” will Open This Fall
    A commercial zone of a large complex building “Akasaka Intercity AIR” will open this fall. The facility owns greenery space with a ratio of more than 50%, which is the largest in the area, and more than 5,000sqm. The theme of the commercial zone is “Creating High Quality Mixed Use”.
  • Nicolai Bergman’s First Jewelry Brand Debuts and Opens Flagship Store
    Flower artist Nicolai Bergmann’s first jewelry brand “NATUR & NICOLAI BERGMANN” will debut and a flagship store will be opened. The brand develops three collections of casual, fine and bridal with the theme “the world of plants”.
  • Universal Music Launched its First Fashion Label and Opened New Store
    “LASTLIBERTY” was launched as Universal Music’s first apparel brand with the concept “not music from fashion, fashion from music”. The brand opened a limited-time shop until August 31st.
  • Korean Brand “Style Nanda” Opened the First Japanese Roadside Store
    Style Nanda was started in Korea in 2004 and developed original brands such as “Nanda Maid”, “KKXX” and a cosmetic brand “3CE”. Currently, the company has 57 stores in Korea and 91 stores outside of Korea. At this new store on Takeshita Street, unique concept can be seen such as vending machine-like cosmetic shelves and a photo booth.
  • “Ground Y” will Open the Second Domestic Store
    “Ground Y” from Yohji Yamamoto incorporates multifaceted elements such as genderless and ageless. They have closed its first store last year due to reconstruction of Shibuya Parco. On April 20th, they opened its new store in Ginza Six to expand the business for new sales channels and customer base, and now its second store will open in Harajuku.
  • CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR Opens its Roadside Store
    The store will locate the site of AIGLE main store in Tokyo. Also, full-scale wholesale will start from AW17 and 12 stores will handle women’s collection and 54 stores will handle men’ s.
  • Large Scale Complex “Le SIGNE”
    New complex Le SIGNE is finally opening as a conclusion of the 43 year redevelopment project of the area. This complex will have over 100 stores and directly connected by the pedestrian deck to the station which is the terminal station of the Keio Line.
  • World’s First Lifestyle Concept Store of New Balance “New Balance ROPPONGI 19:06”
    The store was named after the year the brand was born. Sharp concrete and warm wood material are used to make the stadium feel to the store, expressing “coexistence of sports and lifestyle”. The store has a large number of limited items as well as collaboration models and leading edge apparels and footwear.
  • “MINT NeKO” will Open its First Rodeside Store
    “MINT NeKO” is a brand that the former designer of Gothic and Neo Visual Brand “Sixh.” started in 2012. They have mainly been developing as shop-in-shop such as Laforet Harajuku.
  • “L’ECHOPPE” Reopened After the Renovation
    Men’s multi brand store by BAYCREW’S “L’ECHOPPE” reopened after its renovation. Also, “QUARTERLY”, a sister store of “Journal Standard Luxe”, moved to the second floor of this store. They will no longer offer discount sales at this store.
    Men’s flagship store of ABAHOUSE International “Abahouse last word Harajuku store” has completed its renovation and reopened. The new concept is “FRENCH STYLE FOR YOU”. The store has increased the ratio of wholesale items from 20% to 40%.
  • “DHOLIC” Opened its Fourth Store
    This is their fourth permanent store after Lumine Shinjuku, Nagoya Parco and Rukua Osaka. The number of visitors on the first day of Osaka store opening in March exceeded 600 people. They plan to open new stores this fall and expand their business by focusing on not only fashion but also cosmetics.
  • New Fashion and Sports Apparel Complex Store “THE HOUSE”
    “TSI Groove and Sports” Opened a 278sqm new store “THE HOUSE”. The store offers sports related lifestyle items under the concept Sportivo. Currently, the ratio of women’s item is 40% but they plan to increase under Athleisure concept.
  • Onward Kashiyama Opened the Largest Flagship Store of “JOSEPH”
    The 300sqm store handles women’s and men’s apparel and lifestyle items. The store offers sporty brands and luxury brand goods such as adidas and NIKE sneakers, bags and shoes of JIL SANDER and ROCHAS.
  • “YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTE” Opened Their First Domestic Flagship Store
    The main feature is the private room “Recording Studio” for the world’s first VIP service. VIP customers who spent more than 100,000yen last year can use this Recording studio-like VIP room while listening to their favorite music through Bluetooth and taking makeup lessons.
  • Eyewear Brand “JINS” Opens its Flagship Store
    To propose fun and new discoveries of “seeing” through art such as videos and installations, an event space is set up on the 2nd floor. They plan to hold various events that will approach a wide range of visitors in Shibuya.
  • Comme des Garcons’s Pop-Up Event has Started
    A pop-up event “Comme des Garcons wearable archives” that collects the archives items of “COMME des GARCONS” is held at a multi brand store in Shibuya from May 9th to commemorate the opening of the brand exhibition in New York.
  • Official Store of Good Design Award
    GOOD DESIGN STORE TOKYO by NOHARA is located close to the Good Design Award’s PR base. They aim to promote and attract both Japanese and foreign tourists.
  • A New Facility for Food and Sports “Q PLAZA”
    “Q PLAZA Futako Tamagawa” opened with the concept “Quality time, feel the time”. The main target is working and living women in their 30s to 40s in the area and health-conscious customers. Outdoor brand mont-bell’s second largest store in Tokyo opened on the first and second floor, and climbing Gym on the basement floor.
  • New Complex SHIBUYA CAST
    SHIBUYA CAST consists of 2 basement floors and 16 floors above the ground include shared office space, restaurants, supermarket, new multi brand store by BAYCREW’S, multipurpose space that can be utilized for various purposes such as talk shows and exhibitions.
    The joint venture company of TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE INC and ISETAN MITSUKOSHI HOLDINGS called MITSUKOSHI ISETAN TRANSIT, which was established to develop the food restaurant business, opened a new concept café in Shinjuku on April 28th. It will change the contents every few months to offer the most seasonal content.
    The 132sqm store is located on the site of SAVE KHAKI UNITED store which was closed on April 23rd. Compared to existing stores of this brand, this store increased the composition of imported brands to 60% and proposes sophisticated fashion. The store plans to offer events and spaces for foreign tourists as well.
    Runa Aiba, a popular fashion icon for Japanese teens, opened a new store of her own brand RRR under the concept “TOKYO COLORFUL”. The store offers not only RRR, but also young domestic designer brands and vintage clothes. The store will only open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • Sneaker Store STYLES Reopened after the Renovation
    The renovation of B’s INTERNATIONAL’s sneaker store is completed under the theme “Luxury mix”. The store now handles not only sneakers but also apparels for men, women and kids. The store has a drink bar “SODA BAR”, a stroller parking space and VIP room to propose sneakers to wide range of customers.
    APRIL 2017

  • Stationary Brand KOKUYO Opens New Lifestyle Concept Store “THINK OF THINGS”
    The store is two floors above ground, with a cafe on the first floor and a rental space on the second floor. Under the concept “exceeding the boundary between work and life”, the store offers various items such as stationery, furniture and fashion items.
  • BELSTAFF Opened its First Flagship Store in Tokyo
    The new store handles their full collection both for men and women. BELSTAFF has been developing three domestic stores, but its women’s collection was only handled by the Kobe store. They aim to open 10 stores within 2 to 3 years and increase the female customer base to 40%.
  • MILKBOY Opened New Concept Store “LAND by MILKBOY”
    “LAND by MILKBOY” with the concept “Borderless”, you can experience the world of MILKBOY regardless of sex and age. The store mainly deals with low-priced items such as T-shirts and stationeries.
  • UNDER ARMOUR Opens its Brand House
    DOME Corporation which develops UNDER ARMOR in Japan opens a new store “UNDER ARMOUR Brand House” in the bay area where their headquarters is located. From the display to the fitting room will provide the same UNDER ARMOUR brand experience as the United States.
    Sneakers multi brand store ATMOS opened a new shop-in-shop using about half of the second floor. The shoe wall has 180 pairs of sneakers both for men and women. The biggest feature is that ATMOS can combine luxury sneakers with high-class styling proposal.
  • MINA PERHONEN Opened its Fabric Specialized Store “MATERIAALI”
    In the store where you can see a backyard from the back window, mainly selling items for interior such as tiles, tableware and cushions. It is also possible to order fabrics for “Seven Chair” of FRITZ HANSEN or “Stool 60” of ARTEK.
  • Italian Shoe Brand Santoni Opened its Flagship Store in Tokyo
    The sophisticated interior design of the store is based on the concept of the brand “timeless and elegance”. The store handles men’s and women’s shoes as well as bags and accessories.
  • Danish Life Style Brand “Søstrene Grene” will Open Two Stores in Tokyo
    Søstrene Grene’s Scandinavian design and reasonable price range are gaining popularity in Japan and now they are opening two new stores in Tokyo from May to June. It will be the largest store in Asia.
  • MOSCHINO will Open the Largest Domestic Store
    An eye-catchy large biker bag is placed in the store and you can experience the playful Moschino world. In commemoration of the opening, you customers can play games such as Neo print and Crane Game.
  • discord Yohji Yamamoto Opens its Flagship Store
    The flagship store “discord Yohji Yamamoto” will be the first store in the world where handles the brand full collection. The store mainly develops their latest collection, classic “GETA” series, bags and scarves.
  • UNDERCOVER Opens New Store with their Full Collection
    The new store develops all the labels including the UNDERCOVER women’s and men’s, the second label SueUNDERCOVER, JohnUNDERCOVER and small goods items. Also, limited items will be sold to commemorate the opening.
  • CELENE Opens New Flagship Store
    The new store is a roadside store located along the central street of the area. The detail in the store consisting of 2 floors uses natural materials that feel warmth such as sand and stones that represent the perspective of the world by the brand.
  • Reconstructed Mikimoto Main Store is Finally Opening
    The flagship store of Mikimoto that has been developed as a top Japanese jeweler since their first store opening in 1899 will be reborn into a relaxing and luxurious space with the concept of “nature”. The 12 stories store is about twice the former size and façade is decorated with about 40,000 pieces of glass.
  • FILA Opens New Concept Store
    The theme of the store is the concept of the brand “It is not competing for recording, but enjoying in everyday life “FUN FEEL LIFE FILA”. The store carries classic casual wear, tennis wear, fitness wear, shoes, bags and hats.
  • New Commercial Facility “HULIC & New SHIBUYA”
    “HULIC &New SHIBUYA” is a new shopping complex consisting of 10 floors above ground and 2 below. With women as the main target, there will be a wide range of shops to line up including many new business style stores and the first stores in the area.
  • Acne Studios’s New Brand “Blå Konst” Opened its World First Store
    Unlike Acne studios which signature color is pink, “Acne Studios Blå Konst” has a brand color of blue. Acne redesigned their core items including their popular denim and T-shirts for this new brand which is positioned as a basic line to divide from their collection line.
  • New Facility “Shibuya Cast” Opens This Spring
    “Shibuya Cast” consists of 18 floors with a total floor space of 35,000sqm. With the concept “WORK, LIVE, PLAY”, this new facility aims to create a creative activity base where creators can live and work. BAYCREW’S GROUP will open a new style multi brand shop “PULP 417 ÉDIFICE”.
  • French Beauty Pharmacy “L’OFFICINE UNIVERSELLE BULY” Opened its First Domestic Store
    “L’OFFICINE UNIVERSELLE BULY” was born in Paris in 1803. Their first Japanese store is divided into completely different 2 sales spaces that reminds of the modernity of Tokyo and their Paris store that has French classical atmosphere of the 19th century.
  • Natural Cosmetic Brand “shiro” Opened Home Care Product Store
    “shiro” opened a high quality home care product brand store “shiro HOME”. The store handles a large number of items such as the most popular laundry items, room fragrance, soap, dishwasher and cleaner.
  • “MYNE” Opens its First Flagship Store
    “MYNE” debuted last year from “MAISON MIHARA YASUHIRO” that focuses on street culture will open the brand’s first flagship store “Mine Bye idea”. The store handles not only “MYNE”, but also domestic to international brands such as ALMOSTBLACK, LANDLORD NEW YORK and BLACK EYE PATCH.
  • FURLA Opened its First Men’s Store
    The store handles a wide range of products, mainly their latest collection including business bags and leather accessories.
  • “Yurakucho Loft” Ends its Business to Relocate
    Living goods specialty store “Yurakucho Loft”, opened in 2011, finishes its business to relocate as “Ginza Loft” with expand store area.
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim Opens its Second Largest Domestic Store
    3.1 Phillip Lim’s new 104sqm store will be the first store in Japan to adopt their global store concept “Studio / Luxury”. The store will handle men’s and women’s collection and accessories.
  • Alexander McQueen Opens New Store
    This store will be the second largest store in Japan, next to their Aoyama store, and the largest shop-in-shop. A full lineup of men’s, women’s and accessories will be developed.
  • KAREN WALKER Opens its First Domestic Store
    KAREN WALKER is a luxury casual brand from New Zealand that combines the opposite elements of tailored and street casual. This store is not only the first store in Japan, but also the first store in Northern Hemisphere.